[DRAFT] Presented to you by backdoor sponsors

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[DRAFT] Presented to you by backdoor sponsors

Postby Ipsenia » Thu Nov 24, 2022 6:57 am


You turned on your TV to watch the famous NationStates Cup, broadcasted by Sun Channel. Just before the actual stream, anonymous announcer yelled, "You are about to watch NationStates Cup, presented to you by ...", followed by revealing the sponsors: Storeped (the leading marketplace in @@NAME); Let's Pay (payment gateway, a part of Storeped group); and Acque Minerali (drinking water). Furthermore, @@HE@@ also announced, "... supported by ...", followed by even more brands: Yellow Claw (energy drink), Telephony (state-owned ISP), Hyundai (car maker), and Impact (mobile carrier). Your secretaries and advisors, which heard these sponsors, already suspected that something gone wrong with sponsorship arrangement, given that they have been revealed just a few weeks before the event.

[The Debate]

  1. "I'm sure these aren't official (upstream) sponsors of NationStates Cup, but rather hired by Sun Channel just for the sake of broadcasting the event. Yet they even try to claim that they are the official ones," said @@RANDOMNAME@@ while reading a famous brand activism book. "@@DEMONYM@@ are already familiar about NS Cup's official, worldwide sponsors. If the channel still insists on hiring these unofficial ones, just add disclaimer that they aren't affiliated with NSFA, who organizes the event."

    Effect: All brands have an impressum page that they aren't affiliated with anyone unless explicitly sponsor it.

  2. "Calm. Most of these sponsors, which are our popular brands, aren't yet going international," said @@RANDOMNAMEMALE@@ while trying speaking British accent as emulated from anonymous upstream sportcasters. "We need to sign sponsorship deal with NSFA so that they can appear on every broadcaster that streamed NS Cup. The result? These sponsors become renowned across the world."

    Effect: List of event organizer sponsors become too unwieldy due to local brands from any country sponsor the event.

  3. "I smell fishy backdoor activities from these brands," said Greg Kroah-Hartman, head of Anti-Corruption Watch of @@NAME@@. "Our finding shows that there are possible bribes transferred in order to secure the sponsorship. The bribe from Telephony is the highest, as its money is possibly taken from taxpayer funds," he explained while hacking hidden cameras. "Leader, go enforce your anti-corruption law to teach them how to elegantly sign deals without money involved."

    Effect: Popular brands are refused to become sponsor of upcoming sporting event due to stricter anti-corruption monitoring.

  4. "Why all of you have a noise about event sponsors? After all, football is about the game and fun; no need to involve skyrocket-priced marketing people like what they have." @@RANDOMNAMEFEMALE@@ came up with @@HER@@ poor man's idea. "Just cut off all sponsorships, and distill the event to its core."

    Effect: Excessive sponsorship happens in the side-events.
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Postby Australian rePublic » Mon Nov 28, 2022 2:50 am

Why is this an issue? A sports competition has lots of sponsors? Who cares? Is it something like gambling or alcohol or cigarette advertising, which could be controversial?
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