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Tiandi - A Unique Roleplaying Region

Postby Tiandi » Tue May 05, 2015 12:49 am


Tiandi is an MT roleplaying region separated from the rest of the NS World. Founded in April of 2015, Tiandi is one of the newer regions to grace the world of NationStates. We possess a map, chat (#Tiandi), and an offsite forum. Tiandi is different from other RP regions in a number of ways, allowing for a unique roleplay and worldbuilding experience.

We seek for a realistic world, in which realistic events cause realistic reactions. Unlike many other nations, the nations in Tiandi do not have their life expectancy numbering over 100, nor nations with their denizens numbering in the billions. Furthermore, we seek to have a greater diversity of cultures in Tiandi, much like the real world. Too often do we see regions in which only Western nations exist, making it perhaps a bit awkward for the occasional non-Western nation. Tiandi is roughly the size of Earth, if not a tiny bit larger, with a similar land to water ratio.

For Chinese, Korean, or Japanese nations who are always asked the question, "Can I have a Hong Kong in your nation? Can I have shipped a bunch of opium to your nation in the past?" Be annoyed no more, as this cannot occur in Tiandi. Tiandi features industrialization beginning first in our East Asia, and from there spreading to the rest of the world.

Want to have RPed a Native American nation in which 95% of its population die following the introduction of diseases such as smallpox, measles, and malaria? One with the wheel, horses, gunpowder, and able to resist attempts at subjugation? This is something you can easily do in Tiandi. Our Americas are not so isolated from the rest of the world. Same with our Oceania and Sub-Saharan Africa.

While an MT region, MT roleplays are not the only sort of roleplays we do. Historical RPs are also something we're (heavily) interested in, as is the occasional silly, non-canon RP.

Joining is easy. Just go on chat and register on the forums. Read the instructions before making a claim; it's obvious when people don't. If you have any questions, don't be shy to ask people, especially me.

Unfortunately, Tiandi has not been fully developed yet - will you join early and help us develop it?

Feel free to post and ask questions on the thread!
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Tiandi - A Unique Roleplaying Region

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