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[PASSED] Condemn Automagfreek

PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2011 8:38 pm
by Unibot II


Bartholomew Stroeken, Senior Vice President of Unibot II was having a pleasant nap in the daily Board of Directors meeting when he was interrupted by his secretary...

"Sir, here are the recent WA proposals submitted by the Unibotian WA Mission to the floor for drafti-- " the secretary said before being abruptly cut off by the sullen bureaucrat; he grunted at her and waved her to be gone.

Stroeken glanced over the pages with glossy eyes.

Ulaş, the Executive Vice President hollered down the table of chairmen at Stroeken, "anything interesting?"

Stroeken shook his head, "nope, some General Assembly proposal to decriminalize suicide and one of those useless condemnation thingies."

"Who is Eduard condemning?" Ulaş asked casually.

Stroeken reread the name off the proposal, "erm Automagfreek; ring any bells?"

Sgt. Ewoud Middleton, a bemoustached military chief sitting across from Stroeken, spit out a mouthful of coffee at the utterance of such a name, "Automagfreek? That pinko-socialist freak is trying to condemn Automagfreek? What the hell is he planning to do? Get us all killed!?"

Stroeken looked over the proposal and mumbled to himself, "I can only presume this is another condemnation of some eccentrically violent totalitarian customer of Heir Industries...".

The Senior Vice President read on and his facial expression changed to a pale white, "threatened to.. total ruin.. for ..disrespecting.." he mumbled incoherently as he read the proposal worryingly.

Stroeken stood up from his chair and held the proposal high in the air to yell at this secretaries, "WHY IN GAWD'S NAME WASN'T I TOLD ABOUT THIS EARLIER!? Eddy is proposing to condemn a loose cannon for gawd's sake -- the biggest collection of nut-wing barbaric flesh-eating mongrels he could find and he's doing it under our name! He's needs to be cut off immediately; remove his diplomatic access and stop this Death Warrant for Unibot from ever hitting the floor for drafting immediately, do I make myself clear?"

His secretary shook her head, crying and protesting, "sir.. a proposal in queue for drafting can't be removed, it's going to be read out tomorrow on the floor."

Stroeken was now red-faced, he bullishly shouted, "then bribe the gnomes!"

Ulaş squinted and shook his head, "the gnomes? You want to bribe the gnomes!? You don't bribe a gnome. Don't worry Bart, we'll think of something, we always do.".

Condemn Automagfreek

December 8th, 2011. 7:00 AM.

A small gnomish figure from the Secretariat emerged onto the stage and read out the following proposal; the Board of Directors for Unibot were nervously watching via a television monitor. The chairmen noted happily that there were not that many delegations around -- early mornings was the time-slot designated for condemnations for nations beginning with "A". Most ambassadors were still asleep or in bed with their mistresses.

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation | Nominee: Automagfreek | Proposed by: Unibotian WA Mission

The Security Council,

Recognizing Automagfreek as one of the most destructive and violent nations present in international incidents since its creation on March 24th, 2003,

Noting that the history of Automagfreek as led by its “Supreme Warlord” is full of needless warmongering and genocidal activity that reveals two overarching motifs in Automagfreek’s behavior: a need to assert and continually reaffirm its superiority through bloodshed and violent religious beliefs,

Understanding that the unjustified invasion of Sharfghotten was regarded as a way for Gholgoth, Automagfreek’s region, to “re-assert itself as an international powerhouse” and was deemed “The Great Crusade”,

Similarly understanding that the former head of Automagfreek suggested, in private, that the nation's invasion of the Grand World Order was to “re-establish the Freekish Empire's standing in the world”,

Bearing in mind that Automagfreek often threatens nations for trivial reasons. Automagfreek blatantly threatened to “smash all that [Prekonate] held dear into total ruin” and later invaded Prekonate after receiving a diplomatic message it found “disrespectful”; similar threats were made against Kulverint and Sharfghotten,

Further bearing in mind that Automagfreek has threatened to destroy members of organizations for sharing the same name as organizations it has founded (i.e., NATO, NWO) and threatened other bidders in a United Gordonopia oil field auction,

Recalling that Automagfreek often declares war simply for the purpose of human sacrifice (often demanding an absurd number of sacrifices, e.g. “ten billion souls”) for its god of war,

Noting with regret that Automagfreek has taken a violent stance against Christianity domestically and internationally; (1) Automagfreek has ordered local Christian priests to be mutilated with swords or dragged by vehicles through urban areas, (2) Automagfreek invaded Free Missouri because of the widespread practice of Christianity within the nation, (3) Automagfreek involved itself with the Nordic Civil War to commit genocide against a Christian uprising,

Shocked by Automagfreek’s brutal torture of Father David Marcellus, a Freekish Christian leader, and of Queen Cecilia of British Londinium in the nation’s infamous torture chamber, “The Halls of the Dead;” Reports suggest that Queen Cecilia’s skull was displayed on a stake in front of the Freekish Great Hall and her body ground into dog food,

Recognizing that Automagfreek has attempted to dominate smaller nations through the establishment of the Brimstone Pact, which, through its deceptive and devious wording and hierarchical system (designed to keep smaller nations bound by the Pact but out of its administrative positions), organized a large group of superpowers to defeat smaller imperialist nations and attempted to force new alliances to register in order to keep them within the superpowers' sphere of influence,

Mindful of the fact that, for similar reasoning, Automagfreek targeted commercial and civilian maritime traffic in and threatened to rain “suffering and death” upon member nations of “The United League of Nations” (ULN), an alliance of seventy-seven smaller nations dedicated to mutual defence, providing disaster relief, and combating terrorism,

Disgusted by Automagfreek’s “Flesh for Fuel” program that used dead enemy soldiers to fuel Automagfreek military vehicles,

Convinced that, with Automagfreek’s recent decision to capture and enslave horsefolk for collecting resources, the World Assembly can no longer disregard Automagfreek’s flagrant violations of fundamental rights,

Hereby Condemns Automagfreek.

Co-authored by A Mean Old Man.

Delegations murmured with excitement as a hawkish bureaucratic stood up to represent the Unibot-II-ian WA Mission, a newly established delegation that represented Unibot II; whereas previously Unibot II had always shared its representation with Unibot via the Unibotian WA Mission.

"OPPOSED!" shouted the bureaucrat, to the council's mild amusement.

There were some rumblings at the door; Eduard, head of the Unibotian WA Mission, was wrestling with gnomish security, "let go of me, you fools!" he said in frustration.

"FOR!" Eduard bellowed before being tackled to the ground and pepper-sprayed.

"Sir, I am going to have to detain you and take you down the hall to the ICMP for prosecution unless you can tell me what delegation you work for," the gnome guard said aggressively.

"I already told you; I represent Unibot. I'm the head of the Unibotian WA Mission," Eduard said with his eyes closed and tears flowing from his eyes.

"Sorry sir, but that delegation was discontinued as of last night and the nation you represent has not be recognized by the World Assembly for months; you're going to have to come with me," the gnome said coldly.


PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2011 8:54 pm
by Hiriaurtung Arororugul
I see nothing worthy of condemnation in the way this nation has conducted its foreign affairs. The Security Council should mind its own business and allow this nation to conduct its business as it sees fit.

Hiriaurtung Arororugul waves his hand dismissively.


OOC: If Automagfreek actually wants this I'll probably vote for.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2011 9:25 pm
by Zemnaya Svoboda
/* OOC: :bow: */

A disheveled woman in well-tailored denim overalls jogged into the chambers, losing papers from a manila folder grasped haphazardly in her left hand as she went. Stopping still next to the Unibot II-ian WA mission bureaucrat, she grasped his shoulder momentarily to support herself, as she took in a steadying breath.

"The Respublika of Zemnaya Svoboda definitively opposes," she breathed, "the aggression and atrocities of Automagfreek." Letting go of the Unibotiiian, she reached into the half-empty manila folder. She rifled through it twice, her face turning a deep shade of pink as she did so.

Briskly, a man in meticulously pressed denim coveralls stepped across the chamber toward the woman. "Elizaveta Mikhailovna," he addressed her, "I took the liberty of getting a second copy." He held out a folder.

Elizaveta seized the proferred dossier, and swiftly extracted a sheet. "The Respublika of Zemnaya Svoboda declares that it is prepared to defend any World Assembly nation which votes on this proposal from the wrath of Automagfreek, to the maximum extent possible. The forces of truth and justice must not succumb to the intimidation of the ruthless and despicable. It is the obligation of the good not to stand by and do nothing, for really, that is all that is needed for evil to win out. Peoples of this assembly, peoples of the world, peoples of every land and clime, hear this! One day, we will see a golden time. Sooner, or later, the tyrants of the world will be overthrown, and the fruits of peace will be at hand! To this end, we must work together, even if we suffer in the attempt, even though we may never see the end. It may take decades, or centuries, but we will see a brave new world in the end." As she read this, Elizaveta turned pale. As she read the concluding sentence, she trembled, "We invite all nations, all peoples, all alliances of the world to join us in making such a declaration. No World Assembly nation should fear to vote their conscience." She looked to the man who had brought her this terrible paragraph. He nodded grimly. She sighed, and folded her hands in resignation.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2011 9:44 pm
by Myroria
Gothren Quarrith, Myrorian viceroy of Floresque and ambassador to the World Assembly, was not in a good mood. The message he was asked to transmit, it was pure madness! Whatever was behind this travesty, it probably had something to do with that damn Eluvataran in the palace, house arrest or no.

Gothren cleared his throat. "Myroria declares that it is prepared to defend any nation threatened by Automagfreek for its vote on Condemn Automagfreek. We support the free exchange of ideas without fear."

PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2011 9:45 pm
by Glen-Rhodes
Bradford Castro loathed every minute he had to spend in the Security Council. It was a droll place and he didn't understand the importance of voting on what the world opinion of other countries was. But he wouldn't be fulfilling his duties if he didn't spend at least a few hours a week listening to the self-congratulations and the toothless admonitions. This usually meant sitting at his place in the very back of the room and pirating the latest episode of Glen-Rhodes' Next Top Model. The headphones drowned out most of the ruckus that took place near the podium.

But his normal headphones were broken and he was left with those white ones that came with his iPhone. So, when Eduard Heir screamed from the fiery pain of the weapons-grade pepperspray, he couldn't help but notice. What is Heir doing here? he thought. But he had little time to act before Eduard would have been taken out of the council room. Heir could be valuable asset, possibly an in to the more secretive projects of Heir Industries. Also, Eduard was young and virile, two combinations that Bradford could never ignore.

"Eduard Heir is a private consultant for the Glen-Rhodes permanent mission to the World Assembly. I demand you remove those restraints and return my employee to me!"

PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2011 10:07 pm
by Unibot II
The gnomish security guard jumped off Eduard at once and saluted Dr. Castro, "sorry sir, I was not aware of Mr. Heir's new appointment, sir."

The gnome scampered off, probably fearing the worst for his employment's security.

Eduard slowly picked himself off the ground, rubbing his eyes madly, he leaned against one of the desks and spoke to Castro with his eyes closed.

"Thanks Brad. I owe you one. Phew," Eduard said hardly able to see at all, he waved down one of the pengiun waiters who often carried trays of ice water and scotch and fumbled blindly to grab a glass of water to wash his eyes out; unfortunately he chose a glass of scotch by accident.

"AAAARGH," Eduard shrieked as he shed tears of scotch.

Eduard blindly addressed Castro and the other supporters that he heard in the background murmuring, "there's still a problem of sponsorship, this draft is currently sponsored by no nation. But I do have an idea, I think."

PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2011 10:11 pm
by Milograd
Huria Irahuba
World Assembly Delegate of Milograd
Argyzian Authority-World Assembly
4180 Dharcon Street
Argyz, Alikarhi, #HIRU30

First Dh'arconian Empire of Milograd
Official Communiqué

To: Open Communication
From: Office of Milograd's World Assembly Representation
Date: 11/8/11 || 12:00pm GST
Subject: RE: "Condemn Automagfreek"

The First Dh'arconian Empire is displeased in witnessing further superfluous and ultimately undesirable interventionism on the World Assembly's behalf via a condemnation proposal. The Empire is furthermore appalled by the strategic and manipulative targetting of the Freekish Empire hereof, and encourages the greater body of World Assembly delegates to vote against this blasphemous proposal.

The internal affairs of any proper state concern aforesaid state's administration, and therein do not concern the governance bodies that possess an unwarranted sense of relevance in the affairs of a non-member state. The New Gothic Empire has never participated in or associated itself with the World Assembly, and Automagfreek will most likely refrain from taking up the Assembly banner in the foreseeable future. Despite this manifest reality the World Assembly, particularly the ever-provocative Unibotian delegation, feels obligated to condemn and slander the name of the Gothic Empire.

Whilst admittedly the ethics of the New Gothic Empire of Automagfreek are lacking when compared to such of states akin to Drakonian Imperium, the representation of Automagfreek within this proposal is clearly biased in nature. When stating the Freekish handling of the Londinian problem this proposal neglects mention of British Londinium's disturbing and appalling practices. These practices includ the slicing of living men, woman, and children in remarkably large "blenders" and furthermore excessive warmongering aimed at alliances such as the Global Alliance of Sovereign Nations ( GASN ). This proposal additionally recognizes the events concerning the New Associated Torture Organization ( NATO ), however yet again the proposal fails to mention the New Associated Torture Organization's plagiarism of the New Alliance Treaty Organization's ( referred to as NATO hereafter ) name. Surely the World Assembly would be irked by a organization largely known as the "WA." In reality the Gothic Empire of Automagfreek was merely protecting its alliance, NATO, name. Is the World Assembly legitimately going to condemn a nation for combatting plagiarism?

Never before has the Empire been so ashamed to call itself a member of the World Assembly, and should this misguided piece of legislation be ratified Milograd shall promptly resign as a member of the World Assembly. Milograd stands in solidarity with her Freekish allies.

    Huria Irahuba
    World Assembly Delegate of Milograd

PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2011 11:26 pm
by Automagfreek
With the dawn of a new day came a new series of briefings, and the imposing stack of paper seemed to have grown with ever increasing size in the last several days. Privateer contracts for the rounding up of ponies had to be read and approved, the regular intelligence briefs from the war in Varathron had to be analyzed, and the daily affairs of the state had to be conducted. The monotonous task rarely produced anything worthy of extra scrutiny, but on this day Damien was blessed with a reprieve from his all too familiar boredom.

It seemed that the "World Assembly", an entity universally despised in Automagfreek, had submitted a draft to officially "condemn" the Freekish Empire for what it saw as crimes against humanity. Dreadfire's initial reaction was that of anger, his face tightening and his skin turning a visible shade of red. But the further he read the more the memories flooded back, grand visions of conquest and bloodshed, of glory forged in the fires of war. His righteous indignation then turned to lighthearted laughter as he neared the end, and before putting the paper down he summoned his cabinet in to partake in his pleasure.

Fits of laughter broke out as the statement made its rounds, with cries of mockery ringing out as Damien eventually settled the now rowdy crowd with a raise of his hand. Gentlemen, this outlander entity is again rearing its ugly head. First they came for the Havenites, and they were successfully driven off when Gholgoth rallied the great regions of our hemisphere. Now, they come for us, but not with sword and fire, but with words. A foe that comes to battle with mere ink and paper is a foe most unworthy, but I will entertain them nonetheless. Perhaps they will realize just what they are dealing with.


The New Gothic Empire of Automagfreek

From the Desk of Lord Damien Dreadfire

Once more this so called "World Assembly" seeks to assert its "authority" in places where it is not recognized. Long has the New Gothic Empire rejected this globalist institution as a false, impotent scam designed to rob free men of their sovereignty. This collectivist beast shall not sink its fangs into the Freekish nation, nor almighty Gholgoth, and the lifeblood of near twenty billion souls stand ready in defiance. You outlanders have once before tried to slink your way into our hemisphere, first targeting our neighbors in Haven, and now you see fit to target Automagfreek. The end result of this new endeavor will be the same as the last; you will fail, though this time you will not leave unscathed.

Should any of your legions of cowards seek to challenge Automagfreek's age old dominance or attempt to interfere its affairs, then a blood price will be paid not only by your soldiers, but your women and children as well. No mercy shall be shown to any who dares to cross swords with the Empire, and one by one we will come for you. Perhaps not tomorrow nor the day after, but in good time you will wake one terrible morning to the black and red banners of House Dreadfire on your horizon. It will be at that grim moment that you will truly realize the error of your ways.

Let the lessons of the past be forgotten at your own peril, for the billions of souls we have sent to the afterlife are proof enough of our terrible resolve. Let the demise of British Londinium, New Spartha, Austo-Hungary, and countless others who have seen entire populations exterminated at our hands be our watchword. We will not suffer the ambition of fools and misguided idealists, nor will we bandy words with those who choose to make Automagfreek their enemy. Be warned, outlanders, for here upon the Dying Ground shall your malicious conspiracy fail.


PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2011 11:33 pm
by Sarzonia
OOC: No IC comment on this since I'm leaving the game, but I'm VERY, VERY glad to see that this resolution is written in such a way that its intent to preclude OOC condemnation of the player behind Automagfreek.

Plus, I'm glad to see that there's significant RP that doesn't look like it's the kind of crap I've seen much too often. This might be one of the few threads I'll follow in the Security Council.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2011 11:40 pm
by Sedgistan
Sticking this in here, and hoping it doesn't need to be repeated:

Ardchoille wrote:OOC: This ain't II. Your ambassador is speaking in the General Assembly chamber, so you' don't need communications with a letterhead. It gives (me) the impression you're making a junior staffer stand up and wave the crest around every time he speaks. Practical reason is, it clogs up the thread.

There's no standing rule against the occasional pic, so anyone who's about to lynch me for trying to stop the WA Cards, don't bother. Just keep illustrations down to when they're actively required by your RP.

Applies to the SC too.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2011 11:47 pm
by Automagfreek
OOC: My statement was sent via letter, since I do not recognize the legitimacy of the WA and my leaders wouldn't be caught dead speaking in the General Assembly. Also, I do not post in this forum, the etiquette here is entirely foreign to me.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:30 am
by Goobergunchia
A hush descended upon the room as a gnomish secretary read out the final words of Lord Dreadfire's letter.

Darren, sitting at the side of the room favored by his senior counterpart, had of course heard of Automagfreek. What Goobergunchian kid hadn't? The horrors of the various Freekish wars were a favorite choice of parents who wanted to scare their children into behaving. But Darren hadn't imagined he'd ever come face-to-face—or at least letter-to-letter—with Lord Dreadfire himself. Jeepers. This was way too much for a youngster like him to handle. He still had his whole life ahead of him. He was too young to die. Where was Mike Evif when he was needed most?

Darren left the Security Council chamber in the most dignified way he could in his current state of mind. In other words, he ran for the exit as fast as he could, and didn't stop until he was back in the Goobergunchian World Assembly embassy suites.

A few hours later, an older, impeccably dressed man walked into the embassy.

"Thanks for notifying us, Mr. Funkel. I'll handle this issue."

William Falopian, Goobergunchian Minister of Foreign Affairs, settled into the room prepared for him and pulled the big Automagfreek file out of his briefcase. He had a lot to review tonight, and needed to think carefully about how to balance traditional Goobergunchian values with traditional Goobergunchian isolationism.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 1:17 am
by Unibot II
Heartbeats could be heard pulsating from the Unibot-II-ian delegation, the bureaucrats were passing around a memorandum of understanding, making edits and additions before passing it to the mail carrier to send to Automagfreek. The weak letter used mostly words that diplomats liked: “reconciliation”, “reassess”, “apologize”, “mitigate the conflict” etc. They nitpicked over the wording of what could only be described as the diplomatic version of sodomy.

That was when Eduard Heir busted through the doors of the Security Council carrying a single sheet of paper, he handed it to the mail carrier boy.

To Automagfreek from Eduard Heir. Make it speedy and ask for a tip.” Eduard said boyishly grinning.

Dear tyrants, warmongers and blood-lusting slugs thereof but namely Lord Damien Dreadfire of Automagfreek,

After being recently sprayed in the eyes with pepper-spray, I could hardly contain my glee for an excuse to not read what I could only imagine would be yet another one of those boorish, empty threats that the Automagfreek’s dictator likes to send to every Mitch and Titch who spells Automagfreak wrong and subverts his own self-important illusions of grandeur and superiority.

Nonetheless, I had the unfortunate opportunity this evening to sit down and read the letter after a cup of tea.

I wanted to briefly explain something to you. When you call something “false”, you make yourself sound foolish when you continue to write to it. When you call something impotent, you foreshadow the shortcomings of your own reproductive organs. When you write of “free men” you leave me to presume that you speak of you and your fellow militant bullies; free from the principles of human dignity, justice and sensibilities that scare you.

I hope you accept this condemnation as an infantile blanket of comfort that reassures you that Automagfreek is still important and relevant or "feared", because I know that deep down you’re simply a scared boy whose greatest fear is being forgotten. Don't worry old chap, nobody ever loves you when you're down and out.


PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 1:31 am
by Flemingovia
Almost by definition I oppose any C&C resolution that arises out of collusion with the nominee (if I know it has taken place). i feel it diminishes the dignity of such awards. It is like a nobel nominee being asked to write their own citation.

So therefore while I cannot comment on the objective merit of this particular nominee, I oppose.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 6:57 am
by Milograd
OoC: My apologies Sedgistan; I was oblivious to said rule's existence because I have only read over the SC stickies, and the particular rule you cited was from the GA forum. I'll be sure to amend my post when I have the chance.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 9:09 am
by Big Bay Island
It only took a fraction of a second for T. M. Gryth to replace xyr phone in its cradle and flip a switch on the TV. The view switched from a the General Assembly chambers to those of the Security Council. Normally Gryth would never have thought to check in on the SC; xe was a firm believer that whatever was done by consenting adults in the privacy of their own homes - or their own council chambers - was their own business. But xyr tip had said that something was going down in the SC, and it appeared they were correct.

Gryth hated the WA. Xe wondered why xe had even been assigned to this job in the first place. Surely there were others that were better suited for this line of work. But the nation had asked, and xe had answered, as people do. It was just a miserably boring existence.

That was why xe hadn't been in the World Assembly building for over a year. That is why xe sat now, in t-shirt and sweats, in a tiny cabin in the closest grove of trees xe could find to the WA, watching debates on the telly. But as xe watched the honourable ambassador formerly from Unibot being dragged forcibly thoward the, xe grabbed xyr shoes and began the short walk to the Security Council chambers. Gryth had no opinion on the issue as of yet, but that didn't matter. Xe could research when xe got there.

Finally, something interesting was happening!

PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 9:20 am
by Unibot II
Flemingovia wrote:Almost by definition I oppose any C&C resolution that arises out of collusion with the nominee (if I know it has taken place). i feel it diminishes the dignity of such awards. It is like a nobel nominee being asked to write their own citation.

So therefore while I cannot comment on the objective merit of this particular nominee, I oppose.

OOC: Automagfreek did not write this resolution, he approved it. I can assure you it would have been much easier to write this resolution if I were Automagfreek -- hence the mounds of research. Almost all commendations and all (roleplay) condemnations are written with agreement by the nominee -- I wouldn't want to offend the party I was trying to honour by commending or condemning them.

Having a choice whether to accept a nomination hardly diminishes the dignity of such a nomination; making it non-consensual however, would.. greatly.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 9:42 am
by Paper Flowers
IC: While our nation is still relatively new to grace the international stage, we have of course heard whispered conversations detailing the deeds of Lord Dreadfire and the Freekish Empire. We thank the author of this proposal for the dedication and research that has obviously gone into it's drafting and will be reviewing all the evidence in due course before making our decision to support or oppose.

OOC: Not really one for II RP, but with the links provided by Unibot II it'll be interesting to read the background to this one.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 8:39 am
by Shazbotdom
SCENE: Hallway E27, Ambassadorial Wing, WA Headquarters

Antuan walked down the hall briskly, heading towards the elevators that would bring him down to the lobby level so he could make his daily rounds within the varied GA and SC meetings that were taking place. As he pushed the button that lead into the Elevator, he was approached by one of his aids. It seemed that she had run all the way from the offices carrying a folder.

"Sir!" she yelled as she approached him. "This was faxed over by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Intelligence with a note specifically to get it to you as soon as possible."

"Thank you, Stephanie," Antuan stated as he took the folder from her. He looked over the front fax page and then went to reading into the file folder. "This isn't good at all. I guess I am heading directly to the chambers of the Security Council." Just as he finished reading the elevator doors opened and he stepped inside. "Go back to the Offices and send me any updates to my tablet."

"Yes, Sir," she stated, turning around and walked back the way she came.

It took a few minutes for the elevator to get back down to the ground floor, probably because of the distance up the building that the Shazbotdom Offices were. Antuan loved the view from the offices and wished that he could be up there to look out them, but this latest development was going to take him away from that view for probably quite some time. This was most aggravating indeed, a condemnation of the Freeks? What sort of madman would attempt such a thing? From what he could tell, the man, his family and his entire country probably wouldn't live through the next week.

SCENE: Security Council Chambers, WA Headquarters
Antuan waited for the gnomes to open the door before he walked in, fighting the temptation to throw the doors open by himself to make a rather exquisite entrance. As he walked into the room he noticed a few familiar faces there, nodding at the other delegates, he took his seat and waited a few minutes before talking.

"On behalf of the people of the Shazbotdom Empire, we are outraged that anyone would have the audacity to threaten condemnation on the Region of Gholgoth, or the Freekish Empire. Several senior members of the Imperial Government, as well as the Supreme Emperor himself, would like to know what exactly Mr. Eduard Heir is smoking to even attempt to Condemn the Freekish Empire?"

PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 6:47 pm
by Unibot II
Eduard stood up in the Assembly and addressed Antuan with a blank expression on his face, "opium, good sir."

The ambassador sat back down after his brief comment.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 7:43 pm
by The Republic of Lanos
We approve since they will soon attack the Principality of Princess Luna...


PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2011 6:23 am
by Parti Ouvrier
Hiriaurtung Arororugul wrote:I see nothing worthy of condemnation in the way this nation has conducted its foreign affairs. The Security Council should mind its own business and allow this nation to conduct its business as it sees fit.

Hiriaurtung Arororugul waves his hand dismissively.


OOC: If Automagfreek actually wants this I'll probably vote for.

I see much worthy of condemnation.

Wez Spencer

PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2011 11:37 pm
by Omigodtheykilledkenny
The cynicism of it all. Unibot once again claiming moral authority to sit in judgment of other nations. Just as they did when they had the chutzpah to condemn us for loophole-hunting, when they do it just as often, if not more, elsewise practicing all forms of puppetwank to avoid compliance -- and even worse, defending the right of lazy nations to defy resolutions they can neither evade nor circumvent legally.

Anyway...what was I talking about again? Ah yes. Unibot. If this nonsense ever does make it to vote, can we be assured that Unibot's own corporate crimes have not themselves caused the deaths of scores of innocents? It should prove quite embarrassing for this profane exercise in opportunism and phony outrage were that the case.

Best of luck.

- Jack Riley, Secretary of State

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 12:34 am
by Unibot II
Omigodtheykilledkenny wrote:The cynicism of it all. Unibot once again claiming moral authority to sit in judgment of other nations. Just as they did when they had the chutzpah to condemn us for loophole-hunting, when they do it just as often, if not more, elsewise practicing all forms of puppetwank to avoid compliance -- and even worse, defending the right of lazy nations to defy resolutions they can neither evade nor circumvent legally.

Anyway...what was I talking about again? Ah yes. Unibot. If this nonsense ever does make it to vote, can we be assured that Unibot's own corporate crimes have not themselves caused the deaths of scores of innocents? It should prove quite embarrassing for this profane exercise in opportunism and phony outrage were that the case.

Best of luck.

- Jack Riley, Secretary of State

Eduard stood up, "It would be legally improper to condemn Unibot II, all condemnable aspects are shifted to Unibot legally; it does not matter to the law that Unibot is otherwise not recognized as a nation by law. I think we should get one thing straight Jack, I don't support what these dahm lawyers are doing.. "

Eduard took a fighter's pose and the lawyers at the Uniboti-II-an delegation cringed in fear; Eduard boyishly grinned at their cowardice.

"... where was I? Right. I don't support what those pricks are doing to try to save their own bureaucratic skin. But I can tell right and I can tell wrong and what Automagfreek is doing is wrong. You're either with me or you're.."

Heir looked over to his adviser and gave him a blank expression, the adviser mouthed a word.

"You're.. hot? Right that's it -- you're either with me or you're .. hot," said Eduard, taking the cue from his adviser who was shaking his head furiously. Eduard fumbled over his words when he saw his adviser's reaction, "erm, I mean you're either with me or you're taut? Caught!? Yes, caught. No? Wrought!? Unibot!!?"

"NOT!" screamed his adviser who was fuming at his boss's stupidity.

Eduard squinted, "Not Unibot? Then it's wrought.. are you sure!?"

"No, the word is not, for gawd's sake!!" hollered his adviser.

Eduard turned his head back to Jack and examined him, "but where is he tied up?"

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 6:23 pm
by BellRose
Buying time for the confused Eduard, the chair motioned to a new member just seated in the security council. The nameplate read "Colonel Cesar Calderon, Military Attache to the WA Security council, Grand Duchy of BellRose".

The fit older gentleman in a charcoal grey suit stopped fussing with his tie (The regimental tie of the BellRose Life-Guard Hussars). He stood and addressed the Security Council.

"Fellow members of the Security Council, on behalf of the Grand Duchy, and His Nibs, Grand Duke Hansi Von Herzsprung-Russel I thank you. This will mark our first action in this august body."

Cesar took a sip of water and continued.

"I understand that we, as new members, will not be able to assist in bringing this matter to Quorum. However, there is a minor correction His Nibs government wishes to bring to Eduard's attention. In the clause starting with "Shocked", the final sentence could be changed to flow better. His Nibs Government suggests, perhaps it should read "Reports suggest Queen Cecilia’s skull was displayed on a stake in front of the Freekish Great Hall and her body GROUND into dog food" The text currently reads "GRINDED into dog food"."

"His Nibs Government is still examining this draft condemnation."

Cesar finished "Members of the Security Council, thank you for your time. BellRose yields the floor to the Chair." Cesar Calderon resumed his seat at the BellRose desk.

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