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New West Indies Embassy

PostPosted: Fri Nov 01, 2019 11:43 am
by NWI Foreign Affairs

Embassy of the New West Indies

The New West Indies is a democratic, community-minded region emphasizing a balance between casual and complex activities. Such activities include a post-modern tech roleplay, detailed lawmaking in the region's General Assembly (with some of the best legislative minds out there), and social interaction on our discord. Our region offers a unique blend of simple and complex experiences, resulting in a community that's easy in which to integrate at first but enriching with time.

Major updates will be posted below, including our regional Monthly Update series. Discussion is welcome, but it should pertain to New West Indies or anything related to our affairs.

Secretary-General (SecGen): Karteria
Secretary of Internal Affairs (SIA): Cymiopolis
Secretary of Administration (SA): New United Carolinas
Secretary of Foreign Affairs (SFA): PotaTown
Secretary of Defense and Information (SDI): The Sakura Nippon

General Assembly
President: Reno Sheriffs Department
Members: All Citizens
GA Law Registry


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Citizenship Application
Embassy Policy
Master Dispatch
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 01, 2019 11:43 am
by NWI Foreign Affairs
Reserved for any possible expansion.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:47 am
by NWI Foreign Affairs
Today in the GA: Judicial Resolution Prompts Thorough Debate

The General Assembly of the New West Indies, its all-citizen democratic legislature, has been formally debating the resolution that would create the region's first-ever judiciary. GAR21: "Establishment of the Judicial System" was initially drafted by Twelve Titans in early July and has undergone numerous edits. Following months of drafting, the document spans 4625 words (not including the table of contents and appendices), easily resulting in the longest piece of the GA legislation to date.

It is therefore apropos that the GA President approved the legal-maximum of seven days for the resolution's formal debate. While the central idea of the resolution garners popularity across party lines, Karteria has proposed concerns over a clause requiring the Department of Administration to publish annual judicial statistics. He emphatically argues that such a clause, while seemingly trivial, is wholly unnecessary, and the Department should not concern itself with a document that would "not provide any critical information for the court or the public." He continues by saying, while slight, the GA should not make it unnecessarily more difficult for the Secretariat to enforce the law, considering the scarcity of subordinate employees and disinterest in menial tasks.1

Twelve Titans countered by emphasizing the significant value of such statistics and its lack of burden, wondering if "the Department of Administration [is] so overburdened that it cannot spare a few hours a year"2 to create basic data analysis. Moreover, he contends that the GA would be overly-restricted under Karteria's framework, wondering further if "there [is] ever a time when non-essential but useful items should see the light of day."3

Certainly there is some subtext in this discussion from a previous debate between the two prominent legislators. While amicable, the two have politically butted heads before over the balance between executive and legislative flexibility. For now, Karteria has stated his overall support for this judicial resolution, but it is only a matter of time before the two sides will become divided in the voting booth.

1Karteria, 10-31-19.
2Twelve Titans, 10-31-19.
3Twelve Titans, 11-2-19.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2019 12:35 pm
by NWI Foreign Affairs
The following (out-of-character) excerpt is from the October Monthly Update published by Celestiam. The full update can be viewed here.


Roleplay Events in October

The widespread and uncontroversial war against the 2nd Ottoman Sultanate has made the headlines for much of the month of October, with Cymiopolis, PotaTown, and Libertana forces among others fighting on the Sultanate territory, and parts of Western The Greater Iran, who had authorised camps to be set up. Libertana set up Turkia Aljadida, a libertarian and pro coalition state controlled by Libertana to occupy parts of the fallen Sultanate. A few days later the Second Sultanate collapsed due to internal pressure, leading the Coalition to administer Turkey until a new state can rise from the ashes of the Sultanate and rule over the Anatolian peninsula. Despite coalition “control”, Idiocarasian raiders have been spotted on the peninsula. New Sistonia responded by establishing compulsory ID and curfew laws.

Government reforms in Idiocarasia led to the execution of former Council members by way of combined throwing off a cliff and immolation.

In New United Carolinas a destructive hurricane dubbed Eleanor was announced, prompting Carolinan allies Luraqau and North Italian Union to send foreign aid. The hurricane was exceptionally destructive, though the Carolinan Government was able to provide a coordinated and organised response to this natural disaster.

A conspiracy to assassinate the President of PotaTown failed during a peace conference over the Ottoman fate in Joshenia, with the President miraculously surviving even after a cardiac arrest.

The fire of rebellion is growing in The Anarchist Communist deeply worrying Head of State Alexander Wagenknecht, who called for international help to fend off his revolting people.

The ENS Space Agency from New Sistonia successfully tested its Alcubierre Warp Drive starships by accomplishing an unmanned journey to the Alpha Centauri system. The ENS Institute of Celestial Science announced a few days later that two planets around the Alpha Centauri star were suitable for life. This led the Empire to order a manned mission, inviting other international scientists on the way. The landing was successful and the humans have built the first extra-solar space colony.

In revelations at least as important, Deugaw became the first country to legally mandate that pizzas be delivered in circular rather than square-shaped boxes.

The Ventuan Government issued a warning concerning Idiocarasian space corsairs attacking cargo spaceships off the moons of Jupiter, Io in particular.

The Government of Unity Islands announced its intent to start a space program, adding one more power to the now enlarged human presence in space.

The Government of Portinabia announced the reopening of its borders, and the imposition of harsh prison sentences on anyone “polluting”.

The Cymiopolitan and New Sistonian government have come to an agreement, where Cymiopolis provides metals to New Sistonia and can mine the newly discovered Sistonian planets. New Sistonia also provided some Faster than Light technology to Cymiopolis.

Finally, the Update extends its congratulations to Mr Yagman Bolevich, winner of the New Anarchist Communist national cigar-smoking competition, who called for other smokers of the world to unite and break their chai… sorry to participate in a worldwide smoking competition.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:24 am
by Conquerus
Good luck with this region. I have high hopes for you guys!

PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 12:14 pm
by NWI Foreign Affairs

Today in the GA: Judicial System Poised to Pass

After some meaningful debate, GAR21 has finally come to a full vote. Per most people's expectations, the resolution – drafted and discussed over the course of multiple months – has received unanimous support from voters so far. Most prominent citizens, including all members of government and every political party leader, have already voted in favor. Barring a last-minute, unlikely shift, the legislation is set to pass by a wide margin.

In short, the resolution would create a new branch of government for a Judicial System through a major amendment to the Constitution and additional provisions. The "High Court" would be lead by the Chief Justice (CJ), who would be elected by the General Assembly every 6 months. The CJ would hear cases within three court divisions: the Criminal Court, Civil Court, and State Court. Each division represents a separate class of cases: crimes would involve infractions affecting the region overall; civil cases would involve non-criminal disputes between two or more nations; and state cases would involve infractions made by the regional government.

To effectively handle this responsibility, judicial rights would be established for individuals – similar to the Miranda Rights of the United States. Additionally, a "Regional Attorney" and "Public Attorney" would be promptly appointed upon establishment of the High Court to prosecute and defend individuals, respectively, in the criminal court. While it remains to be seen who exactly would be appointed, there are multiple high-profile candidates who could serve the jobs well.

The next step for the GA is to establish "codes" for each court division, which remains a complicated task. The Criminal Code has been finalized and submitted to the GA President, but it must still undergo what should be another thorough debate stage. The State Code, while mostly fleshed out, is still in drafting. The Civil Code has not expanded beyond brainstorming, according to the best legislative sources.

It seems that the legislature will have quite the busy rest of the year.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2019 12:48 pm
by NWI Foreign Affairs
Welcome to!

In a complete overhaul, Celestiam has graciously helped the Executive Government revamp its dispatch design. Now, new banners, colors, and descriptions offer a look into the best the New West Indies has to offer.

Office of the Secretary-General:

Department of Internal Affairs:

Department of Foreign Affairs:

Department of Administration:

Department of Defense & Information:

PostPosted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 5:10 pm
by NWI Foreign Affairs
Scales tipped in favour of Regional Judiciary
By Celestiam
November 2, 2019

We've been discussing, debating, speculating and spilling oceans of ink (or should we say pixels) over the question of a Judiciary over the past four months. Ever since Twelve Titans first proposed to establish real Courts best described by Cymiopolis as "a step above Hammurabi's "an eye for an eye"", the region has been waiting for it.

November is the month everything happened. After final amendments were made, GAR#21 "Establishment of a Judicial System", that had been nicknamed "The Judicial Proposal" by many General Assembly insiders, was put to vote. The months of consensus building and edits were well worth it, as after four final amendments the Proposal was adopted with 18 votes yea and 0 votes nay. The crushing 100% approval of the resolution reflects how all major parties were in support, and the bill had attracted a few major co-sponsors. More than being Twelve Titans' second proposal to be passed into law, GAR#21 ordered the Secretary-General to call for a special election to fill the unoccupied seat of Chief Justice.

Immediately after the passage of GAR#21, the Criminal Code Proposal that was numbered GAR#22 was introduced. Aiming to give the Court the teeth it needs to apply the Law on offenders, the Code was unanimously adopted with 15 votes yea to no nay votes. A few weeks and much discussion in the #judiciary channel of the Discord server, as well as official debating in the NWI General Assembly was necessary for Celestiam's first proposal to make it to law.

Meanwhile, candidates for Chief Justice prepared their platforms and campaigns. North Italian Union first considered a run but later stepped down, while Blankenheim, Twelve Titans, and Volirum all published platforms and tried their luck.

Two of them answered questions for the Press Corps and all three published platforms. You can see it all here.

After 72 hours of voting, Twelve Titans arrived on top with 14 votes to Volirum's 6 and Blankenheim's 1. Twelve Titans is, therefore, the Chief Justice of the New West Indies.

The Secretary of Internal Affairs should soon announce appointments for the vacant offices of Regional Attorney and Public Attorney.

This article is an excerpt of the New West Indies Monthly Update for November