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by Lord Dominator
Sun Aug 30, 2020 10:31 pm
Forum: Security Council
Topic: Passed Security Council Resolutions
Replies: 323
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SC Resolution #318: Commend Nuremgard

Commend Nuremgard

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation | Nominee: Nuremgard | Proposed by: Cretox State

Description: The Security Council,

Comprehending the somber and demanding role of national leaders in maintaining the stability of nations and the integrity of governments throughout the multiverse against all odds,

Outlining the importance of rapid, decisive, and proactive decision-making on the part of national leaders to address potentially grave issues before they spiral out of control, and lamenting the fact that national leaders are often unable to engage in this form of decision-making due to issues not reaching their attention, or any response on their part being stalled by the slow and deliberate nature of a national government,

Most supportive of the tireless, hugely successful, and frankly paradoxical efforts of Nuremgard to covertly research potential problems that could compromise the functioning of every individual national government in existence, and their dedication to cutting through unnecessary red tape and allowing national leaders from all over the world to take effective action to solve these problems before they would otherwise be apparent to them,

Most impressed by the daily missions that Nuremgard undertakes to achieve the above, in which the nation's operatives stage incidents that present a menu of possible policy actions to national leaders in a succinct, comprehensive, and often amusing manner that can easily be understood by the average modern Leader, including:

  1. Mission #1181, in which Nuremgardian agents risked humiliation pretending to actually care about jousting, in order to provide national governments with a supplementary stream of income and an easy way to keep their people happy with the way things are run,
  2. Mission #531, in which Nuremgardian agents risked incarceration insulting national royalty on live television, outraging monarchs across the multiverse into making a decisive decision regarding lèse majesté laws,
  3. Mission #710, in which Nuremgardian agents risked forced labor pretending to be disaffected serfs and forging economic reports, in order to ensure that feudal governments would be stabilized before their systems of serfdom could cause total economic collapse,
  4. Mission #786, in which Nuremgardian agents risked their skins altering government reports on infection rates and pretending to be tattoo artists, in order to bring the issue of infections resultant from tattoos to the attention of national leaders before their nations could be decimated by full-blown pandemics,
  5. Mission #545, in which Nuremgardian agents risked their sanity trying to sell national governments defective blenders, in order to bring the issue of expatriate voting to said governments' attention before it could compromise the integrity of elections in the eyes of the public,
  6. Mission #596, in which Nuremgardian agents risked their lives to drug absolute monarchs and impersonate members of their royal courts, in order to force said monarchs to resolve the issue of royal succession before their nations could descend into civil war over the crown, and
  7. Mission #780, in which Nuremgardian agents risked the existence of time and space itself by using quantum entanglement technology to implement a value-added tax in every nation in the multiverse, in order to push national leaders into addressing the essential question of taxation,
Emphasizing the Nuremgardian government's lack of any attempts to publicize or seek credit for their critical work in preserving national stability, including the aforementioned missions in addition to eleven others of equal significance,

Noting the unprecedented caliber of Nuremgard's operatives, who plan, arrange, and execute every one of their missions without any need for support from other nations, excepting review by certain shadowy and benevolent authorities dedicated to providing logistical infrastructure to assist in such missions,

Determined to recognize the unyielding hard work and dedication of this nation in ensuring the stability and integrity of governments throughout the multiverse, and believing that few nations on this front are more deserving of such an honor,

Hereby commends Nuremgard.

Votes For: 8,944
Votes Against: 4,316

Implemented Tuesday August 11 2020

[SC #318 on NS] [Official Debate Topic]
by Lord Dominator
Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:11 am
Forum: Security Council
Topic: Passed Security Council Resolutions
Replies: 323
Views: 282620

Table of Contents

  1. Condemn Macedon by Todd McCloud (Repealed by SC#271)
  2. Commend Kandarin by Todd McCloud
  3. Condemn NAZI EUROPE by TannerFrankLand (Repealed by SC#38)
  4. Liberate Belgium by Goobergunchia
  5. Commend 10000 Islands by Firstaria (Repealed by SC#8)
  6. Liberate Feudal Japan by The Sedge (Repealed by SC#7)
  7. Repeal "Liberate Feudal Japan" by The KoZ
  8. Repeal "Commend 10000 Islands" by Aegara
  9. Liberate The Security Council by Unibotian WASC Mission (Repealed by SC#16)
  10. Commend Goobergunchia by Todd McCloud
  11. Liberate Democratia by Jedi-Gangsters
  12. Commend Todd McCloud by Topid
  13. Liberate Utopia by Unibotian WASC Mission
  14. Liberate Free Thought by Sedgistan (Repealed by SC#69)
  15. Liberate Land of the Liberals by Unibotian WA Mission (Repealed by SC#115)
  16. Repeal "Liberate The Security Council" by A mean old man
  17. Condemn Omigodtheykilledkenny by Unibotian WASC Mission
  18. Commend Sedgistan by Topid (Repealed by SC#58)
  19. Commend Antarctic Oasis by Mousebumples (Repealed by SC#32)
  20. Condemn Greater Tezdrian by Unibotian WASC Mission
  21. Commend Imagey Nation by Greater Rhodes
  22. Condemn Ninja Pirate awesome town by Potato World (Repealed by SC#23)
  23. Repeal "Condemn Ninja Pirate awesome town" by Naivetry
  24. Condemn Great Nepal by Denecaep
  25. Liberate Islam by Justice4Islam (Repealed by SC#84)
  26. Commend The Joint Systems Alliance by A mean old man (Repealed by SC#148)
  27. Condemn Unknown by Topid (Repealed by SC#71)
  28. Commend Sionis Prioratus by Quadrimmina
  29. Liberate Greece by Unibotian WA Mission
  30. Commend 10000 Islands by A mean old man
  31. Condemn Der Fuhrer Dyszel by Kandarin
  32. Repeal "Commend Antarctic Oasis" by Mousebumples
  33. Condemn Durkadurkiranistan II by Neo Nibu
  34. Commend Ananke II by Sedgistan
  35. Commend The Skeleton Army by Sedgistan
  36. Liberate Eastern Europe by Topid (Repealed by SC#64)
  37. Condemn NAZI EUROPE by A mean old man (Repealed by SC#152)
  38. Repeal "Condemn NAZI EUROPE" (#3) by A mean old man
  39. Commend Bergnovinaia by Unibotian WA Mission
  40. Commend Starblaydia by Unibotian WA Mission
  41. Liberate Republicans by Unibotian WA Mission
  42. Condemn Kalasparata by The Cyrupean WA Office (Repealed by SC#96)
  43. Commend Tiago Silva by The Terran Technate (Repealed by SC#172)
  44. Commend Texas by Travancore-Cochin (Repealed by SC#231)
  45. Commend The Quote Of The Day by Koskala (Repealed by SC#101)
  46. Commend The Cat-Tribe by Unibotian WA Mission
  47. Commend Swarmlandia by Sakaba (Repealed by SC#62)
  48. Liberate Wonderful Paradise by Unibotian WA Mission (Repealed by SC#66)
  49. Commend Crazy girl by Sedgistan
  50. Commend Northern Chittowa by Sedgistan
  51. Commend Fudgetopia by Daynor
  52. Condemn The Black Hawks by Defero Populus
  53. Commend Commerce Heights by Unibotian WA Mission
  54. Condemn Sedgistan by Crazy girl (Repealed by SC#103)
  55. Commend Mikeswill by Going Postal (Repealed by SC#72)
  56. Condemn the Greater German Reich by Bazlantis (Repealed by SC#185)
  57. Commend Wysteria by Going Postal
  58. Repeal "Commend Sedgistan" by Ballotonia
  59. Condemn Blackhelm Confederacy by Going Postal
  60. Condemn Flag Thief by Unibotian WA Mission
  61. Condemn The Kraven Corporation by -Carta-
  62. Repeal "Condemn Swarmlandia" by A mean old man
  63. Commend Ballotonia by Mahaj WA Seat
  64. Repeal "Liberate Eastern Europe" by Finlandization
  65. Condemn Punk Reloaded by A mean old man
  66. Repeal "Liberate Wonderful Paradise" by Goddess Relief Office
  67. Commend Naivetry by Topid
  68. Condemn Thatcherton by The Wreaked (Repealed by SC#76)
  69. Repeal "Liberate Free Thought" by Revert
  70. Commend Glen-Rhodes by Connopolis
  71. Repeal "Condemn Unknown" by Topid
  72. Repeal "Commend Mikeswill" by A mean old man
  73. Condemn Allied States of EuroIslanders by Whamabama
  74. Condemn Lone Wolves United by -Tim-Opolis
  75. Commend A mean old man by Skyrim Diplomacy (Repealed by SC#176)
  76. Repeal "Condemn Thatcherton" by Mahaj WA Seat
  77. Condemn Milograd by Connopolis
  78. Commend Unibot II by Mahaj WA Seat (Repealed by SC#179)
  79. Condemn Anthony Delasanta by Fischistan (Repealed by SC#81)
  80. Liberate Catholic by Mahaj WA Seat (Repealed by SC#82)
  81. Repeal "Condemn Anthony Delasanta" by A mean old man
  82. Repeal "Liberate Catholic" by Christian Democrats
  83. Condemn Automagfreek by Unibotian WA Mission
  84. Repeal "Liberate Islam" by Jeux II
  85. Liberate Nationalist Union by Oh my Days (Repealed by SC#106)
  86. Commend The NationStates Community by Azerzia (Repealed by SC#142)
  87. Commend Warzone Codger by The Great Destruction
  88. Liberate Region of reunited muslim states by Fischistan (Repealed by SC#117)
  89. Liberate The United Kingdom of Britain by Fischistan (Repealed by SC#90)
  90. Repeal "Liberate The United Kingdom of Britain" by Delegate Vinage
  91. Condemn The Black Riders by Jefferson and Paul (Repealed by SC#150)
  92. Liberate Benevolent Capitalism by Fischistan (Repealed by SC#94)
  93. Commend The Featured Region Followers by Paffnia
  94. Repeal "Liberate Benevolent Capitalism" by Skyrim Diplomacy
  95. Liberate Christmas by Mahaj WA Seat
  96. Repeal "Condemn Kalasparata" by Milograd
  97. Condemn Milograd by Astrolinium
  98. Commend Topid by Mahaj WA Seat
  99. Liberate Hippiedom by Strawberrry Fields (Repealed by SC#102)
  100. Commend Lamoni by Milograd
  101. Repeal "Commend The Quote Of The Day" by SkyDip
  102. Repeal "Liberate Hippiedom" by Strawberrry Fields
  103. Repeal "Condemn Sedgistan" by Mahaj WA Seat
  104. Condemn Ralkovia by Of the Quendi
  105. Condemn True North by Delegate Vinage (Repealed by SC#116)
  106. Repeal "Liberate Nationalist Union" by Feux
  107. Condemn Hippostania by Demphorian WA Seat (Repealed by SC#114)
  108. Liberate South Pacific by Anime Daisuki (Repealed by SC#139)
  109. Liberate NAZI EUROPE by Feux (Repealed by SC#132)
  110. Condemn Yauna by Neoconstantius
  111. Commend Krulltopia by Feux (Repealed by SC#175)
  112. Condemn Jakker by SkyDip
  113. Condemn Aglrinia by Seth Abaddon
  114. Repeal "Condemn Hippostania" by SkyDip
  115. Repeal "Liberate Land of the Liberals" by Solorni
  116. Repeal "Condemn True North" by SkyDip
  117. Repeal "Liberate Region of reunited muslim states" by Feux
  118. Commend SkyDip by Abacathea
  119. Commend A Slanted Black Stripe by Ramaeus
  120. Commend Mousebumples by Abacathea
  121. Condemn Mallorea and Riva by SkyDip
  122. Condemn Gest by Abacathea (Repealed by SC#227)
  123. Commend Luna Amore by Mahaj WA Seat
  124. Commend Bears Armed by Abacathea
  125. Commend The Bruce by Abacathea
  126. Commend Sanctaria by Abacathea
  127. Condemn The Black Riders by Cormac A Stark (Repealed by SC#232)
  128. Commend Harmoneia by Milograd
  129. Commend Eluvatar by McMasterdonia
  130. Liberate Slavia by Milograd (Repealed by SC#137)
  131. Commend NewTexas by Emad
  132. Repeal "Liberate NAZI EUROPE" by The Dark
  133. Commend Abacathea by SkyDip
  134. Liberate St Abbaddon by Yurope (Repealed by SC#136)
  135. Liberate Anarchy by YoriZ
  136. Repeal "Liberate St Abbaddon" by The Dourian Embassy
  137. Repeal "Liberate Slavia" by The North Polish Union
  138. Commend Anime Daisuki by Ramaeus
  139. Repeal "Liberate South Pacific" by Goddess Relief Office
  140. Condemn The Dourian Embassy by SkyDip
  141. Commend 1 Infinite Loop by Ramaeus
  142. Repeal "Commend The NationStates Community" by Venico
  143. Commend Hobbesistan by Abacathea
  144. Liberate Liberal Haven by Cormac A Stark
  145. Liberate Hogwarts by New Harry Potter (Repealed by SC#146)
  146. Repeal "Liberate Hogwarts" by Abacathea
  147. Commend Astarial by McMasterdonia
  148. Repeal "Commend The Joint Systems Alliance" by Elke and Elba
  149. Commend Yohannes by Maltropia
  150. Repeal "Condemn The Black Riders" by Cormac A Stark
  151. Commend McMasterdonia by Mousebumples
  152. Repeal "Condemn NAZI EUROPE" (#37) by The Dourian Embassy
  153. Liberate Paneml by District XIV
  154. Liberate Coalition Of Freedom by Cormac A Stark
  155. Repeal "Liberate Coalition Of Freedom" by Lexicor
  156. Repeal "Liberate Panem" by Velkon
  157. Commend Improving Wordiness by McMasterdonia
  158. Condemn North Korea by Republic of Minerva (Repealed by SC#160)
  159. Liberate The International Communist Union by Ynys Prydain
  160. Repeal "Condemn North Korea" by Ramaeus
  161. Repeal "Commend Hobbesistan" by Funkadelia
  162. Repeal "Liberate The International Communist Union" by The 25th Worker Soviet
  163. Repeal "Liberate Liberal Haven" by Chester Pearson
  164. Liberate The Mountains to the East by New Brussels
  165. Condemn General Halcones by Nephmir (Repealed by SC#227)
  166. Repeal "Commend Luna Amore" by Ramaeus
  167. Commend TAO the Watcher by Feux
  168. Commend Westwind by Consular
  169. Commend Evil Wolf by Mallorea and Riva
  170. Commend Luna Amore by Ramaeus
  171. Commend Forever Fields by Jakker City
  172. Repeal "Commend Tiago Silva" by Ambroscus Koth
  173. Commend Renegade Islands Alliance by Nephmir
  174. Condemn Stujenske by Coupy
  175. Repeal "Commend Krulltopia" by Jean Pierre Trudeau
  176. Repeal "Commend A mean old man" by Great Brigantia
  177. Condemn the Pacific by Jean Pierre Trudeau (Repealed by SC#202)
  178. Commend Sciongrad by Sainterre
  179. Repeal "Commend Unibot II" by Nemeth
  180. Liberate Congress of Armed Proletarian States by Misley (Repealed by SC#181)
  181. Repeal "Liberate Congress of Armed Proletarian States" by Proletaire
  182. Commend Flemingovia by Funkadelia
  183. Commend Haiku by Warzone Codger
  184. Commend The Red Fleet by New Tuva SSR (Repealed by SC#322)
  185. Repeal "Condemn the Greater German Reich" by Marko Ramius
  186. Commend Travelling Region by Rom
  187. Condemn DEN by The rouge Christmas state (Repealed by SC#191)
  188. Condemn Vandoosa by Tir-Na-Nog-Ta
  189. Liberate St Abbaddon by Topid
  190. Commend Nation of Quebec by Gnejs
  191. Repeal "Condemn DEN" by Nohbdy
  192. Condemn DEN by A Million Dollars (Repealed by SC#206)
  193. Commend Separatist Peoples by John Turner
  194. Condemn Kknight by Zhafu Cao (Repealed by SC#230)
  195. Liberate Alliance Against Nazis by Caelapes (Repealed by SC#199)
  196. Commend Dyr Nasad by Benevolent Thomas
  197. Commend Hell by Yokiria
  198. Liberate The Arab League by Cormactopia II (Repealed by SC#200)
  199. Repeal "Liberate Alliance Against Nazis" by Adytus
  200. Repeal "Liberate The Arab League" by Wrapper
  201. Liberate The Place that has No Big Banks by Yodle (Repealed by SC#204)
  202. Repeal "Condemn The Pacific" by Canton Empire
  203. Liberate Eternal Scholars by Tim Stark (Repealed by SC#215)
  204. Repeal "Liberate The Place that has No Big Banks" by Nohbdy
  205. Liberate Dank Memes by La Navasse (Repealed by SC#238)
  206. Repeal "Condemn DEN" by Nohbdy
  207. Liberate The NSIA by Caelapes (Repealed by SC#208)
  208. Repeal "Liberate The NSIA by Kaboomlandia
  209. Liberate Singapore by Dund3e (Repealed by SC#210)
  210. Repeal "Liberate Singapore by Altmoras
  211. Liberate Kingdom of Ireland by Grezantime (Repealed by SC#212)
  212. Repeal "Liberate Kingdom of Ireland by Mount Seymour
  213. Liberate The Arab League by Khorason (Repealed by SC#216)
  214. Commend Renaissancistic People by Kaboomlandia
  215. Repeal "Liberate Eternal Scholars by United Irish Counties
  216. Repeal "Liberate The Arab League by Shah-Armen
  217. Condemn The Black Hawks by The Stalker
  218. Liberate South Pacific by Lingang
  219. Commend Forest by The Rouge Christmas State
  220. Condemn Canterlot by Bjordlanden (Repealed by SC#222)
  221. Commend Yggdrasil by Ransium
  222. Repeal "Condemn Canterlot by Tim-Opolis
  223. Commend Imperium Anglorum by Abhichandra
  224. Commend Drasnia by Ransium
  225. Condemn Reventus Koth by The Sygian
  226. Repeal "Condemn Gest" by Kaboomlandia
  227. Repeal "Condemn General Halcones" by Kaboomlandia
  228. Commend August by Digory Kirke
  229. Commend Wopruthien by Benevolent Thomas
  230. Repeal "Condemn Kknight by Kaboomlandia
  231. Repeal "Commend Texas by Ever-Wandering Souls
  232. Repeal "Condemn The Black Riders" by Kaboomlandia
  233. Commend Zwangzug by Ransium
  234. Commend Europeia by Ever-Wandering Souls
  235. Commend Candlewhisper Archive by Helaw
  236. Commend Ransium by Drasnia
  237. Commend The Macabees by Yohannes
  238. Repeal "Liberate Dank Memes" by Tim-Opolis
  239. Commend Tsunamy by Roavin
  240. Commend The MT Army by Caelapes
  241. Liberate Iran by Feux (Repealed by SC #312)
  242. Commend Texas by Lenlyvit
  243. Condemn Wrapper by Ransium
  244. Liberate The Communal Confederacy by La Navasse (Repealed by SC#261)
  245. Liberate KAISERREICH by Lenlyvit
  246. Liberate Nazi Europa by La Navasse
  247. Liberate The East Pacific by The eastern fail-igarchy (Repealed by SC#267)
  248. Liberate Femdom Empire by La Navasse (Repealed by SC#250)
  249. Commend Wintony by Kawaii Schoolgirl
  250. Repeal "Liberate Femdom Empire" by Tinhampton
  251. Commend Alasdair I Frosticus by Tinhampton
  252. Commend Solorni by HMS Unicorn (Repealed by SC#273)
  253. Liberate The Monarchist Entente by Bovitt Cay (Repealed by SC#257)
  254. Commend Gay by Cormactopia Prime
  255. Commend Knootoss by Imperium Anglorum
  256. Commend Guy by Marilyn Manson Freaks
  257. Repeal "Liberate The Monarchist Entente by Asuna 1
  258. Commend Helaw by Nueva Rico
  259. Liberate Boston by Lenlyvit
  260. Commend Greater Dienstad by Kozmix
  261. Repeal "Liberate The Communal Confederacy" by Kuriko
  262. Commend Frattastan II by Kuriko
  263. Liberate Confederation of Corrupt Dictators by Lord Dominator
  264. Condemn Chan Island by Ransium
  265. Commend Minoa by Sargon Reman
  266. Commend Xoriet by Escade
  267. Repeal "Liberate The East Pacific by Tinhampton
  268. Condemn The Pacific by Topid
  269. Condemn Macedon by Kuriko
  270. Commend Bachtendekuppen by Libertanny
  271. Repeal "Condemn Macedon" by Concrete Slab
  272. Condemn United World Order by The Macabees
  273. Repeal "Commend Solorni by Yokiria
  274. Commend Lyras by Kostrorleauny
  275. Commend Jutsa by Candensia
  276. Commend Paffnia by Kuriko
  277. Liberate Politics Amino by Kuriko (Repealed by SC #280)
  278. Commend Severisen by Xoriet
  279. Condemn Darkesia by Xoriet
  280. Repeal "Liberate Politics Amino" by Lord Dominator
  281. Commend Woonsocket by Sargon Reman
  282. Condemn Pierconium by Kingdom of Napels
  283. Condemn Durkadurkiranistan II by Marilyn Manson Freaks
  284. Commend Common Territories by Kuriko
  285. Condemn The New Inquisition by Cormactopia Prime
  286. Condemn North East Somerset by Xoriet
  287. Condemn Koem Kab by Bormiar
  288. Commend Grays Harbor by Sargon Reman
  289. Condemn Atlantic by Bormiar
  290. Liberate Aurelia by Kuriko (Repealed by SC #292)
  291. Commend Duxburian Union by Kuriko
  292. Repeal "Liberate Aurelia" by Kuriko
  293. Commend Markanite by Kuriko
  294. Commend Ramaeus by Xoriet
  295. Commend Benevolent Thomas by Marxist Germany
  296. Condemn Gatesville Inc by Bormiar
  297. Condemn Tinfect by Morover
  298. Commend Kindjal by Bormiar
  299. Condemn This Game by Lord Dominator (Repealed by SC #301)
  300. Commend Kuriko by Agalaesia
  301. Repeal "Condemn This Game" by Morover
  302. Commend The Holy Principality of Saint Mark by The Unified Missourtama States
  303. Commend Destructive Government Economic System by 9003
  304. Commend Almonaster Nuevo by Makdon
  305. Condemn Psychotic Dictatorships by Morover
  306. Commend Audioslavia by Electrum
  307. Condemn Auphelia by Aumeltopia
  308. Commend Candensia by Fauxia
  309. Commend Vilita and Turori by Francois Isidore
  310. Commend Crushing Our Enemies by Jakker City
  311. Commend 9003 by Noahs Second Country
  312. Repeal "Liberate Iran" by Iramerica
  313. Commend The Salaxalans by Morover
  314. Condemn Australian rePublic by Authoritaria-Imperia
  315. Commend Vippertooth33 by Honeydewistania
  316. Commend Frieden-und Freudenland by Kuriko
  317. Commend Trotterdam by Noahs Second Country
  318. Commend Nuremgard by Cretox State
  319. Commend Wallenburg by Morover
  320. Condemn Noahs Second Country by Honeydewistania
  321. Commend Valanora by Electrum
  322. Repeal "Condemn The Red Fleet by Bormiar

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