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Guide to the Gameplay forum

PostPosted: Sat May 28, 2011 4:46 pm
by Sedgistan
The Gameplay Forum
What it is, and how to use it (and how not to)


Gameplay (as opposed to roleplay) is what happens in the game and that which is related to it. At a basic level, it involves playing NationStates the game, but it also encompasses the organisation of this gameplaying, which often takes place on regional offsite forums. Gameplay includes (but is not limited to) nation management, regional politics and the invader/defender game.

A good rule of thumb is that if it happens on it's probably gameplay. But remember, if a character does it, or it happens to people in your nation, it's roleplay, not gameplay, and it doesn't belong in this forum -- not even if it's posted on your Regional Message Board (RMB).

What belongs in the Gameplay forum:

Regional advertisements/embassies

Regions are allowed one thread for advertising (recruiting) or an 'embassy'. These threads have information about the region, often including news updates on happenings, and attempt to persuade others to join the region. Roleplay regions are allowed to advertise in this way, but the threads should be used for advertising only. They can contain relevant information about the region, and the RPing going on within it (such as OOC descriptions of the RPs, or a map for demonstrative purposes). However, sign-ups for roleplaying or map places should go in the roleplay forums, and threads that report purely IC roleplay news should be posted elsewhere, though they can be linked to. Threads about regions do not necessarily go in the Gameplay forum, and those that have a purely RP content should go elsewhere.

Examples of embassies/advertising threads that are appropriate for the Gameplay forum are the Embassy of The East Pacific and The Black Hawks' thread.

Regions wanting to post their legislation, organise their internal affairs, or to have a discussion for members of their region sometimes set up an offsite forum for this, as we don't permit regions to run their internal affairs or have "Region Only" threads in Gameplay. Please be aware that NationStates is not responsible for off-site content.

News threads & announcements

News threads and announcements which report gameplay related events can be posted in the Gameplay forum. The Rejected Times and 2020 Gameplay Awards are examples of this.

Please note that while giving an RP gloss to gameplay events is OK, an RPed description or discussion of RPed events would be a pure RP thread, and thus should not go in this forum. Some elections are considered to be gameplay, but only those contested by players rather than RPed characters.

Discussions of gameplay

General discussions of aspects of gameplay, such as regional politics, and nation management are fine, as well as requests for help with playing the game. Nation management involves general points on changing a nation's stats through issues. However, questions on specific issues should go in the Got Issues forum. Examples include Why are my citizens so rude? and Creating Jumping Point Regions.


Nations and regions have flags, and thus flags are part of gameplay. There is one flag-making thread in the Gameplay forum - requests for flags should be posted there. However, other image-making threads, such as for seals, logos and currencies, should go elsewhere.

Motto clinics

If you wish to help others create a motto in a foreign language you are fluent in, you may do so in the Gameplay forum, since mottos are shown on the nation page ingame. Only one thread per language, and don't turn these threads into chat threads. A good example is the Latin motto clinic which also has links to motto clinics of other languages.

What doesn't belong in the Gameplay forum:


While gameplaying can have an element of roleplay to it (e.g. regional governments, acting as Sedgistan the Foreign Minister of the Moon), that revolves around playing NationStates the game. Most roleplay on NationStates is largely unrelated to the game - it generally happens here on the forum, and involves making up stuff about your nation and the people within it. These threads should go into one of the roleplay forums - read their stickies to find out which is suitable for your thread. Out of character RP discussions, RP signs up, and any actual roleplaying, should not go in the Gameplay forum.

Issues specifics

Questions on managing your nation's stats are fine, but threads on how to answer specific issues should go in the Got Issues forum.

Tech questions/suggestions

Questions about how game mechanics work go in the Technical forum, while questions about how players use these game mechanics to their advantage (such as invaders and defenders) go in the Gameplay forum.If you want the game changed, ask in the Technical forum. Discussion of the impact of previous technical changes on gameplaying is acceptable in the Gameplay forum

Moderation/rules questions

Questions about the rules or Moderator actions should be asked in the Moderation forum.

Real world discussions

Real-world discussions should not be posted in the Gameplay forum, unless directly relating it to gameplay. An (old, and rare) example of one thread that manages this is The Shadow War, which relates the invader/defender game to the TV program 'Babylon 5'.

Moderation standards/guidelines for the forum:


Bumps are spam; try posting relevant new content instead. Threads in the Gameplay forum should not be bumped unless at least 24 hour have passed since the previous post in them. If a thread is bumped too often, it may be locked. If it doesn't get any interest, no-one is interested.


Limits on gravedigging in the Gameplay forum varies by thread type - regions can revive embassies/recruiting threads after years of inactivity. Discussions & news threads shouldn't be revived after a few weeks, unless adding new information that is directly relevant.

Thread Ownership

There is no thread ownership in the Gameplay forum. However, with flag-making threads, if the thread starter refuses to serve an individual, and that user keeps posting, they may get told to leave by a mod.

A note on tone in the Gameplay forum

Unlike other areas of the site, gameplay involves an element of "player vs player" competition. As a result of that, some level of "smack talk" is to be expected, with players competing against each other, celebrating their victories and gloating over the defeats of their enemies. Some (though not all) gameplayers will adopt "personas" as part of their gameplaying, so may take on the roles such as a "bad guy" who revels in conquering and destroying regions, or a "white knight" who views such behaviour as morally unacceptable and those that engage in it as evil. This is acceptable in this forum. It is also acceptable for players to adopt the "persona" of the outraged native. It helps to remember this when reading and participating in Gameplay discussions, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the general tone of the forum.

If you are acting In Character ("IC") within the Gameplay forum it may help to label your posts as "IC" to distinguish them from Out Of Character ("OOC") posts, so that other players are better able to understand your posts. However, this does not excuse insults that go beyond what is acceptable, for example attacking the person behind the nation, or baiting with posts designed solely to inflame.

Any examples of what is or isn't acceptable are going to be of limited use, given the importance of context. However, the following are given in the hope that they will illustrate some of what is and isn't allowed:

On the 1st April, the Evil Raiders attacked Examplestan, burning it to the ground and kicking the cowardly natives to the Rejected Realms.
Acceptable - this is giving an "in persona" gloss to an invasion.

On the 1st April, the Evil Raiders raped Examplestan
Let's stop you there. Rape comparisons are not kosher.

Invaders' actions are disgusting and immoral.
Acceptable criticism. We don't require players to consider every other style of play on the site as legitimate.

Invaders are scum.
Unacceptable - no attempt to argue a point, and a blanket "all x are y" insult - trolling.

"If they didn't want to be invaded, they should've used a password" - classy. That's much the same argument made about rape.
Not acceptable. Again, rape comparisons are not kosher.

Playerstonia is incompetent and lacks the charisma and talent to run a region.
Acceptable criticism of a player's gameplaying abilities.

Playerstonia is sociopath who lacks the intelligence to run a region.
Unacceptable, as this attacks the person behind the nation.

PostPosted: Wed May 02, 2012 11:47 pm
by Sedgistan