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Embassy of The North Pacific

PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 3:14 am
by McMasterdonia
Embassy of the North Pacific


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[align=center]THE NORTH PACIFIC Regional Update: November 2012

The Government of The North Pacific

Delegate: McMasterdonia
Vice Delegate: Tim

Council of Ministers
Communications: Eluvatar
Interim Defence: Gladio and Scandigrad
Culture and Entertainment: Romanoffia
World Assembly Affairs: Mahaj
Foreign Affairs: Tim

The Regional Assembly
Speaker: Kingborough
Deputy: KiwiTaicho

Security Council
Chairman: Tim
Great Bights Mum, Pasargard, BlackShear, Grosseschnauzer, Romanoffia, Former English Colony, Eluvatar, Blue Wolf II
Attorney General: Punk Daddy
Chief Justice: Hileville Associate Justices: Blue Wolf II & Belschaft

Mcmasterdonia Elected TNP Delegate in Special Election

Following the recall of former Delegate Eluvatar for inactivity, The North Pacific conducted a special election to fill the Delegacy. The results are in and with 25 votes Mcmasterdonia has been elected the new Delegate of The North Pacific. His opponents in the special election included Vice Delegate Tim, Speaker of the Regional Assembly Kingborough, Minister of Culture and Entertainment Romanoffia, former Delegate Blue Wolf II and RA members Abstain and James Martin.

The full results of the special election for Delegate are as follows:

mcmasterdonia - 25
Tim - 11
Kingborough - 4
Romanoffia - 3
Blue Wolf II - 2
Abstain - 0
James Martin - 0
Present - 5

A former member of the Progressive Party, Mcmasterdonia ran as an independent for the Delegacy on a platform (link) that emphasized improving regional culture and entertainment, coordination between external affairs and defense, and improved communication and interaction with the on-site community. Mcmasterdonia's platform also emphasized a spirit of cooperation between TNP citizens and the need for strong leadership from the Delegate. He cited his experience as Minister of Defense and former Vice Delegate as indicators of his leadership skills.

In an address to the region following his election, Mcmasterdonia laid out plans for the future (link) that would implement many of the ideas found in his platform. Election of Council ministers will not be conducted immediately but the newly elected Delegate has expressed a desire to get more citizens involved in The North Pacific's executive government.

Written by Cormac Stark

Oh My Goodness Gracious

Following the recall of Delegate Eluvatar, The North Pacific gained a new resident. Oh My Goodness Gracious joined and at first had most of the region in fits of laughter with his silly little posts. Before long however, his intent was clear, OMGG had joined The North Pacific for the sole reason of doing everything he could to prevent our elected Vice Delegate from assuming his rightful position as Interim Delegate.

We were flooded with several nations all bearing the TNP Flag sending out ridiculous telegrams. Including claims that Tim was in bed with the Nazi's and that TG's sent out by the government were fear mongering and should be ignored. Due to this, The Security Council formed a committee of experts to assist in fighting the unendorsement campaign. A special thank you to Biyah, Astarial, and Former English Colony, who assisted the Vice Delegate and Minister for Defence in countering the campaign.

The North Pacific Government thanks our allies, The South Pacific, Osiris and Equilism for deploying their respective militaries to assist in propping Tim up and assisting the new Delegate Mcmasterdonia during the transition period. It is a proof of strength of the alliances that TNP currently holds.
Written by Mcmasterdonia
Judicial Elections

The North Pacific judiciary was up for it's general election once again. The position of Chief Justice, two Associate Justice seats and the office of Attorney General were all up for grabs. This election saw a large field of candidates. The incumbent and highly respected Chief Justice Hileville was re-elected unopposed.

The two Associate Justice's positions were strongly contested with 6 candidates running for election. Incumbent Justice and Security Council member Blue Wolf II was easily elected with a strong 29 votes. Belschaft took the second available position with 16 votes, narrowly defeating Todd McCloud with 13 votes.

Blue Wolf II reelected as Associate Justice.

The Attorney General's office was also fiercely contested, with previous Attorney General Abbey Anumia ruling herself out for another term. Punk D emerged victorious with 21 votes, closely followed by Iro with 15 votes. The Attorney Generals office and the courts will likely be very busy in the coming weeks, with a significant backlog of cases that will require their immediate attention. We congratulate the winners and wish them the best of luck.
Written by Mcmasterdonia

The Regional Assembly.....

The Regional Assembly has been busy in recent weeks, first voting to remove Eluvatar as Delegate. The vote narrowly achieved the 2/3rd majority required and passed the Regional Assembly. While this was ongoing, the Speaker of the RA Kingborough introduced new rules prohibiting the discussion and debate in voting threads. Generally the community was behind him on this matter, it all came to a head however when the Speaker requested that people stop using colours, punctuation and text to highlight or bring attention to their vote.

The North Pacific has descended into purple madness because of this. Regional Assemblyman Grosseschnauzer introduced a recall of the Speaker Kingborough, it was almost unanimously defeated, showing the regions strong confidence in Kingborough as our Speaker. Some are still concerned about the Speaker's rules and processes, which will likely result in more activity in the RA in coming weeks.

The Regional Assembly has also voted to admit Blue Wolf II to the Security Council, 33 Ayes to 4 Nays. Congratulations Blue Wolf!
Written by Mcmasterdonia

Spam Competition

Spammers have taken control of The North Pacific!

In a desire to increase activity in the out of character areas, and the game threads. McMasterdonia opened a Spam Competition, the only award being lots of fun and a nice shiny to go to the winner.

It generated quite a lot of activity, and even pulled some of the long time players such as Blackshear and Democratic Donkeys out to join in the entertainment. Chasmanthe was declared the winner of the competition, Blackshear coming a close second.

The North Pacific Bar and Grill has just opened.

Ambassadors and friends of TNP are welcome to join us for a drink of official TNP rum, or to enjoy the fine dining available.
Written by Mcmasterdonia

The North Pacific Army ~ 6 Months

On April 13th after discussion with the then Delegate Blue Wolf II, I took the oath of office and became the Minister for Defence. It was on that day, that the planning and foundations were laid for the return of the North Pacific Army as a vital part of the community of The North Pacific.

It has been an amazing new part of our community, it has provided opportunities for many new players to get involved and to make a vital contribution to The North Pacific. The NPA has become a community in itself, its members respect each other, and we work hard to maintain a community of friendship, solidarity, good humour and fun. Every member, past and present, has made this experience truly valuable and enjoyable.

I will never forget the first time we decided to raid a region, and the drama that followed. It was a learning curve for us all, and if anything I think that made our resolve and character stronger. It is my hope that this time the NPA will sustain itself and continue to fight for the North Pacific, and will continue to provide opportunity for new players to get involved in the workings of our region and the fine community of the NPA.

Since its reformation the NPA has taken part in 76 missions. Notably including the attempted liberations of Stargate, the protection of Goauld System Lords, the liberation of St Abbaddon, holding Warzone Africa for more than 20 days, and a liberation attempt of Ohio (where we were able to deploy 10+) with UDL assistance.

The NPA has also provided vital opportunity for us to re-engage with our allies. The NPA has led to strong military collaboration and dialogue with The South Pacific and Osiris. When we work together, we are a force to be reckoned with. As this continues, opportunities for TNP to increase its relations and security pacts with other regions will continue and become more relevant.

One of my favourite parts of The North Pacific Army has been that it offers opportunities like no other for the new player to get involved. All it takes is signing up, and being available with the correct resources at update time. It's my hope that the NPA will remain always, steadfast in its dedication to TNP, and forever a community for TNP.
Written by Mcmasterdonia

FLASH! Breaking news.........

TNP Chicken Coup Party busted for sedition! Leaders of the Coup have been arrested and are being held in the Security Council's maximum security detention center:

Thousands of Coup Party members arrested. Coup Party members are put to hard labor laying eggs their part in the attempted coup:

Imprisoned Chicken Coup Party Members at hard labor

"These Coup Party members are obviously mentally deranged and are in need of some serious mental health care to cure them of their delusion that they are chickens", said Great Bight's Mum, member of the Security Council. "The only reason we haven't treated them for their delusion that they are chickens is because we need the eggs."

Roman, Minister of Cultural Affairs and Entertainment (formerly Ministry of Immigration and Internal Affairs) and Security Council Member could not be reached for comment. Roman was reportedly holed-up in the kitchen of his country dacha allegedly cooking up the world's largest cheese and egg omelet which reportedly covers an area of several dozen hectares.
Written By Romanoffia

Thank You for reading our update!

PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:48 am
by Southern Bellz
We in TSP know what is like for people to try to take advantage of democratic governments in the feeders. We will always stand by a sovereign TNP.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:04 pm
by McMasterdonia
Southern Bellz wrote:We in TSP know what is like for people to try to take advantage of democratic governments in the feeders. We will always stand by a sovereign TNP.

Unfortunately there is always those who think they have the right to take advantage of the Feeders and Sinkers. The unendorsement campaigns, get old, and annoying, quite fast. There seems to have been a bit of a surge of them recently. The Feeders and Sinkers must remain united against such threats.

I would also like to thank the United Defenders League for the offer of assistance that they gave us during the recent recall-transition to our Vice Delegate, and to Europeia for it's offer to assist us recently in my transition into the Delegacy. It is satisfying to know that The North Pacific has allies and friends that we can rely on, if the time comes where it is required.

Also - a thank you to everyone who has sent me a telegram of congratulations. It is very much appreciated.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:11 pm
by Milograd
McMasterdonia wrote:Unfortunately there is always those who think they have the right to take advantage of the Feeders and Sinkers. The unendorsement campaigns, get old, and annoying, quite fast. There seems to have been a bit of a surge of them recently. The Feeders and Sinkers must remain united against such threats.

Indeed. Fortunately, all of the recent threats have been addressed swiftly and effectively.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:21 pm
by Feux
This was a great update. It is nice hear from fellow Game Created Regions.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:07 pm
by McMasterdonia
Glad you enjoyed it Feux.

And you are quite right Milograd. The issue moreso I think, is that they are highly persistant and annoying, moreso than being effective.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 03, 2013 8:28 pm
by McMasterdonia

THE NORTH PACIFIC Regional Update: January 2013

The Government of The North Pacific

Delegate: McMasterdonia
Vice Delegate: Blue Wolf II
Government Ministers
Communications: Romanoffia
Defence: Kiwi
Culture and Entertainment: Kingborough
World Assembly Affairs: Eluvatar
Foreign Affairs: Tim
The Regional Assembly
Speaker: Flemingovia
Security Council
Chairman: Blue Wolf II
Great Bights Mum, Pasargard, BlackShear, Grosseschnauzer, Romanoffia, Former English Colony, Eluvatar, Blue Wolf II ]
Attorney General: Punk D
Chief Justice: Hileville Associate Justices: Gaspo & Belschaft

Delegate Ejected from the World Assembly
The NPA holds off Insane Rioters calling for the Recall of McMasterdonia

In what ended up being a very strange turn of events, World Assembly Delegate McMasterdonia was Temporarily Ejected from the World Assembly.

In the time before McMasterdonia came online to figure out the situation, all hell broke loose across TNP. Our reporters even saw a Recall Thread go up, but it was quickly shot down by shouts of "Oh at least let him log in first!"

After McMasterdonia logged in, he talked to the Moderators and it turned out that the Mods dun goofed. A New system with WA applications had been set up earlier that day, and McMasterdonia for some reason got hit by it. After much heated argument and raised voices, McMasterdonia was restored to the Delegacy and everything was happy and sunshiny again. The Moderation team then apologized, which in itself is a lolwut: Dat Apology

Peace was restored to The North Pacific and all the people asking for the recall suddenly felt really stupid.

The End.
By Tim Stark

Executive Council Elections

Following Mcmasterdonia's ascension to the Delegacy of The North Pacific he promptly called elections for the cabinet positions, with some changes. Five seats were available instead of the usual four, the Delegate and Vice Delegate taking an additional non-ministerial two seats.

The elections also switched to a simpler system of voting and counting. Voters comprised of all regional assembly members and citizens, who numbered each candidate lowest to highest, in order of preference. Eluvatar, Tim, Kiwi, Kingborough and Romanoffia were elected to the executive council.

The new council set to work straight away. Culture and Entertainment, the newest ministry, has been trailblazing and doing a lot of good work for the region. The next elections will likely be held sometime in January.

Vice Delegates Resignation and Fresh Elections

The North Pacific was embroiled in drama after the Vice Delegate Tim, resigned his WA to take part in a liberation attempt of Eastern Islands of Dharma. A recall motion almost immediately was introduced to the Regional Assembly for vote, but was halted when members demanded to hear from Tim before they acted. Tim apologized for resigning his WA in such a way, and promplty handed his resignation in.

New elections were called immediately, with many members putting their names forward as candidates. After a slight hiccup when a candidates name was left off the ballot, elections were restarted with Blue Wolf II and Romanoffia emerging as the clear front runners. Blue Wolf II emerged the victor and took his oath of office promising to ban Ramaba from the region if he takes the Delegacy seat at any time. His oath has since been challenged in the court in usual Blue Wolf style.
Written by Mcmasterdonia

Emergency Judicial Elections

Judicial Elections also happened, here in The North Pacific, due to a lot of people stepping up and down and all around. More specifically, Former Associate Justice Blue Wolf II was Elected to Vice Delegate to replace Former Vice Delegate Tim. This Election Result left a gap in the Court of the North Pacific that caused another Emergency Election.

The Election happened and a clear winner emerged. Replacing Blue Wolf, as Associate Justice, is Gaspo. Gaspo is an older player with plenty of legal experience, and he has been very active in the Judiciary from the moment he was elected.

Good Luck to the new Associate Justice!

Written by Tim Stark

The Holiday Festival

The North Pacific has been hosting a Holiday Festival in joint cooperation with Osiris and The South Pacific. Administrator Eluvatar put a lot of work in creating a new Christmas skin for our forum, featuring falling snowflakes, bunnies, schnauzers and a variety of other animals and faces.

The festival has featured some new games such as "The most creative way to kill Blue Wolf II" and variations of the common spam games.

It has helped to generate some activity in what is usually a slow period, and has been a good way to start the festive season. The North Pacific wishes our friends and allies abroad a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.
Written by Mcmasterdonia

The Eternal Trial of JAL:
New Archaeological Evidence Points To The Early Origins Of JAL's Trial

(Magicality City, December 17, 2012) - Archaeologists from The North Pacific Ministry of Culture have unearthed evidence of the origin of JAL's ongoing trials believed to date from the Third Millennium, BCE.

"This is an astounding discovery!" said The North Pacific's Resident Archaeologist Emeritus, Methuselah Fossilberg. "This early tomb painting depicting JAL, in the form of a deceased Pharoah, having his heart weighed by the judges of the underworld to see if he is worthy to pass through. This tomb painting is so old that it depicts former Associate Justice in his former incarnation, Anubis. One of JAL's advocates (to the right of JAL) turns in disgust at the length of the proceedings while being admonished for doing so by another Justice (out of the image to the right) who is upset by the line of questioning."


"Egyptology experts are in the process of deciphering the hieroglyphic writing as we speak. So far, the they can only make out the phrase 'here we go again' from the crumbling image," said Fossilberg.
Written by Romanoffia

Galt Conference

A recent development in The North Pacific has been the multilateral Galt Conference, which is taking place in Galt City, in the archipalego nation of the Almanianian Union. We dropped in on the national delegates in between their speeches to hear what they had to say about the conference. "Galt Conference is a means to strengthen unity, support, and relationships amongst nations that are in full accordance with benevolent governments that seek to place care and provision for the citizenry as its top priority," said the representative from the Democratic Republic of United Koryo.

The Malvad delegation had this to say: "Although the conference started out slow we have reached the point where we are discussing the formation of The North Pacific Community. It will connect nations of TNP economically, politically, culturally, and militarily. It will promote peace, stability, and democracy.

The NPC will also include a railway connecting the nations who form it. We hope this will improve relations between all nations of The North Pacific." Well, there was noticeably a buzz of excitement amongst the participants and we look foward to seeing where the RP will lead.

When we approached The North Pacific Government for a statement, Executive Councillor Kingborough gave us this response: "It is great to see some roleplay action taking place in The North Pacific, thanks to our very active new deputy Minister of Culture & Entertainment Mr. Alvino Castillion."

Latest from The North Pacific Army

As many have noted, this time of year marks a lower level of activity on the forums and I must admit that the availability of many members of the NPA has struggled too. As a result, I have been actively encouraging joint operations with the UDL, the Cat Burglars and the Medjai Guard in equal measure.

The NPA defended Anarchy against a slow-raid, meaning it wasn't so much a rush to the region at a given time but rather just ensuring the native had a higher endorsement count at update. It was also a fantastic opportunity to try out the NPAs new battleflag. Until now I have been unable to get any feedback on it so take a look at my main nation KiwiTaicho if you want to see it!

We have also been attempting to take over the warzones whenever possible. The most notable being that of warzone sandbox which we held successfully for a few days.

I would also like to note the hard work of the few NPA members who have made themselves available recently. Firstly, although McMasterdonia is Commander-in-Chef, I would like to give him the military rank of Major General for when he eventually is no longer delegate. His tireless work as MoD in a range of missions, should not be understated. Secondly, I would like to promote Eluvatar to the rank of Lieutenant. Recently his assistance, scripting expertise and experience have been incredibly useful to the NPA. Thirdly, I would like to promote Kingborough to the rank of Sergeant given his recent activity and assistance in NPA missions.

We also participated in a raid against The Greater German Reich with our friends from a variety of regions. We decided to take the opportunity when the Delegate of the GGR became an executive position due to LCG ceasing to exist and being refounded. The Delegate approved this mission immediately, and was backed by 3 members of his cabinet condoning the course of action that followed.

On top of all that, I would also like to welcome our newest member Alvino Castillon! His help and good spirit are a great addition to the NPA.

Summarily I wish everyone in TNP a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

And if you're planning on drinking as much as I am, remember not to drive!

Minister of Defence

In Conclusion.....Violent for [Violet]

We've had some interesting times in these past few months. We would like to wish our friends and allies abroad a Happy New Year, may it always be more prosperous than the last.

Finally a shout out to [violet]. We hope that our friends and allies will join us in expressing our full, unwavering, and unequivocal support for a [violet] led coup of the site. No godly admin should be subject to the whims of underlings, and in this we are your staunchest fans.

Occupy the Mod Cave is a movement that will not end. Not even when bored. We will continue to support [violet] as the one true ruler of nationstates ruling with the divine right of god himself.

We support you fully and look forward to the violent crackdown against the mods that will follow.


Go Violent for [violet]!!

Thanks For Reading Our Update!

PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 3:08 am
by Charles Cerebella

Awesome update McMa!

PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 3:16 am
by Milograd
This is a nice update. I'm quite happy with how the TNP-TSP-Osi event turned out.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:33 am
by McMasterdonia
Glad that you liked it Cere :)

Milograd: I agree. It certainly started to pick up more towards the end.

Also in additional news, Delegate elections have started once again. The Declared candidates so far are myself, Durkadurkiranistan, Bokeryville and DRUK.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 2:17 pm
by Communist Eraser
Durk vs Druk. Hmmm?

PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 4:54 pm
by McMasterdonia
Yes. Though if you meet DRUK you would see that he is totally different to Durk in almost every way. Durk has adopted him as his son though.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2013 6:35 pm
by McMasterdonia
The Election Results are in!!!

McMasterdonia has been re-elected as Delegate of The North Pacific. McMasterdonia won the election with 35 of the 44 votes. The final results can be found here:

Supporters of Mcmasterdonia celebrate his election victory! 4 more months!

In addition to Mcmasterdonia's election, Crushing our Enemies has been elected Speaker of the Regional Assembly narrowly defeating Tim and Iro for the position. The Vice Delegate elections have been forced to a run off between Blue Wolf II and Eluvatar.

Following the election results, McMasterdonia released the following statement:

A Statement from the Delegate


Firstly I would like to thank everyone who voted in the General Election. I appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve the region as it's Delegate and I promise to not let the region down.

Once again, I have been handed a strong win with nearly 80% of the vote. I thank all my supporters for this strong victory.

As such I plan to continue to expand upon the work we started in my last term of office. Specifically you shall see us reorganize the Foreign Affairs department to make it more efficient, streamlined and with clearer guidelines for embassy requests both in-game and on the forum. I also intend to work with the Foreign Affairs Minister to aim for our regional updates to occur bimonthly.

In Culture and Entertainment, we will aim to expand the efforts of this still relatively new Ministry. We want to see increased games and entertainment for all citizens to enjoy. Expect to see some interregional tournaments, as well as some more joint cultural events in the months to come. I will also be watching the role-play in our region, that has started to develop recently. It's important that we continue to help this grow, and I am open to suggestions or ideas to improve and develop this further.

In Defence we shall be working on recruiting for the military once again, it is something admittedly that has been neglected in the last term. We will also work to make press-releases a major part of keeping the region and our allies informed of what the North Pacific Army is doing. Lastly, I plan to cooperate more with the high-command of the military, giving people such as General Blue Wolf II specific responsibilities and tasks under their authority.

The Department of Communications will be releasing the first full edition of The TNP-Wire. I have read over the first draft and it is a very enjoyable read. We will be adding some finishing touches to it, before releasing it sometime next week. The goal for the wire will be for it to release weekly or fortnightly tabloid style articles, to be distributed throughout NS and to our friends and allies abroad.

In WA Affairs we will strive to focus on getting our votes in early. With nearly 450 endorsements I now wield a much larger influence than other Delegates in recent years, so it's important that we try to stomp the vote at the beginning to help influence it's final result. Upon my return home, I plan to restart the communications with members of the World Assembly in the region, as I will be back to using my normal computer with the necessary scripts on it.

The Executive Council will also move to quickly deal with the issue that was somewhat divisive for us prior to the election. We will finish the Charter of the North Pacific Intelligence Agency, and present it to the Regional Assembly for discussion. It's important that we have this dealt with and move on to bigger and better things.

Finally congratulations to Crushing Our Enemies for winning the close election for Speaker of the Regional Assembly. I am confident in his ability and look forward to working with him over the next four months. The Vice Delegate run-off election has started between Blue Wolf II and Eluvatar. I like and trust both Candidates, and believe that both would do an excellent job. I will, therefore refrain from endorsing either candidate in this election.

Following the declaration of results for the office of Vice Delegate, Elections for the Ministries will be held. I look forward to seeing the new council sworn in.


PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2013 7:42 pm
by New Rogernomics
This image is nice but I would work on the rest of the layout. :)

PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2013 8:59 pm
by McMasterdonia
Interesting :P A few people have told me they don't like that. As to the format, unfortunately it comes out a little strange on the NS forums compared to Zeta. Even still, our government is large, making the list quite long.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:01 pm
by Milograd
Congratulations on your re-election, McM.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:55 pm
by McMasterdonia
Thanks Milo :hug:

PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2013 5:13 am
by Charles Cerebella
Congrats McMa :D :clap:

PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2013 5:15 am
by Communist Quinntopia

PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2013 9:12 am
by Ambroscus Koth
Four more months! Four more months!

Congratulations to McM and COE! It's great to see a feeder that isn't afraid to let people who are relatively (by NS standards) new to the region take some of the most important positions.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2013 11:42 am
by McMasterdonia
Thanks for the congratulations! :blush:

I like that about The North Pacific as well. COE had a strong campaign and debate performance. He has set to work immediately and is doing very well.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 12, 2013 11:01 pm
by McMasterdonia
Statement from The North Pacific Army

In a strong show of military co-operation, the Greater German Reich has fallen to the combined forces of The North Pacific, Sovereign Confederation (Equilism, Osiris, The Pacific, and Unknown), the South Pacific, Balder, Lazarus, and The Kingdom of Denmark.


How long the region is held by coalition forces really depends on when the founder of The Greater German Reich logs in to discover the invasion. This is the second time the North Pacific has been involved in an invasion of The Greater German Reich.

On Behalf of the Minister for Defence KiwiTaicho

PostPosted: Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:08 am
by Charles Cerebella
:lol: Congratulations!

PostPosted: Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:51 am
by Bhang Bhang Duc
In my role as the West Pacific's Ambassador to TNP I would like to pass on TWP's congratulations to TNP and all those involved in this takeover.

Well done everyone.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:57 am
by Communist Quinntopia