Gameplay Issues

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Gameplay Issues

Postby Brisketania » Wed Nov 24, 2021 7:56 pm

I am still fairly new to the game, but was wondering why so many of the issues have either far left, far right, or nonsense selections. No medium type selection or something that makes sense (balanced), and then the outcome seems to become extreme. I have been dismissing a lot of them because I can see where it goes and becomes nonsense.

Example - Music, Its going to cost in taxes going up, mandatory music training, get rid of it all together, teach only patriotic songs, or scrap it all for digital synthesized music. Schools in real life have some musical instruments, while others have the parent that have music students purchase the instruments. It is a choice in Jr High and High School. Music is a part of the curriculum in elementary and middle to teach structure and balance.

This is but one example of so many of the issues that come across. And if you were wondering, I was in music in middle school, tried out for band in Jr High, and it wasn't for me. I'm not musically inclined.

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Postby Comfed » Wed Nov 24, 2021 8:24 pm

That’s issues for you :P
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Postby Merni » Thu Nov 25, 2021 2:12 am

NS is a satirical game, with intentional exaggerations. But if you just want to maintain the status quo, you can always dismiss the issue.
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Postby Brisketania » Wed Dec 01, 2021 7:44 pm

Thanks Merni - seems this is the way it is. Exaggerated.. So to see how a decision would have an affect on the political, social, environmental, and financial you need to select something regardless of if it even makes sense.

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Postby Candensia » Thu Dec 02, 2021 5:54 pm

As the author of the referenced musical issue (which was also my first issue) I can say that — most of the time — issues purposely avoid comfortable middle-grounds.

If options present totally rational, middle-of-the-road compromises, then that certainly takes the difficulty out of answering issues, don't you think? This challenge is intentional, and is designed to make readers think. No matter what action is taken, you can't and won't satisfy everyone. Every choice you make for your nation will bring about consequences. Dealing with those consequences is how the issues game works.
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