[DRAFT] Antisocial media

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[DRAFT] Antisocial media

Postby Korwinostan » Tue May 04, 2021 4:31 am

My first issue and forum activity, so pardon me if I don't know about some unwritten rules.

[title] Antisocial media

[desc] After a series of interviews, discussions and debates, which were aired on Television many people complained that you are completly out of touch with the individuals and have no means to communicate. You called a meeting with your PR experts to try and solve this problem.

[validity] Always valid.

[option]Your minister of averageness, James Smith suggests setting up a MyFace account, both for you and the government officials: "On average, everyone uses the MyFace, so it's an obvious social media to settle on. Thanks to this, you'll be able to reach most of the people. It could be used to posting your decisions, new acts, etc. Nothing special, but just enough to have a contact with your average Joe."
[effect]average bureaucrat and average officials are using the average social media

[option]Your niece, which recently became an influencer, comes into the meeting without being invited, your secretary let her in, after your niece agreed to make a photo with her. "MyFace is like, soooo outdated. Only old people use it for posting unfunny pictures. You should make an account of apps that are lit and pop, like Instachat or Snapgram. You'll connect with the young and like, they're important, right? #chooseyouth #yesyoucan" She suddenly jumped to you and tried to make the so called "selfies".
[effect]government officials are recording daily pranks and challanges to get any attention on media

[option]"It seems you people need an intellectual to deal with this problem..." says your nephew, while correcting his glasses. Everyone in the room stops, as every eye locks it's view on the new guest with ridiculous neckbeard and fedora, matched with a katana on the back. "You see, @@LEADER@@, you may choose their social medias, and become a normie, or become a man of culture and choose Readit." He finishes it with tipping his fedora while everyone is trying to keep a straight face.
[effect]officials have to non-stop create new accounts due to getting constantly downpointed.

[option]Your frustrated brother bursts into the office, pulls his daughter and son by the ears and tries to reestablish order. "Look what all these stupid social medias did to my children! They are now completly different people with distorted personalities influenced by so called 'fashion' and stuff that is 'on top'. You need to ban them altogether, or we'll get more of such insubordinate kids in the future!"
[effect]kids now take region-wide trips to have any contact with their internet friends
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Drew Durrnil
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Postby Drew Durrnil » Thu May 06, 2021 11:12 am

The validity should be changed to "Invalid for nations without internet".
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