Terrorism Issue: What are the outcomes?

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Sith Korriban
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Terrorism Issue: What are the outcomes?

Postby Sith Korriban » Mon Aug 31, 2009 9:17 pm

The Issue
All of Sith Korriban has been in an uproar since yesterday when a car exploded in the middle of the capital city, killing dozens and injuring hundreds. This terrorist act was traced back to a violent minority group known as the Lilliputian Freedom Fighters. A group allegedly supported by an unfriendly regime, despising Sith Korriban for its heathenish ways and political bent, but more particularly for supporting the recent occupation of their homeland by an ally.

The Debate
"They simply crossed the line!" shouts General Falala Li. "Far too long have we tolerated these terrorist threats, it's time that they realise they can't mess with us. Send the order to prepare an invasion, and we will show them who is boss! Our brave soldiers are prepared to die for their country, all we need is your signature and a lot of money. But what is the cost of freedom and safety for Sith Korriban's peoples?"

"Attacking another country isn't the answer," says Steffan Fellow, director of the Sith Korriban Intelligence Agency. "The problem doesn't lie abroad, but within Sith Korriban itself! We should have more freedom to do our work. Protecting our nation from these cowardly scaremongerers would be much easier if we had an inherent right to tap phones and other communications, get search warrants whenever we need, and detain suspects indefinitely. Remember, to prevent is better than to cure."

"No, that's what those terrorists want us to do!" speculates chairman Steffan Falopian of the Patriots' Tea and Biscuits Club. "We don't want to give the Agency any more responsibility, they're the ones who messed up in the first place. What we need is to purge Sith Korriban of these rats who don't respect the laws and traditions of our way of life. We know who they are and where they come from, so the solution is obvious: we just won't let those sorts of people cross our borders and kick out those who are already here. It might seem a bit harsh, but hey, we were here first. Long live Sith Korriban!"

"I think it's clear to anyone with half a brain in their head that this will just not work," says Johann Steele, a noted professor of social studies. "The people who perpetrate these terrible crimes do so because they feel they have no other recourse to demonstrate their political opinions. They'll do anything and I'm sure they're not above hiring mercenaries. You must understand why terrorists act as they do and fix it! What we should do is to reach out to the ethnic and religious minorities and seek common ground! Negotiation is the key! Violence solves nothing."

"We spit on Sith Korriban!" expectorates Faith Washington, leader of the Lilliputian Freedom Fighters. "You disrespect our people and our country and everything we are! You spread your sickening influence where it is not wanted! You must change your ways and cease to oppose us or else there will be more bloodshed. You have been warned!"

"Is terrorism such a terrible thing? Really?" asks George W. Hanover, avant garde journalist, discreetly sliding a pipe bomb under your desk. "These people are simply expressing their political opinion the best way they know how. I think we should legalise terrorism as a legitimate form of political commentary. It'll certainly get people interested, don't you think?"

Can people maybe say some of the outcomes here? I'm torn between spies, war, and just plain legalising terrorism for that uberparanoid feel. :p
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Cynthia McKinney
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Re: Terrorism Issue: What are the outcomes?

Postby Cynthia McKinney » Fri Sep 04, 2009 12:55 pm

I always choose option 4 to negotiate with the terrorists and find common ground.

I'd like to choose option 5 to stop opposing the terrorists but I'm not sure what the consequences would be.

Option 1 would start a war.
Option 2 would turn the country into a police state.
Option 3 promotes discrimination against foreigners.
Option 6 would legalize terrorism causing your country to become destabilized.

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New South Hell
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Re: Terrorism Issue: What are the outcomes?

Postby New South Hell » Sat Sep 05, 2009 4:53 am

There is lots of evidence that option 6 will give your political freedom rating a huge boost. Option 4 will give it a boost too, but not one of that magnitude.

After one of my dictatorships foolishly answered with option 6, it took more than a month of suppression of dissent and general meanness to get classified as a dictatorship again.

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