Bad Faith posting in Got Issues

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Bad Faith posting in Got Issues

Postby Reploid Productions » Fri Apr 20, 2018 1:16 am

In a case of "This is something that makes an awful lot of sense, why hasn't this been done already?", the rules regarding "bad faith" posting have been extended to include the Got Issues forum and the Issue Editing team. Our editors are hardworking volunteers, and they deserve the same protection from outright harassment over how they do their jobs that the mod team gets.

From the One Stop Rules Shop:
Bad Faith: It is expected that players post with the intent of making the site a better, more enjoyable place to be - this is good faith posting. Bad faith posting is when a person is no longer interested in this goal, and instead seeks to score points, contributes nothing useful, or is deceitful.

This standard is enforced in the Moderation forum by default as well as Got Issues, and may be declared as applicable by the Moderation Team in other threads elsewhere when said threads involve policy discussions, mechanics discussions, discussions of potential additions/modifications to the game or forum, or other pertinent announcements. These threads, like Moderation "discussion threads," are meant to gauge the opinions of the community and otherwise help better player experience; posting in bad faith in such is detrimental to this process. Please note, in the instance a post is removed for being in bad faith, it is not deleted, but instead moved to the "Evidence Locker" where it may be reviewed if necessary.

You can review [violet]'s original announcement of the "Bad Faith" protocol here.

What this means:
For most users, this pretty much means nothing to you. Most of you already engage in discussion about issues, issue stats, and the issue editing team in constructive, helpful manners. You guys want to make existing issues better, thrash out cool new ideas for new issues, and work with the Issue Editors to do so. That's awesome, you guys are awesome, just keep on being awesome.

For a small subset of users, this means that the ongoing harassment, baiting, and points-scoring against the Issue Editing team that has been permitted to carry on to the detriment of the editors, the constructive players, and the game as a whole will no longer be tolerated or permitted. Much like in the Moderation forum, deceitful, unconstructive, harassing commentary will be removed to the Evidence Locker outright. Continued harassment of this nature may lead to warnings and other moderation sanctions, such as being barred from participating in the Got Issues forum entirely.

This doesn't mean that the Issue Editors are above being argued with or criticized. It just means that attempts to do so for no other reason than to harrangue the team will no longer fly. The editors' only goal is to make the game better via expanding and fine-tuning the game's pool of issues. If your goal is to make their goal needlessly, pointlessly difficult, you will be shown the door.

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