[DRAFT] Mansion Claims

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[DRAFT] Mansion Claims

Postby Isiqithi » Tue Feb 02, 2021 11:22 am

Based off of this news story I saw a while ago.

Mansion Claims (title needs work)

[validity] capitalism

[desc] One of your closest friends, @@RANDOMNAMEMALE@@ has claimed that @@HE@@ is the rightful owner of an oceanside mansion during a press conference, which also happens to be your favorite vacation spot. Now, certain newspapers have brought it to your attention.

[option] 1. @@RANDOMNAMEMALE1@@ bursts into your office, and falls onto @@HIS@@ knees, begging you for mercy. “Y-you see…see her-here?” @@HE@@ points to a map of the mansion. “This was all an mis-misunderstanding! Y-you are the rightful owner of this m-mansion!” @@HE@@ bursts into tears. “H-how about…I..I give y-you money…yeah, money…and we forget about all of this?” @@HE@@ frantically attempts to hand you the money.

[effect] Citizens pay @@LEADER@@ to stay at their oceanside mansion. (may need work)

[option] 2. @@RANDOMNAMEFEMALE@@, a socialist sympathizer and hiking addict, is the next to walk into your office covering your brand-new carpet with @@HER@@ muddy footprints. "Oops! Did I get the carpet dirty? Never mind, you can just clean it up. Anyways, I wanted to say that I finally agree with this filthy piece of-" @@HER@@ mother runs in and slaps @@HER@@ mouth. "I mean this horrible and dirty person. BUT IT DOESN'T GO FAR ENOUGH!" @@SHE@@ screams. "WE NEED TO INSTALL GLORIOUS SOCIALISM!" @@SHE@@ finally calms down and is dragged outside your office.

[effect] School principals are being referred to as the 'Glorious School Leader That Must Be Hailed'.

[option] 3. "THEY WANT WHAAAT?" screams your visibly upset Minister of Capitalism, @@RANDOMNAMEMALE@@. "SOCIALISM IS THE WORST!" @@HE@@ calms down and security guards make him do deep breaths and count to 10. "My point is, just don't listen to those communist puppets. After all, we don't want to give up our life and luxury, do we?" @@HE@@ whispers into your ear: "And can you please give me a better room than the basement at your mansion? Please?"

[effect] The poor refer to @@LEADER@@'s mansion as 'paradise'.
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Postby Trackeendy » Tue Feb 02, 2021 11:44 am

I was confused about what exactly the issue was at first tbh. The news story helped to clear things up though.

This is Trackleelee2 btw
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Postby Australian rePublic » Tue Feb 02, 2021 9:07 pm

Who said leader owns the place in the first place? Also, do you have any proof that this guy's the leader, or is he just sprouting nonsense?
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