[Passed] Transboundary Water Use Act

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Postby Starkindler » Sun Oct 28, 2012 6:44 am

Dear Mr. Forte

I, as the WA spokeswoman representing the Crown, applaud the passage of the Transboundary Water use act. And I also urge you to reconsider your option. As humans have went too much to destroy their environment, especially, with the use of poisons on crops, they had made the most abundant upper water table polluted, and the pollution, by having to drill deeper and deeper, only passes downwards. Not to speak of the vulnerable and complex water and swamp ecosystems needing protection.

However, if you are blind to such pressing environmental issues, then please consider the interests of your country. Without the Act, countries upstream of your rivers could freely divert all water for their use, or pollute the water to be unusable for any purposes, residential or industrial. And water pollution adversely affects lucrative industries, such as real estate in cities built on coasts and riverbanks, tourism, agriculture, as man can pollute a river that much to be unsuitable even for plants and animals, drying out your fields and killing your animals, forcing your country to import food from abroad.

Nowadays, most of the industrial sector is dependent on clean water. Power, metallurgy, construction, metalworking, commerce, mining, food processing ... I could continue the list for hours. And with the advancement in water-cooled computing technologies, even IT is growing increasingly dependent on water. Imagine if all of these industries had went out of your country, because of your irreverence towards pollution. Please, think of your people. With an unemployment level so high, all countries are doomed to fail.

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Libertarian-Free State
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Postby Libertarian-Free State » Tue Oct 30, 2012 5:39 am

Our Attorney General (AG), delegated the task of studying this issue as preparation for a repeal, has advised us that he can not find any part of GAR #223, The Transboundary Water use Act, that violates international law, the WA Charter, or WA precedent, and has further advised that any attempt at repeal would be ultimately rejected due to this lack of a legal basis. We are a nation that values individual liberty and national liberty/sovereignty without intervention from foreign and outside interests and bodies like the WA. Though we do agree that two or more nations should work together when an issue or event is shared, like a transboundary water way, we believe that this collaboration should be voluntary and, if so desired, unilateral, without an outside, foreign bureaucracy, a WA mandate, or force of international law. We are in the process of re-evaluating or role in the WA.

We shall still endorse any attempt at repeal, hoping that our AG is wrong or that another nation has found another valid reason.

-Chris Forte, President, The Free Land of Libertarian-Free State


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