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by New Jacobland
Tue Feb 02, 2021 5:21 pm
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New Jacobland News

Main Story

Domestic - Palo insurgency escalates
Natasha Meller

The insurgency in the Palo Territory is threatening to become a full scale civil war after multiple attacks have been reported in the last week. The Union for Palo Independence (UPI) are designated as a terrorist organisation by New Jacobland. They are a group that believe Palo should be independent, and they will use any means necessary to get it.

List of attacks:
January 26Rollan St, Junlan512
January 28Anholia Bakery, Rasmussen85
January 31Keverai Square2337

The Keverai Square attack was the deadliest terrorist attack in the Palo since 1997. The square was packed full of people on January 31, enjoying the pleasant temperature and the weekend. A bomb detonated at 11:39am, killing 15 people immediately, and leaving 20 people critically injured. 8 more people have died since, and 6 people are still fighting for life. The attack was condemned across New Jacobland, and shows how dangerous this group is. President Saxman's Supreme Democratic Council will meet today and are expected to take action on the rapidly escalating conflict in the Palo.

Other News

International - Western Isles Gala!
Benjamin Jons

The Western Isles Gala was held yesterday in the International District. Many nations sent delegates, from kings to ministers, and New Jacobland was no exception. New Jacobland League delegate Kevin McCarthy and Foreign Minister Rod Stevens attended the gala, and they took the opportunity to meet ssome other leaders. McCarthy said," It was great fun, I had some nice chats with some delegates and had a good time!"
by New Jacobland
Wed Jan 13, 2021 1:33 am
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New Jacobland News

Early polls favour Nationalists

The Saxman government will be resting a little easier tonight after a solid first day at the polls. The Nationalists have got 42% of the current vote. Although only 29% of voters have voted so far, historian Dr Casey Russo says, "Historically, if you win the first day, you have a 70% chance of winning the election."

The Socialist Party have 30% of the vote, while so far the Liberty Party have only 20%. Astonishingly, 8% have gone to the Reform Party! If this continues, they could become the first party outside the Big 3 to win a seat in the Jicovian House.

UPI attack in Keverai

The Union for Palo Independence (UPI) have launched an attack on a restaurant in Keverai. Police were called to the scene after neighbours heard gunshots. A SWAT team was sent in, and the insurgents engaged in an intense gunfight. All three shooters were killed, along with four civilians and two SWAT officers. The attacks were condemned by many, and show the escalating violence these groups are showing in Palo.

Minor earthquake felt near Raelen Bay

A Richter 5.6 earthquake has been felt along the Raelen fault line. The ground could be felt moving, although fortunately damage was minor. This is the seventh earthquake along the fault in two years, stoking fears of increased geological activity in the region. No injuries have been reported, and thankfully damage is negligible.
NationStates by Max Barry, author of Lexicon Jennifer Government Syrup Company Machine Man
by New Aapelistan
Mon Jan 11, 2021 1:09 am
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Aprosia Daily

— 11th of January, 2021 —
All-Union Front Congress releases economic data; reinforces confidence on the Central Committee and Federal Government


The All-Union Front Congress of the Aprosian People’s Front has officially released the relevant economic data regarding the fiscal year of 2020 during its beginning of the year session on sunday. With the data supplied to the All-Union Front Congress by the Council of Federal Economic Affairs, aided by individual reports from the respective economic ministries of the states of the Aprosian Union, the Central Committee of the Aprosian People’s Front has declared the first year of the new economic system a success for Aprosia, with the gross domestic product of Aprosia leaping by 8.14% during 2020.

The 500-Day Program that started on 24th of March of 2020 and continues until 6th of August of this year has been the most ambitious Aprosian economic program, alongside the other concurrent economic programs focusing on infrastructure and agricultural development. During the privatisation campaign both the Federal Government and the respective national governments of the Aprosian Union have spent billions in assisting the new burgeoning economy, expanding and modernising Aprosia’s rail and road infrastructure and modernizing the newly privatized agricultural sector of the economy.

Several experts have claimed that while most of the increase in economy came down to the increase in efficiency in manufacturing and agriculture, both the significant rise in foreign investment into the Aprosian economy and the major investments, subsidies and loans offered by the federal and national authorities have built a perfect foundation for further expansion. The current growth was not slowed down either by the worries created by the influenza outbreak in Aprosia. Spreading within Aprosia and to Ainslie, the effects of the outbreak were only minute in the economy.

With the profound economic growth, several members of the All-Union Front Congress further endorsed the tenure of the Central Committee of the Aprosian People’s Front under General Secretary Alí Hamaném and Vice Secretary Mihál Ozén for its ideological guidance in the development of the Aprosian national economy and the political system towards the goals of the Aprosian People’s Front and the Aprosiatic people.

One of the most adamant supporters of the actions of the current Central Committee was Danír Zidahném, a Mirán-Townsider representative of the Front from Townside, proclaiming

”The Aprosian people once again show their talent under the leadership of the Hamaném Central Committee and Hamaném Cabinet. The advancement of the Aprosian socialist order in Aprosia is immeasurable under the current and will certainly continue as such!”

Vice Secretary Mihál Ozén, temporarily heading the Central Committee during the absence of the General Secretary due to his foreign visit to Keverai, was proud to promulgate that while the successes of the previous year were immeasurable, it would be only the start, stating

”[...] with national consultation regarding federal actions, the Central Committee shall use this to further direct the expansion of the welfare of the people and the Aprosain nation on the federal and the state level. For the goals we set, we will not fail to achieve and exceed.

The proclaimed expansion will begin, according to Vice Secretary Ozén, during the last months of the current economic plan and the development plan for the next fiscal year.

President Hamaném visit to Keverai; Aprosian companies seek to use Keverai as a springboard to other countries


The state visit of the President of the Union and General Secretary of the Aprosian People’s Front Alí Hamanem to the Democratic Republic of Keverai ended on sunday to an honorary banquet held between the representatives of the Aprosian diplomatic and business delegation and their Keveraite counterparts, held in the Palace of Independence. The banquet ended the President’s three day visit to Keverai, which started on friday.

Hosted by the Keveraite President Burnell Renaut alongside Vice President Arkane Zinaren and members of the Keveraite business community, including notable people of Aprosian heritage, the state visit was intended to further improve the bilateral relations between Aprosia and Keverai, especially concerning business, bilateral trade and cultural relations with the sizeable ethnic Aprosian minority in Keverai. Seeing Keverai as a reliable trading and business partner, many Aprosian companies welcomed the visit upon its announcement and sent representatives alongside the President to further discuss trade between the nations and investment to both Keverai and Aprosia. Principal members of the Aprosian business delegation included representatives from Zamanzá, MAC and Kadžátan. A representative from the Federal Economic Asset Administration also participated alongside a representative from the Council of Federal Economic Affairs.

The business portion of the state visit was centered on encouraging further trade and investment and visits to manufacturing facilities in Kevara and the rural areas, where members of the Aprosian business delegation were interested in remodeling former sweatshops and reopening them as modern manufacturing facilities. Such actions will be done in cooperation with the Keveraite government as a part of its rural development program.

With a sizable ethnic Aprosian minority in Keverai, the state visit had a cultural significance as well, with President Hamaném visiting Aprosian urban communities in the capital Kevara. Having migrated from Aprosia to Keverai during the post-colonial instability and the civil war, President Hamaném has often criticised what he calls “the absolute shunning of our own siblings abroad” and has shown signs of wanting to connect Aprosia more with the diaspora communities. As a part of the improving relations, both of the heads of state have agreed to expand Aprosia’s relations with its diaspora in Keverai, through what President Renaut has taken to calling a “cultural embassy”.

Following the scheduled events of the two first days of the state visit, President Renaut praised the visit, commenting

“President Hamaném and I have had an excellent discussion about what can be done between our two great nations. I call him a great ally in developing Keverai now - the ideas his delegation has presented to me and my people over the past few days all have a lot of merit and we look forward to collaborating further with Aprosia. I must express my sincerest gratitude to the President for his commitment to developing Keverai. Together we will be turning sweatshops into productive factories; the gravel roads in the bush will be sealed; trade and investment will skyrocket and Aprosia will become a great friend of Keverai and its development. Today is a great day for Keverai!”

President Hamaném also praised the visit

”This visit has been only beneficial to both of our states, helping each other to develop further in a globalized world. With the help of Keverai, our national economy will continue its course of victory in development and advancement and with the help of us, Keverai will renew itself into an even more prosperous state.
by New Aapelistan
Sun Dec 13, 2020 9:07 am
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Aprosia Daily

— 10th of December, 2020 —
Extraordinary session of the Council of the States; Influenza outbreak prompts response from national and federal authorities


The Council of the States held an extraordinary session in the federal capital Dašaród today following news and official information from the Ministry of Health of the State of Mínšei regarding the spread of a new strain of influenza. The Ministry of Health of the State of Mínšei has reported 14 cases within the state’s borders and is engaged in ongoing attempts to chart all of the cases within the borders of the State of Mínšei and the potential cases in other states. So far, the federal Ministry of Health or the respective Ministries of Health of the other Aprosian states have not reported cases elsewhere in Aprosia. The new strain has spread outside Aprosia proper, with health officials in Kianara, Ainslie, reporting cases of the new strain. Ahnslen officials have temporarily closed its border with Aprosia and officials in Keverai have enforced measures, dubbed by the local officials as ‘common sense measures’.

With the new strain of influenza going abroad and the potential of more cases within Aprosia proper, the extraordinary session of the Council of the States was held in order to organize cooperation between the federal and national Ministries of Health to further research and chart the potential additional cases within Aprosia. With all of the 24 cases in Aprosia coming from the city of Dašaród, including the tourists in Ainslie in hospital treatment, both the national Ministry of Health of the State of Mínšei and the federal Ministry of Health are further expanding their operations in the city and nearby rural areas. The State of Mínšei has imposed recommendations of staying home when feeling ill for the duration of symptoms and to avoid travel if possible.

With commutership between the two states commonplace, the State of Dienzíe has imposed similar recommendations for its northern areas bordering the State of Mínšei.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Mandárem; “No international treaty exists for Faronna (Islands)”


The Balniki occupation of the Faronna Islands, off the coasts of Roendavar, Balnik and Khoveria, has created tensions between the states of Balnik and Roendavar over the status of the islands. The Balniki occupation, formally announced by the Government of Balnik on 8th of December, comes after the expiration of the Faronna Islands Agreement of 1983 signed between the states. With the expiration of the Balniki signature on June 3rd, 2016, the treaty effectively became null and void.

The former Faronna Islands Agreement was born from a series of talks between the states of Balnik and Roendavar in the 1980s regarding the maritime economic zones between the two states. The agreement solved the situation between the two states regarding their maritime economic zones and made the islands an nature reserve. With the expiration of the Balniki signature 30-years following the signing of the agreement, no new agreement was ever made regarding the status of the islands.

In Wednesday’s Supreme Party Congress of the Aprosian People’s Front, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ramán Mandárem was heard proclaiming Aprosia’s stance regarding the Faronna Islands, stating that the Federal Government of Aprosia can only support the moves of the Balniki state as “no international treaty exists for Faronna” and that Aprosia would support the Balniki claims over the islands.
by Ainslie
Tue Dec 08, 2020 8:45 pm
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President refuses to close borders over new flu
Kevara, Keverai
9 December 2020


Image: President Renaut at the press conference today in Kevara

President Renaut today during a press conference insisted that Keverai would not close their border to either Aprosia or Ainslie. Instead, he proposed a number of ‘common sense’ measures that will be implemented across the nation over the coming months. This is what he had to say.

“The Independent State of Keverai is well briefed on the situation currently occurring in Aprosia and the response by the Ahnslen Government to multiple travellers arriving into Wesland with severe symptoms brought on by a new variant of influenza virus. Right now, the advice we have received suggests that there is no need to close the border between Keverai and Aprosia, much less the one between Keverai and Ainslie. There is not a medical case for it nor is there an economic case for it. If this is a case of pandemic influenza, it is the opinion of my Government that there is most certainly still a window well into the coming days to be able to implement restrictions to protect the health and safety of Keveraites. This is particularly true both due to the lack of a significant amount of cases in Aprosia and because of the highly competent Ahnslen pandemic response framework. Whilst we do not share the same opinions on this topic, we are well aware that the bureaucracy behind the Ahnslen Government particularly in this area is amongst the best in the Isles.

We have full confidence in the ability of the Ahnslens to manage the few cases they have and if necessary to alert the rest of the Isles if this is a disease we do need to be particularly concerned about and take action about.

Currently, the Keveraite Government is not of the opinion that any form of restrictions are needed. Instead, there are some simple and easily implemented features that we will be undertaking.

Firstly, and most importantly we will be requiring all boats and planes entering the nation from Aprosia and those who have made stops there in the past 14 days or have individuals on them who have been in the country within the past 14 days to provide lists to health authorities of the people on those transports. This program will brought into force midnight tonight.

Anyone entering the nation from the electorate of Wesland in Ainslie or who have been there in the past fourteen days will be required to fill out a form available online or on arrival that outlines where they have been in the past two weeks and where they are planning on going.

Secondly, starting tomorrow, temperature checks will occur at all points of entry - airports, ports and major roads. To that effect, local governments and law enforcement will be closing down some rural roads along the border in order to ensure the effectiveness of this measure.

Lastly, we have advised healthcare centers and hospitals in major Keveraite cities where Aprosians may already be to step up their protective equipment requirements. This includes a lowered threshold for mandatory mask usage. The evidence is clear that the risk of contracting respiratory viruses, particularly in healthcare environments, can be limited by such measures.

If the situation changes or more updates are needed we will provide them. As for now, this is all we need to announce.”

The President then answered questions from the media, assuring on multiple occasions that there was no need for Keveraites to ‘stock up’ or to ‘act like we’re under threat’ from the virus.

In answering one question that asked why the President didn’t go further with his measures, he had the following to say:

“The situation we are in is practically the best case scenario. This is an influenza virus - a type of disease we know well, that has spread early into a country with unquestionably sophisticated and competent public health and disease management protocols and expertise. The measures we are putting in place are proportional to the worst case situation we can see happening in the near future. We are well prepared if this is a less controllable or more dangerous strain of influenza and we are taking measures to allow us to safely make that decision at a later date.”

Keveraites and local academics have largely supported the move, with Public Health Professor Kendi Avareau from the University of Kevara noting that it was a ‘measured and logical’ response to the threat as he saw it. This is especially within the context of there being no recorded cases of severe influenza in Keveraite hospitals yet.
by Ainslie
Fri Jan 10, 2020 2:34 pm
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Your Weather: Arnton - 12C/-1C

INTERNATIONAL: “Significant” and “profitable” natural resource deposits found in Southpaw
Arnton, Ainslie

Scientists from the Upper Wesland University today made a discovery of the oil and natural gas kind on the distant landmass of Southpaw Atoll as they were surveying the area on behalf of the International Parks and Nature Organisation (IPNO) and a prominent investment firm based in Ainslie. It was a project performed in connection with the TWI Environmental Research and Conservation Commission (TWI-ERC) in order to survey for potential underground lifeforms and how they interact with different natural features. A year and a half later, complications with the research were resolved through further investigation which has revealed that there are significant oil deposits and natural gas sources within close proximity of the Atoll

Arendai International contacted Associate Professor Josiah Nallaren, who led the project.

“Trust me, we weren’t trying to find oil or natural gas. To be truthful, it messes things up, really, the finding of such significant and profitable oil deposits when you are trying to do ecological research.”

Specifically, the deposits were found near the continental shelf northeast of the Atoll.

The Ahnslen Natural Resource Extraction Federation, a wide-spanning industry group expressed surprise and pleasure at the news of the new discovery, whilst environmental groups have rushed to caution the business community to exercise restraint.

“What we have here is a discovery of a highly valuable resource in international waters. We also have an undisturbed, preserved environment with biodiversity likely unmatched in any Atoll in the eastern Seas.”
Thomas Narani, Ainslie Ocean’s Institute.

The presence of the resource in international waters also presents unique challenges from a legal dimension.

There is currently no precedent for a situation like this, according to a statement from the legal team of the International Parks and Nature Organisation.

“We can’t lie and say the discovery does not concern us. It benefits no-one to see some rush to exploit this resource. We urge for reason and order, and for the cooler heads of international law to guide any potential extraction operations.”

The Mariners, an Ahnslen environmental organisation today declared their stake on the issue - a vision for an ‘international’ area of marine preservation jointly administered by ACESTI and IPNO. Financial markets are, however, backing major resource companies to benefit from this discovery, with stocks in the industry leaders surging upwards across exchanges in Vancouvia, Keverai and Ainslie.

There have been no statements or comments yet from these companies, although they are expected and highly anticipated.

SPORT: MAX League “overhaul” inbound
Arnton, Ainslie

A 32 game season, two rebranded franchises, new venues and a brand new transfer window was what MAX League Director Liarm Henar fronted the press today to unveil. The radical overhaul of the tournament means that each team will play against one another twice in the regular season - with major beneficiaries of the expanded tournament being Highland Ridge which will get one game, Anertah which will receive two games alongside Kianara and Watarah who will both receive one game each.

Henar stated that these new venues will provide “easier access to supporters who may never have been able to get into the big cities to watch games”. However, the new venues come at the expense of major cities - who will see two of their teams rebranded from city-based franchises to regional teams. This was done to “better brand the intentions of the teams”.

The Arnton Wildfires are to become the Central Sundowners - with home games to be predominantly played at the Kerandale Cricket Ground in Arnton and a further three games leaving the city to be played in Anertah and Highland Ridge. Wildfires coach Nathan Hester stated that although the team was grateful for the new opportunities that the additional games provide. The Mayors of Highland Ridge and Anertah both signalled their support of the move, with the Governor of Arlanah weighing in, jokingly stating that Arlanah should have its “own team that will dominate the league” - but that “this would be a good start”. The Rathane Seafarers are also to be transformed into the Southern Surge and will play both of their trial games at Watarah and one regular season game.

Henar also announced the introduction of a “transfer window”, which would be the only period where players could switch teams or sign new players. This, according to Henar started today and will run until February 18 with the five franchises said to be already aware of the window.

“Expect a raft of signings”, the Director stated.

The T20 MAX League is set to begin on the 29th of February, with the Arboran Anchors taking on the Arnton Rapids in the nation’s capital.

National Weather
    City (Max / Min)
    Anertah (13C / 5C)
    Arborai (13C / 9C)
    Arnton (12C / -1C)
    Hauton (9C / -5C)
    Highland Ridge (14C / 6C)
    Kennedai (14C / 3C)
    Mandara (12C / 9C)
    Menindai (15C / 2C)
    Port Blaxland (14C / 5C)
    Rathane (13C / 10C)
    Quirindi (16C / 3C)
    Watarah (12C / 6C)

by Ainslie
Thu Dec 05, 2019 12:45 am
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Renaut unveils joint project with IPNO
Kevara, Keverai
5 December 2019

Image: President Renaut with IPNO official near proposed northern trackhead

President Renaut today unveiled perhaps the largest announcement in the recreation and environment field since he was elected. Flanked by the chief of the newly created Keverai Parks Agency to his left, and IPNO Argus Wing Coordinator Kobi Tilong to his right, Renaut announced the creation of a 225 kilometre long coastal track on the nation’s northern coast - incorporating cities like Kevara, Stratlin and Kertalin.

It also marks the beginning of increased operations for the environmental organisation in the nation and their first major project after Nature Walk Day for 2019.

The move to open up a coastal track follows and international trend of eco-tourism, an industry Keverai admits that it is late to.

“The track is good news - later than it should’ve been, but the opportunity has not dissappeared yet”
Simon Neilene, Keverai Tourism.

The tourism industry is not the only group to be excited by the news - local eateries laong the proposed alignment of the track as well as the towns at large appear intriguied if not excited by the news.

“The track announcement reminds us of the importance of looking out for the smaller towns like we have here in the Sedarene Coast - it will really be a boost.”
Lander’s Coast Regional Council, via a public statement.

The mayor added in a short press conference today that the word on the street was quite positive. This is despite many coastal properties to be partially acquired for the project. Some environmental groups, such as the Roendavarian TWI - ERC have come out criticising the IPNO sponsored project.

In a statement today, they strongly objected both the presence of IPNO in the nation and the project it is backing.

“Whilst we appreciate the good work The Organisation [IPNO] does around the Isles, the facts of who they are working with is this. They are backing a Government responsible for some of the highest land clearing per capita and one which is obsessed with leveraging wahtever it can for profit - which clearly includes this coastal track project.”

The statement goes on to talk about how unique and endangered environments face increased threat as a result of further encroachement into the nation’s “few, precious” preserved environments.

The Keveraite Government was contacted for comment in the short period between this statement’s release and the publishing of this article, to which no response was obtained. If the Government responds, this article will be updated accordingly.

The track is set to open in three stages - with walkers, cyclists and hikers set to be able to enjoy the first stage of it by May of next year - a 45km stretch which stretches east of Kevara. The entire track is set to be completed in June of 2021.

Renaut talks economy in Scantarbia
Arcturus, Scantarbia
5 December 2019

President Renaut returned today from Arcturus, the capital of Scantarbia, where he mingled with government officials, successful CEOs and thought leaders in scantarbia to discuss matters ranging from regional security, to environmental policy to economics. Both Dr Nicetas Akylas and Renaut were found at a press conference today outside of the Great Information Depository of Arcturus, one of the most extensive collections of human knowledge across the Isles. In continuing from recent collaborations between the Keveraite and Scantarbian business sectors in renewable technology, the visit unveiled a new project.

According to Renaut, a public-private partnership has been launched by LYRAM group and the Roads Office of Keverai to seal the road between Leafy Valley and Hivere in the north of Keverai. This upgrade is expected to bring hundreds of jobs, alongside boosting and jumpstarting rural economies badly damaged from the sudden collapse of the low-cost manufacturing and textiles industries, alongside providing the Scantarbian multinational opportunities to extend its palm plantations further into the rural north.

The two leaders also discussed matters of regional security and international development, signing a memorandum of udnerstanding which is tipped to boost communication and cooperation between the defence sectors and portfolios of the two nations. Also on the agenda was the Leafy Valley fires and the brief diplomatic scandal which erupted between the two nations and Enchanta, Renaut once again publically thanked the Scantarbian firefighters who joined the front and the pilots of the waterbombing craft.

When taking questions from the media, Renaut revealed that his government is ‘considering’ the purchase or long term rental of a large firefighting aircraft. However, he provided no timeline for this to happen within. Renaut also attended a formal dinner hosted by Dr AKylas and visited the military museum.

Despite generally positive outcomes from the meeting, it has attracted significant criticism.

Domestic commentators have taken to social media today, stating that amongst other things, the visit was:

“An indication of an all-flash, no grit President”

“A reminder Renaut runs away when things get touch at home”, and

“Dealmaking with the future landlords of the nation”

However, opinion more broadly remains mixed. Many believe that the Scantarbians are a key component of Keverai’s economic recovery but remain concerned about what the nation is giving in return for all the help it is getting.

This is also very unlikely to be the last time Renaut will meet with the Scantarbians over the next few months, politics lecturer Samuel Lugah of the International University, Keverai states.
by Scantarbia
Sun Nov 24, 2019 7:30 am
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by Robert Asimov, 24 November 2019

REGULUS – A whaler factory ship bearing the name MV Cortenaer flying the flag of McHenry’s Port was spotted illegally hunting for Dyke’s whales (Balaenoptera dykei) on the northwestern waters of Scantarbia, near Lotus Sea. The vessel was caught wet-handed while loading a recently fished whale by a Scantarbian Perimeter Patrol Drone operating in the area close to the edge of the EEZ, where illegal fishing usually took place. Several Scantarbian Navy Patrol Boats in the area were dispatched to intercept the vessel, but unfortunately, they managed to escape into international waters where the Scantarbian government has no jurisdiction.

Whaling is a particular threat to the survival of Dyke’s whales; last year alone, they have been categorized as a vulnerable species. Years upon years of whaling have dwindled their numbers in nature, and while Scantarbian government has enacted laws that, in theory, should protect the whales from any kind of fishing in Scantarbian waters, they are still actively being hunted elsewhere. One particular threat came from those who illegally fish on the waters of a foreign nation, in which they are not abiding by any regulations, both regional or international. The Dyke’s whales came to Scantarbian EEZ, attracted by its rife tropical ecosystem that provides the whales with a place to reproduce and species that are part of their essential diets such as planktonic crustaceans, cephalopods, mackerels, oceanic light fish, krills, and sardines. The arrival of the whales also heralded the arrival of the illegal fishers.

Endang Bashuri, Scantarbia’s Minister of Marine Resources, has condemned the attack stated that “any illegal fishers caught in Scantarbian waters will be met with a harsh response.” There are also discussions at both the Board of Ph.D. and Board of Scientists to blow up and sink any captured illegal fishing vessels. They hope that this will deter illegal fishers from attempting to fish in Scantarbian waters. But before it is approved, it is up to the Scantarbian Armed Forces to catch any unlawful fishing vessel operating in Scantarbian waters.

To effectively patrol the borders of Scantarbian EEZ, the Armed Forces employed a network of hydrophones that were part of the Perimeter Defense System built by the Scantarbian government in the late ’80s. The hydrophones help catch acoustic signatures created by any vessel that happens to be near them. The amount of hydrophones deployed helps to triangulate the location of the ship. When the ship that was detected doesn’t match the position of any registered vessel supplied by AIS and GNOSIS, it is concluded that the vessel is operating illegally, and an interceptor team is deployed.

A Scantarbian-based marine conservation society, Sea Guardian, has also deployed two of their custom-built Hammerhead-class high-speed patrol boats, MV Abraham Hess and MV Andreas Volkov, to assist Scantarbian Navy in combating illegal fishers. Built by FrederichSetiawanAlexei, a Scantarbian shipbuilder, the 60-meter-long Hammerhead-class is equipped with four engines, additional long-range fuel tanks, and a helipad. She can reach a top speed of 36 knots, enough to outrun medium-to-light fishing vessels. Their deployment has been welcomed by the General of the Navy, Antonius Bagaskara, quoting him, “We need everyone’s hands on deck if we are going to defend our bountiful marine resources from external parties that are taking them illegally and responsibly.”

Other News

  • What is Happening with Athara Margarat?
  • Potential Deployment of Scantarbian Red Cross to Athara Margarat
  • LYRAM, Scantarbian Government, Scantarbian Development Bank and Keverai's Infrastructure Projects

by Enchanta
Sat Nov 02, 2019 12:12 pm
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Keverai Allies With Enchanta

Image Man left homeless due to war

Keverai, a tiny nation west of Enchanta, will be making a big impact on the war effort. HEMI (Humanitarian + Emergency Management International) is currently in Hintere, Keverai planning to send resources to us.
The current civil war has ruined our nation and has created food, water and housing shortages. A few aid organizations have tried to help, such as,
however no organizations have reached out internationally.
“First Brulafi, now Keverai. It seems like the Isles are really coming together”, says Henry Warsap, Enchantan Ambassador
by Scantarbia
Thu Oct 31, 2019 7:54 am
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Keveraite Fire Water Incident: Who is to blame?

Written by Sumarjiyono
Senior Defense Analyst, Resolute Group

Although air traffic control infrastructure in Northern Keverai is indeed aging, the reason for its faultiness remains a huge question. But first of all, we need to look at the regional dynamics as a whole. On the other side of the border, we have an unevenly-developed Keverai, and on the other hand, a war-torn Enchanta. There is no question that the interests of certain parties are at play here, and the Enchanti government should be the one we point our fingers at.

The Enchanti government’s interest is to obtain funds to aid their war effort. With the war getting protracted, they are in danger of falling short of money. There have been reports that the Enchantis purposely and maliciously damaged Keveraite air traffic control, either via jamming or covert sabotage operations, to temporarily disable it. This malicious action, which is an infringement towards Keveraite sovereignty, is done to take advantage of the ongoing firefighting effort.

With the lack of sufficient air control system, it is easy for airplanes to go astray. What makes it weirder is the reported loss of GNOSIS (Global Navigation Satellite Constellation System) signal by Scantarbian pilots that happened to them when attempting to fill in their water tank. This signal loss is an indication that there is a jamming system present in the place to deliberately make the aircraft flying off their intended course and fill up in Enchanti lakes. By having these aircraft take water inside Enchanti territory, it means that the Enchanti government can ask the government whose plane “illegally” take Enchanti water — in this case, Scantarbia — for compensation.

And where does this compensation money goes? To fund the Enchanti war effort, of course. Earlier this morning, the Scantarbian government issued a statement rejecting any demands by the Enchantis for compensation for the water and essentially saying that it is not our fault and the water is used for the betterment of humanity (to resolve a crisis that puts human living hood at stake). Scantarbian government also offered the Keveraite government investments in upgrading Northern Keverai air traffic control systems to prevent such events from happening again.

Meanwhile, it is still not sure whether or not the Scantarbian government itself has a direct connection with the Civil War at Enchanta, but recent footages that came out from the chaos at Encanta showed Scantarbian anti-tank launchers in use by the rebels to ambush an Enchanti convoy. It is still unknown where these weapons came from. But what we know for sure is that the Enchanti government will use any means, even one as malicious as disabling a foreign country air control system, to obtain funding and support for their war effort.

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Scantarbians ‘steal’ Enchanti water; Keveraites to blame

Investigative journalists who have indicated their wishes to remain anonymous have uncovered a scandal in Central Argus as it appears that the Scantarbian firefighting aircraft, who had been fighting the Leafy Valley fire (9 October - 12 October) in Keverai in fact unknowingly crossed the border into Enchanta to restock their tanks with water.

This comes amidst Enchanta facing the most significant civil war in recent memory and the recent revolution in Keverai which has been paving the way for a reformist Government who has been desperate to build a good reputation.

The journalists have stated that faulty Keveraite air control equipment and a general lack of interest from the Keveraite Government in moderating its northern airspace was the cause for the issue. This appears to be a realistic scenario with Jemma Nortin, Associate Professor in Government and Politics from the University of Kevara states:

“The Keveraite Government very much needs to update its airspace management infrastructure, especially in the areas outside of Southport and Kevara. The last recent update in the north of the nation was in the early 2000s and even then that was a partial rollout based on a means test.”

“A situation in which a plane gets lost up there isn’t exactly out of the question, which is extremely concerning.”

Keveraites and the Isles at large are to be reminded that Southport and Kevara airspace run on different systems and are still very much safe in their travels to or near the cities.

Argus Air was contacted in relation to the story for additional comment, to which journalists received a generic answer citing “difficulties in working with north Keverai air infrastructure”.
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by Alexandra Eleonora, 12 October 2019


LEAFY VALLEY, KEVERAI - Last week, Scantarbian government, in response to an ongoing forest fire in the Leavy Valley region of Keverai sent a team of firefighters along with two firefighting variant of the EH-32B super-heavy lift helicopters to aid in defeating the raging inferno which threatens the local palm industry, LYRAM, and its workers and residents. The team worked tirelessly around the clock in order to minimize the impact of the fire. As a result, the fire, as of October 12th, is fully contained and is just waiting to burn out.

The fire itself started on a quiet September 28th afternoon, during an unusually dry season where the foliage acts like tinder, ready to be lit on fire. During that particular day, a unique weather condition called “dry thunderstorm” occurs. This mixture caused a perfect storm giving off a 100% chance of a forest fire happening on that particular day. The first lightning touched the ground near palm oil plantations owned by LYRAM, a Scantarbian palm oil company and one of the largest on the Western Isles, prompting an evacuation of its surroundings. Fortunately, the Keveraite government worked fast, and not so long after, firefighters started to arrive on the site of the inferno.

Yet, there are two questions that remain unanswered. First, what should we do with the scorched wasteland, and second, what should we do in order to prevent more fires from happening? To answer the first question, a LYRAM spokesperson told SBS that they’re interested in repurposing the land to expand their palm oil plantations, arguing that by doing so, they’ll be able to provide more jobs to the surrounding community, provide more income to the Keveraite government via tax, and change the land into something a lot more productive. The spokesperson also said that if the proposal is accepted, LYRAM will cover all the cost of turning the scorched land into a plantation. There are also talks, supported by several environmental organizations, that propose to replant the land and restoring it to its previous state. Although, this endeavor is, without a doubt, will need a lot of time and capital.

In order to answer the second question, Scantarbia’s Minister of Forestry, Sjafruddin Syamsul, taking from his own experience in managing forest fires that are common during Scantarbia’s annual dry period, proposes a system called “prescribed burning”. Prescribed burning, or also known as a controlled burn is done by intentionally setting fire to part of the forests to burn off foliage, therefore reducing the fuel buildup that could cause huge forest fires. Furthermore, prescribed burning is also proven to provide several benefits, such as stimulating the germination of fire-dependent species, revealing soil mineral layers that increase seedling vitality, controls competing vegetation, improves short term forage for grazing, and helps control tree diseases.

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Scantarbian leader visits Keverai
Kevara, Keverai
19 June 2019

Image: President Renaut, seen at the press conference in Kevara

About four months after Renaut and his reformed KCDP party won the elections, the first purely democratically elected leader of Keverai has welcomed the leader of Scantarbia to the nation’s shores. Leaving Arcturus, having embarked on a tour to multiple different nations, Dr Nicetas Akylas, a PhD graduate in Astrophysics, he has sought to foreground Scantarbia in several industries including renewable technologies, telecommunications and astrotechnology.

Yesterday at Kevara Gardens, the two men met for the first time in a lunch meeting where work was ‘not on the table’. Today, however, Renaut finalised negotiations with the Scantarbian leader that began months ago between the different ministers of the two nations. The two leaders also held a press conference this afternoon to reveal these new measures they have agreed on.

“Before I begin, I would like to extend a warm and public welcome to Dr Akylas, my colleague and friend from Scantarbia. Our two nations, although sharing many strategic interests, have not yet had as extensive discussions as we’ve had over the past few months.

To that end, our two governments have a broad range of new measures which will improve trade between our two economies and also strengthen our relationship
Keverai has always had an overdependence on imported energy sources such as coal. This, both for environmental and strategic reasons must be at the very least reduced. I am happy to say that the Scantarbians have agreed to come alongside our admittedly small renewable tech industry to train and grow it using their expertise. In the short term, there will also be many solar and wind farms built to immeaditely trigger an effect on the Keveraite grid.

Moreover, we have agreed to source goods from the Scantarbian defence industry although specifics have not been completely reached. This will help us to modernise and increase our capabilities.

Furthermore, Scantarbia and Keverai stands to improve trade not just regionally but globally. We have signed today a preliminary agreement which sets out a course to deregulate our finance sectors and encourage the importation of Scantarbian rare earth minerals. ”

In addition to this, they have agreed to bolster the lines of communication between Kevara and Arcturus, particularly on Southern Sea affairs.

Political commentators have highlighted that Akylas was quite a left-field choice to be the first visit of an international leader to Keverai post-election. However, a visit from a technocratic nation is particularly notable given Keverai’s meritocratic past and how the non-democratic past of the nation has become a topic many citizens hold strong hostility to.

Yet, these same commentators are acknowledging the similarities of Scantarbia and Keverai and their potential to forge a close relationship both economically and diplomatically. Akylas and Renaut, both relatively young leaders, seem to be the men to bring the relationship of the two nations forward to a brighter future for both of them.
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The Mennan-Javerian War: Day 1, Del Rosario Delta secured after tough fight.
08 March

SHUHAKALLU - After several weeks of tension between the two South Argus nations, Menna Shuli has launched the first strike in what is reported by analysts in the Army as “the start of a long, bloody, and likely inconclusive war”. Although MEK reports that the attack at the delta of Rio del Rosario was ultimately successful, they have not responded to any requests by the Dispatch or other international reporters on the human cost of the battle “[f]or matters of national security”, and in the opinion of the author that the concern is less about leaking battle plans and more about shielding the Mennan people, and the wider Isles from the actual cost of the battle. Further, Prince-General Mipax Sul has refused to make any comments to the Dispatch on the matter for much the same stated reason.

The Dispatch had contacted analysts and historians in Dormill and Stiura to assess what the situation actually is. Professor of History at the University of Waalwijk Placide Van Amersvoort has stated in his reply to us that “The Mennan Army has had a history of suffering massive losses for even the most strategically insignificant victories”, and more importantly than that, he said, he also mentioned that “the Mennans refuse to allow the deaths of thousands to impede their campaigns, the Keverai Expedition and Second Central Argus War are evidence enough where Dormill and Stiura faced the Mennan Army in the field and on the campaign”. In the realm of the modern day, however, Army analyst and reporter for the Dispatch Julius I'Anson has also mentioned “[m]odern war is very different from the Wars Menna Shuli has fought before, even their own warlords aren’t as experienced as the Javerians, who had been fighting for several generations now”, and he agreed with the reports sent to the National Congress that the war will not only end badly for the Mennans, but will have effects that spread across the Isles that nobody had considered earlier.

President Dyson traveling on scheduled trip to Almorea, talks on the Mennan war likely involved.
09 March

KAPOLDER - Early Friday morning, President Dyson left from Kapolder on a previously scheduled state visit to Almorea, tweeting out that addressing the situation between Menna Shuli and San Javier will be included in the discussion. The Federal Union and the United Republics had always shared a unique relationship, both formed from the fires of a revolution to become governments of such similarity. The last time Presidents Dyson and Hallowell met was after the latter’s 2017 inauguration, where they emphasized building a stronger relationship between their nations. This 2019 meeting will focus more on the nitty gritty of this stronger relationship. Some statements from the Ministry of State suggest that a wider arrangement with the ALDRATO bloc (ALmorea - DRagão Do Mar - TOtzka) was also being worked on, but these have not been confirmed by either President leading into Friday.

President Dyson will spend the rest of the weekend in Almorea before returning to Cour Rouge.
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6th of March, 2019

Garnarah responds to foreign issues in its first session
Kevara, Keverai

After almost a month and a half of uncertainty, the Garnarah, the new legislative assembly of Keverai, convened for its first week.

Part of the agenda was the reform of the highest courts of Keverai and the now-unlikely possibility of a Presidential veto being awarded as part of a constitutional amendment.

There was a speedy vote this morning on a bill which would enable Keveraite power providers to use a transistor at the Mennan border in order to transfer power to its recovering nation. However, what is not entirely decided yet is what remuneration will come about from the actions of these power companies.

With little intervention from the President apart from the delivery of up to two speeches in a week, the Garnarah began to discuss matters abroad on its second day. Many events have been concerning the nation and its constituents according to our polling - everything from hornets to a neighbour declaring war on another.

On the third day, the President and the Leader of the Garnarah (LG) joined forces to deliver concurrent speeches on foreign matters this morning. The President also allowed the legislative assembly to question the Keveraite leader.

In Renaut's speech today, he pleaded for the swift entrance and passing of a bill to tighten border controls.

"We cannot afford to have these hornets disturb the stability that we have enjoyed over the past couple months. It is necessary to pass the bill in its current form and if not amend with haste."

As part of his speech, he also mentioned the issue of Kachee - a currently contested area of Charbagnia in a power struggle.

"On the matter of Kachee, it does not seem right to intervene on this matter - in the way Keverai has done, I'd encourage all sides to believe in the people's inherent right to self-determination. As Keverai has wanted a republic, we look to Kachee to stand their ground and ensure that the government form they want is the one they get."

He also touched on the matter of a Mennan-San Javieran trade dispute in response to a question from a delegate.

"There is no need for an adverse response. What we have here is a simple question of sovereignty and our renewed allies appear to be on the right side of the law. Of course, we will liaise with both sides but at this point it seems a relatively simple point of law.

A left of field question came from one of Renaut's KCDP allies, who enquired about suspicions of Suvurnian intervention in Kachee.

"We have no tangible, substantial evidence of that and if we do get that we will use the channels available to us to level the playing field"

A quick, off the hand comment from a senior Argus Conservatives delegate suggested that Roendavar will soon claim Kachee for nature, with the intent of creating what could be the Southern Sea's largest national park. There is no substantive evidence to back up these claims.

The final question was about Enchanti school shootings. This is what Renaut said to that.

"I send my condolences to the Enchanti people and to those affected but to be brutally frank, the solution to this is clear when you look at the data of other, similar nations who have particularly different policies surrounding firearms."

Pundits have applauded Renaut's move to open up the floor for questions, something he wasn't legally obliged to do. As there is much to discuss for the Garnarah, it is likely that this session will be extended from 7 to 14 days and more speeches are very likely.
by Menna Shuli
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SHUHAKALLU - After long discussion and debate in the League led to Mênna Shuli laying down an ultimatum against San Javier, the government has elected to go to war. The measure narrowly passed the required supermajority, with 68 votes for, 23 against and 5 abstaining. Amongst those who abstained was the 'uhitap A Tempore, who stated his opposition to the measure but wanted to limit his use of 'uhitap power in affecting the decisions of the Sâtêp. The measure was origianlly presented by Kivêla Hitap Hiska, whose speech on the floor called upon the spirit of Hitap Tatta. Mênna Shuli has not fought a war on foreign soil since the initial days of the Keverai Expedition in the late Nineteenth Century, making this declaration a historic moment for the country.

"We will call upon the full might of our culture and our history. We will show the world why our soldiers are warriors and not mere career infantry," stated Hiska in his speech. "The weight of our training, our expertise, the inborn strength of our character and purpose, will end this threat to our nation."

Following the seizure of the Rayo, MTD investigators found large quantities of smuggled opioids intended for distribution through various criminal and rebel groups within the country. It appears to experts that San Javier has been backing Mênnan warlords through this supply of drugs, which have also been tied to dependencies developed by child soldiers utilized by the rebels. The People's Freedom Coalition refused to disavow the warlords publicly or cut off their support.

"This invasion is not one of imperialistic gain," said Hiska. "It is one of self defense. If the water is being poisoned, you try and find the source and end it. We have found the source of the Mênnan poison and it lies in San Javier. The PFC government will end their ties with criminals within our country or they will suffer the consequences of aiding enemies of our people's unity and stability."

Military spokespeople have stated that theycannot discuss more about the current plans of invasion, which are believed to already be underway.

"At this time, we are not at liberty to discuss matters of state security," said Prince-General Mipax Sul, who has been put in charge of ground forces for the war. "This choice has not come from nowhere, and we are prepared to pursue plans that have been put in place for some time."

MÊK will continue to update you as this story progresses.

- Kiavêvit Kipatiksêv Xita, MÊK Politics Correspondent

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Your Weather: Arnton - 19C/7C

DOMESTIC: Water policy to change, following a move towards a West Ainslie model nationwide
Arnton, Ainslie

As the warmer months of the year quick approaches, Ministers for Sustainability and the Future typically come under more scrutiny. National park visits rapidly increase and so does the temperature, raising concerns about climate action. However, today the conversation was somewhere else as a result of Minister Chisholm's new announcement regarding the usage of water. Water, a natural resource we tend to take for granted, is in fact one which greatly fluctuates in volume across the nation. Ainslie has been considered as one of the driest nations in Ainslie and with high water demand, water managers have their work cut out for them.

However, their work this year has been made a bit easier due to collaboration between the Electoral Council - a council of Governors or their representatives who essentially form an autonomous de-facto lower house in Ainslie - and the federal Ministry for Sustainability and the Future.

Amongst the announcement that the construction of an additional desalination plant will promptly begin in Mandara, high water usage continues to be of major concern. Previously, water restrictions have been a complicated measure to put into place with different local councils having varying restrictions and varying times to which they will announce an increase in water restrictions. In addition to this, there were varying base standards to which councils expected people to conserve water.

As of the 1st of March, this situation will change as a new framework for water restrictions and ultimately water management will come under force with oversight being given to the Electorates who will operate under the expectation that they can collaborate with the local level of Government. However, these new regulations will provide local councils to specifically include or exempt particular measures and local government will keep its existing concessions framework.

The new water restrictions framework will be a six level model, an expansion to many existing policies that are being used. Here's what many Ahnslens will find different about them:
  • Sprinklers, from level 1 restrictions, will only be allowed three days a week (down from four or five in Wesland)
  • Sprinkler usage times will change from 4-8am/4-8pm to 5-9am/5-9pm
  • Pool filling will require council permits from Level 2, which originally was only necessary at level three.
  • Topping up pools will be banned at level 5, down from 6
  • Level six now features a ban on all external (outside household usage) water, adding a new layer to many existing five level policies or alternatively tightening up level six restrictions.
  • From level 2, people will be compelled to use buckets instead of at level 3.
  • New restrictions for many easterners will come into play if necessary, with buckets to wash mirrors, lights and windows only to come into force at level 5.

It will be up to councils, with the approval or precedent of decisions by the respective Electoral Government as to when they enforce these regulations and what they exclude or include. The news of these changes has generally been welcomed in the electorates of Arlanah and Dallama, whose governments believe that the "ability to quickly deploy set restrictions is imperative to the management of water in the east".

PM Kenzai, who comes from the electorate of Dallama himself, welcomed the news of this new framework stating in a quick encounter with media that it "was a logical step to provide more flexibility to our governments and to remove any possible confusion". These comments come despite many warnings from local councils that these measures will simply confuse Ahnslens and provide unnecessary options for Governments to use in areas that they don't need to be used.

In addition to this, recent laws, with Federal approval, are passing through the Electoral Council to ensure that usage of water contrary to active restrictions attract penalties regardless of the levels that are enforced. Currently, there are minimal water restrictions across Ainslie which, according to a statement from the Department of Natural Resources, is the major reason why they are unveiling this new framework now.

Emma Mansell, the Electoral Governor for Dallama today applauded the move, considering it an important move to ensure that water management is taken seriously in Ainslie. New Governor of Wesland, Brianna Hailes stated that this will allow Electoral and Federal Governments to better gauge the diverse situations between relatively small geographical areas finishing with the statement "Kianara's water levels are not the same as Karanda (a township in rural southwestern Wesland)."

However, scholars in social sciences from the Universaire Unife and the University of Upper Wesland have petitioned against this move, stating that water restrictions caused "unnecessary harm to quality of life and cost of living" and "were an excuse to facilitate population growth to occur in areas which shouldn't be growing rapidly".

In addition to new penalties and a new framework, a change in the water restrictions framework has meant that the permanent water rules are to be harmonised, effective the 15th of March. Permanent water rules will be decided upon on an electorate by electorate basis, with councils no longer holding the power to regulate their citizens' normal water usage.

SPORT: Middle order heroics prevent loss to Cosian Cricket XI
Mandara, Ainslie

In the lead up to the beginning of the MAX League in mid-February, Ainslie’s top cricketers played one ODI against the Cosian team who have only just recently started playing internationally. After Ainslie won the toss and chose to bowl first, the Cosian XI limped their way to 143, losing nine wickets along the way with Rendall being the best bowler at 3-31. A shaky, yet fast scoring Ainslie top order gave way to stable power hitting from the middle order to secure a win within 19 overs. Ardale, Patterson and Renwick all fell for under 15 whilst Karlen (63 off 42) played defensively until the expansive Daintree (31 off 35) played with positive, yet smart cricket. The highest scoring Cosian batsman, got to 35 off 42 balls.

Arendai’s commercial partners talked to both captains after the game:

“Well, to be honest I am a bit concerned about the top order batting at the moment but I’m thankful Daino came in at the end and prevented the nerves and gave us a good victory. This should set us up well for the T20 Max League and for the summer ahead. Thanks.”

Simon Karlen, Ahnslen ODI Captain

“We underestimated Ainslie's cricket prowess. Going in, we thought we'd have an easier time with internationals now that we're competing around the Isles again, so we had no idea that the Ahnslen were going to be heads and shoulders above us. Lord, I hope our Sports Minister isn't watching, 'cause if this the standard of play we're going to see everywhere else, then there's gonna be no hope for us."

Solomon Walker, Cosian Cricket Captain

Here were the exact scoreboards:
Cosie XI 9/143 (50 overs)

Feliz 13 (29) c: Renwick b: Richardson
Sharma 9 (15) c :Moffare b: McKellar
Parrish 35 (48) b: Rendall
Roderickson 13 (25) lbw: Harris
Percy 18 (39)
Walker (c) 19* (56) run out (Renwick)
Aspen 8 (23) run out (Moffare)
Winthrop 13* (25)
Routledge 3 (19) lbw: Baxter
Gopaul 8* (22) lbw: Harris

Ainslie XI 5/145 (18.4 overs)
Ardale 13 (8) lbw: Gopaul
Karlen (c) 63 (42) c: Percy b: Winthrop
Patterson (vc) 10 (9) run out (Aspen)
Renwick 14 (10) b: Pennant
Daintree 31* (35)
Gillson 7 (5) c: Aspen b: Winthrop
McKellar 2* (3)

Continuing from the cricket, this was also the second occasion in the past 12 months where President Giulian of Cosie and Prime Minister Kenzai of Ainslie who were seen sitting next to one another at the International Cricket Ground (ICG) in the Occupied Territories of The Western Isles.

Before the match, both leaders were found mingling around the teams. President Giu gave a rousing speech before his photo opp with the 'Guanas [Nickname for Cosian cricket team) whilst Prime Minister Kenzai gave Dean Patterson, the vice captain, some medium pace cherries to face in the nets. After the morning after the match, both leaders were seen in the major function room at the Ground where both teams enjoyed a breakfast hosted by President Giu and Prime Minister Kenzai. Following Giu’s rare introduction to Kenzai’s morning run - which is seen as a private ritual, the President has now been introduced to not only Kenzai’s passion - but Ainslie’s passion, cricket.

This is the first international cricket game Cosie has played and it is intriguing that it is against Ainslie. The apparent Cosian adoption of cricket is another step in the often underreported “sports diplomacy” whom Ainslie is a major proponent of. This one off match, which from a scheduling perspective is inconvenient, could highlight the interest the two nations have in building bilateral ties. This somewhat unlikely matchup is now known to have sparked from a conversation in Idara of the Occupied Territories which led to a state visit which has now, from an outsider’s view, forged a close relationship between the two leaders.

Cosie will continue from its game against Ainslie to play an ODI against Keverai on the ninth before embarking on its first test series - the “Valentine’s Test” starting the 14th of February in Idara and the “March Test” on the 1st of March which will be a day/night test match in Kevara. Reports state that this will likely become an annual event between Keverai and Cosie, dependent on ticket sales and the reception of Cosian and Keveraite audiences to the idea.

The next major cricket event for Ainslie after this ODI will be the commencement of the T20 Max League, which will happen on the 15th of February.

National Weather
    City (Max / Min)
    Anertah (21C / 11C)
    Arborai (17C / 9C)
    Arnton (19C / 7C)
    Hauton (15C / 2C)
    Highland Ridge (14C / EC)
    Kennedai (29C / 13C)
    Mandara (25C / 17C)
    Menindai (25C / 9C)
    Port Blaxland (23C / 13C)
    Rathane (24C / 13C)
    Quirindi (23C / 13C)
    Watarah (18C / 14C)
by Ainslie
Mon Jan 21, 2019 6:37 pm
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22nd of January, 2018

Renaut's KCDP wins election in landslide
Kevara, Keverai

Following the dismantling of the Judicial Council of Keverai and the even-handed rule of the Keverai Transitional Council, elections in Keverai have largely been labelled as a success. A hastily approved amendment to the Constitution as a result of a successful 2/3 majority in the council has allowed for many more people to be able to vote in this election than before. Gone are the days that rural voters' voices were only selectively heard. The new amendment has put the minimum requirements at "Over 18 and living permanently and consecutively in Keverai for at least two years" instead of citizenship, which is still selectively given out in the nation and remains in its aristocratic state.

These elections fell similarly to that of the recent ones that put Renaut in power. If anything, it has exagerated the results as Renaut's newly branded Keverai Centrist Democrats Party received 70% of the popular vote. PMANE's Durqois and the Argus Conservative leader Jacques Clavere both conceded, congratulating Renaut and thanking him for his courage in restabilising the 'previously uncalibrated' Keveraite democracy.

Renaut this morning held a rally on 'The Roundabout' which has become a well known symbol of the democratic uprising against the Judicial Council of Keverai. During this, he gave a speech.

"First of all, I thank the people, the Keverai Transitional System, the people who ran and the people who helped run this election. I can safely and confidently say that this is the first truly unhindered election in Keverai and I thank the people of this great nation for ensuring this and exercising their democratic rights over the past weekend. The way the votes have fell, the KCDP will begin its radical agenda to realign Keverai and put it on the right track. Big Jack [an informal name for what was previously the highest court in Keverai] had us all thinking that the stability we had was as a result of our government style but this couldn't be further from the truth. It is the dilligent, hard working and intelligent people which is the Keveraite people that have ensured this stability.

In a different form, in a different style than seen before in the nation I will commit to ensuring stability in Keverai. We are no failed state - we still have infrastructure - we are in the best position we could be to move forward on our path to a full democracy. It just needs to be done now. The calibration is in progress, fellow Keveraites.

To industry, to businesses - I will be the President you have been looking for. I thank the businesses who have stayed with us through thick and thin and I want to extend an invitation to the businesses that have left to come back and help us build this vibrant and important democracy.

We now get to the job of building a democracy that we as a nation can be proud of. Thank you for electing KCDP and thank you for reaffirming your commitment in my governance."

There has been cheering on the streets and the mood in the often forgotten rural areas of Keverai has been lifted. After years of struggle, they see a light at the end of the road and many city folk also see the ushering in of a new era of prosperity in Keverai.
by Ainslie
Thu Dec 27, 2018 11:52 pm
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28th of December, 2018

Turmoil grips Keverai as calls for constitutional change erupt
Kevara, Keverai

Protests in Kevara have escalated amidst Renaut’s stirring speech subsequently bordered by almost complete radio silence from the often outspoken leader. As peacekeepers from the ARSF attempt to douse the fires both figuratively and literally, Keveraites increasingly have realised the strong differences between the branches of their government. Anger has turned away from the central government and instead towards the Judicial Council of Keverai, known within the nation as ‘Big Jack’. Almost a year after the leaks, mismanagement of government has become very much an issue for Big Jack to respond to moreso than the legislature’s whose powers have now been noticed as comprehensively negligible amidst an expose from the Isles Review.

There have recently been twenty deaths and hundreds of arrests in a fortnight seen as integral to deciding Keverai’s future. The death of a compromising figure in the small yet wealthy state has further given motive to a cause. Beyond that of increasingly damaging rhetoric against eh judicial Council of Keverai, calls for constitutional reform to limit their power and restrict their intervention in politics have largely been welcomed by the wider Keveraite community. Protests have grown in number, with chanting of “Down with the Courts” and “Big Jack fall off the beanstalk!” echoing through Kevara’s major streets.

Deputy Leader Willeton has assured businesses and wealthy individuals that Keverai remains a safe place to invest and that the people have a right to decide on their future. It is rumoured that Chief Consul Renaut will speak in the coming days regarding recent calls for constitutional change. Reduced displeasure towards the legislature has made it significantly easier for the previously under fire Prime Minister to come out and speak, political commentators have suggested.

Riots have broken out in recent days, yet the tide does feel like its turning. However, only time will tell where the ship sails.
by Ainslie
Thu Dec 27, 2018 3:32 am
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27th of December, 2018

Renaut accepts peacekeepers
Kevara, Keverai

Following visits from Townside and Ainslie, Chief Consul Renaut has been encouraged to speak about the widespread discontent with the government over the Keverai leaks. He held a speech today in Kevara Gardens.

“We are working to create a functioning democracy in Keverai. I have been silenced by the same Judicial Council that ensured three decades of conservative government in our nation. No longer can they rule with such power over the government. No council of 8 people should have the right to choose which candidates should be running in a national election in a democratic government. A democracy... that is what I am here to ensure the Keveraite people today. Big Jack needs to go. This is the lasting positive change that Defence Minister Carboni of Ainslie discussed in a statement a while ago, and PM Kenzai echoed those messages when he personally visited me recently in an impromptu manner on his way back to Ainslie from Torom. I am greatly comforted by the fact that democracies around The Western Isles are ready to join us on the marvellous expedition to democracy we are about to embark on here in Keverai. Our democracy is only in infancy and it is time for it to grow.”

“Big Jack - you have no power now.” he repeated as the National Police Chief and the Chief of the Armed Forces nodded as they stood next to him.

Renaut also acknowledged the need for additional resources, and accepted the offers of Ainslie, Townside and Bravo Rio amongst other nations who offered support for peacekeeping.

“We need to clean out our police forces, defence forces, whom have kept the status quo in Keverai. The unethical, illegal and undemocratic one that has dominated the nation for decades. It is time to listen to our forefathers once again and forge a prosperous future - not only economically, but socially. This is the centrepoint of my government’s leadership. In order to do the immediate cleaning that must be done, foreign peacekeepers shall be allowed in to high ranking roles in the police at all levels and the defence force in order to train future jobholders and administer the forces in a way that is ethical, legal and with a dillegence that many of their predecessors did not have.”

“I stand with Democracy. I stand against Big Jack. What we have now is not what the people truly want. Let us forge a brighter future.”

The hashtag #IStandWithRenaut has been trending on Keveraite social media platforms and international forms of social media following the speech.
by Xrevaro
Sun Dec 23, 2018 9:31 pm
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December 24, 2018
The City, International District

Keverai Government: Exposed

Violence and looting has become standard in some neighbourhoods of Kevara, as protests escalate amidst the execution of extreme measures by the Keveraite Government - but this last point is not completely accurate or representative of the reality in politics in the small, affluent nation.

The elected government of Keverai, led by Chief Consul Burnell Renaut, has been blamed for the incidents of recent times, when in fact it is an institution that has been in force for decades which authorised these measures. Keverai’s Government does not function similarly to other democracies such as Norstham, Polar Svalbard or Dragao Do Mar, or even like its previous rulers, Ainslie.

Keverai has a Judicial Council. Not like the one in Xrevaro, or the one in Samudera, or the one in Ainslie. Although its roots are in Ainslie, Keverai opted for a less democratic approach with its Judicial Council than even its former ruler.

In Keverai, the Judicial Council picks Chief Consul candidates and vets their choices for other important roles in the government. This has mainly attributed to the classic status quo, the relative stability, that Keverai has experienced for many years. Recent protests have been against the handling of the leaks, but it has further multiplied and grown stronger into a movement for a more democratic society. Inequality is strong in Keverai, and is mainly not talked about. Following the leaks and the Judicial Council of Keverai’s conduct which has been said to be “crossing the line” creates a serious dilemma for the democratic government. The Isles Review is not here to report or comment about that right now, or encourage or discourage the concept of Judicial Councils in Keverai. In our spirit of independence and objectivity, we are here merely to document what the Judicial Council in Keverai has done. They have:

  1. Turned Keverai into a de facto one party state due to clear bias towards the now banned Argus Conservatives party, directly intervening in elections up until the most recent one.
  2. Been greatly underestimating the vote counts of rural Keverai up until the election before the one Renaut won.
  3. Ordered heavily armed police to break up protesters at ‘the roundabout’
  4. Attempted to extradite Chris Revire on treason charges which would not stand in a court of law. This was stopped by Renaut before it become official.
  5. Used their power to vet Consuls in order to enable corrupt behaviour by the Judicial Council judges
  6. Intervened in the operation of lower courts in a way that would solely advantage the JCK
  7. Created and maintained agencies that actively worked against the Keveraite Constitution.

This is in addition to the various practices the Judicial Council of Keverai knowingly allowed that were unveiled in the leaks. We are not here to comment or incite rebellion. Our board of directors unanimously voted for this issue to be reported on, despite large resistance within the organisation. To finish, here is a quote from current Chief Consul Renaut, during his election campaign last year in response to criticism around starting his election campaign so early.

“I break protocol, break tradition, because that’s what society needs at times. The esmerging generation, the leading Keveraites of the future are calling for a leader who is not a carbon copy of the last one. I certainly hope to be a unique leader, one who does what he needs to in order to benefit the nation. I care about people far more than protocols and traditions.”

Powerful words in difficult times.
by Ainslie
Sun Dec 23, 2018 9:24 pm
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INTERNATIONAL: Parlai motions to deploy Peacekeepers in Keverai
Arnton, Ainslie

Following increasing unrest in Keverai, particularly in its capital, Kevara, the Parlai of Ainslie consented to the deployment of 200 ARSF personnel to compliment local forces in restoring peace to the capital city. Kevara, known for its status as an international city of business and tourism, has recently been under an increased state of conflict following the escalation of protests near the city centre.

These protests are as a result of the recent Keverai leaks, where the vast inequality and unethical activity of Kevaran business has provided definitive evidence for the discontent working classes to campaign for more rights. Revelations of sweatshops and illegal conduct by businesses has empowered a generation, known as the “emerging generation”, to look to other economically advanced democracies and compare Keverai to them. This same generation voted for Renaut, and the growing unrest has launched the uneasy leader into a dilemma.

Following a recent speech from a Corporal in the Kevaran Police to the Ahnslen Parlai, the government has been poised to act. In recent days, the Judicial Council of Keverai has taken steps to limit the democratic power of the elected government and other political parties in an effort to quell unrest. Ainslie, as a nation with the longest lasting Judicial Council in The Western Isles, has been pressured to intervene in order to reach a compromise that involves the installation of an Ahnslen-style democratic system in the nation. Deputy Prime Minister Wilton has expressed his strong objection to the establishment of a Keveraite government in this form, stating that it could look like “a puppet state” or “hegemonic and imperial actions which are contradictory to our beliefs and values”.

The increasing pressure on the Parlai to act has reached a climax, as the idea of ARSF Peacekeepers in the nation received a majority in the government today after a free vote was announced on the matter.

Minister of National Security, Patrick Carboni today released the following statement.
“We stand with Keverai - the people, the democratically elected government. Certain checks and balances to democratic governments should remain, but the actions of the Keveraite Judicial Council have exceeded the point of being acceptable. The growing unrest, in the government’s opinion, is due to the legislature’s greed for power in this instance - something that does not and has not happened in Ainslie. As such, we offer a deal to the democratically elected Keveraite Government. We shall send 200 peacekeepers at a minimum to restore peace and order to the nation on the condition that the concerns of the protesters are heard in a moderate and peaceful manner with the spirit of democracy as a major undertone of the talks.”

The statement has escalated protests in Kevara, with the Judicial Council of Keverai stating that it was “gasoline to a fire already big enough” as they condemned the actions of the Defence Minister.

PM Andrew Kenzai today told the press that the wording was “not ideal but he agreed with the general sentiment of the statement”. Chief Consul Renaut has declined the opportunity to provide a statement.

DOMESTIC: Smugglers apprehended following Buzz investigations
Arnton, Ainslie

Following successful joint-investigations by intelligence agencies and the federal police, drawing on their international networks, three smugglers were sentenced to between 20 years and life in prison for their role in the Buzz epidemic. Vincent Gortez, a Ruiosian at birth who also holds an Ahnslen citizenship, Ahnslen Kurtis Ambrose and Samuderan Jaya Paratuan. The three were the co-leaders and the facilitators of distribution networks which supplied much of Arlanah and Western Wesland with the drug “Buzz”, an illicit crystal methamphetamine which generated an international response.

Investigations carried on for months yet the three men have been on remand for two months months in a Weslander prison before today’s decision in the Ahnslen Federal Court in Anertah. The three were charged with trafficking a commercial quantity of an illicit drug. Despite formal, albeit not public opposition to the move from the Samuderan and Ruiosian Governments, they are to be entirely handled within the Electoral Corrections Systems of Ainslie under the oversight of the Federal Government.

Arendai spoke to a law and public policy professor from the University of Arnton surrounding this recent development.

”It is a very strong indicator of how intolerant Ainslie is of transnational crime, especially that of such a widespread and destructive nature as we saw with the Buzz epidemic. Thankfully, ,it appears that that has passed Ainslie and the investigations are reaping results. This is only the conclusion from one of several raids in various locations within Ainslie and we also know as a fact that the Federal Government is also working with its Gaelitic allies and those further afield in order to ensure justice.”

She then went on to explain a nuance in Ahnslen criminal law which could very much apply to the Buzz epidemic:
”Well there is this section in Ainslie’s criminal law which allows citizens of Ainslie as well as non-citizens of Ainslie to be convicted in special circumstances of crimes they did not commit within the Unified Electorates. Of course, this is and has prior been overruled and nullified by legal principles which ensure people do not go through the criminal justice system twice for the same criminal act if there are no appeals involved. As I mentioned before, there have been many investigations into both Ahnslen citizens and non-citizens and we will all be waiting to see the results of this.

The Revire family whose daughter died as a result of the Buzz trade whilst her brother watched on traumatised, released a statement today around the arrests hoping that it led to justice and to more information and knowledge surrounding such blatant and reckless criminal acts of such a wide nature.

Deputy Prime Minister Wilton, one of the first to respond to the Revire death praised the Courts for an effective judge-only trial and commended the Revire family for “their consistent courage, bravery and restraint around what was a horrific and disturbing time”. Judicial-General Joseph Shirazi also echoed Wilton’s sentiments highlighting that the ability of the Courts to efficiently deliver justice and fairness had to be recognised, acknowledged and appreciated.

The three men who have been convicted are to be transported to jails from their remand centres in the coming days.

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Arborai (15C / 3C)
Arnton (13C / -2C)
Hauton (10C / -4C)
Highland Ridge (9C / -5C)
Kennedai (19C / -1C)
Mandara (18C / 9C)
Menindai (21C / -2C)
Port Blaxland (14C / 3C)
Rathane (16C / 4C)
Quirindi (22C / 2C)
by Ainslie
Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:50 pm
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21st of December, 2018

Reformist JC killed in protests
Kevara, Keverai

Today is a sad and frightening day for Keverai. Edarde Gallare, a Judicial Council of Keverai judge known for his passion for equality and logical reasoning, has been killed today in protests in Central Southport. The protests, which have recently turned violent, have only been in the city for one week and the police appear to be intent on quelling the Southport protests before they escalate.

But they got someone in the middle instead.

JC Gallare was walking along the pathway as he saw protesters painting on cardboard, and decided to walk over towards them in order to discuss their concerns with them. At this point the Keveraite Federal Police begin to shoot warning shots at the protesters who were talking to Gallare.

This was followed by police officers confronting JC Gallare, who questioned as to why the police were breaking up peaceful demonstration (which is what it was at the time, until protests turned violent) and was quickly tasered by many officers. He then suffered a heart attack and died in the ambulance on route to the hospital.

A distant sense of hope has been vapourised, the general trend we are receiving from Keveraite citizens who were interviewed. The death of a Judicial Council Judge who advocated for reform of the constitution being killed due to what can only be called excessive force has further launched Keverai into the darkness.

The prosperity that Keverai has embodied as faded further today, as stock markets deteriorated significantly as investors move their money away from Keverai. This money may not ever come back to Keverai. The Keveraite reliance on the financial services industry will come into full realisation in the coming days, as various banks and law firms come to terms with the lost income due to social unrest in the nation.

Gallare shall be remembered as a bold man, someone who was working in the best interests of Keveraites. There will be a state funeral for him, but there are no reports of an investigation into the policeman being ordered.

The funeral will be held in Kevara Gardens three days from now.
by Ainslie
Wed Dec 19, 2018 8:54 pm
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INTERNATIONAL: Gresswell authorities respond to Thuzbek aggression
Greston, Gresswell Island

Following Thuzbekistan's belligerent and arbitrary withdrawl from the Gresswell Island Treaty, the island holds its breath to wait for what the nations that it so strongly depends on will do. The 1963 treaty banned military instillations on the island and it was announced in recent days that by January 20th 2019, the Thuzbeks will withdraw from the treaty. The response from the Ahnslen Government seems relatively muted so far, with the Governor of Gresswell Island being the only major Ahnslen official to respond.

Keira Marshall gave a speech outside of city hall today.

"Good morning, peers, colleagues and constituents. We have received word that Thuzbekistan will withdraw from the 1963 Gresswell Island Treaty. This is a concerning move which is clearly meant to strongarm us around. I am here today to say that what this treaty truly represented will never be taken away from us. Back in 1963 we restated our decision as to which nation Gresswell wanted to join. We still have no hesitation in our decision and the recent events only solidify our opinions. From that, we formally request the Thuzbeks to respect the decision that our citizens have made and the decisions of the very people fleeing your nation.”

Thuzbekistan is a marginalised and vulnerable state and this is not because of the choices of others, but rather than of themselves and we trust the Unified Electorates to keep our best interests and the recent moves from the aforementioned Government only prove who is a more responsible owner of this island. Our Gaelitic allies are ready and able to respond to any aggressive measures. Both Ainslie and Ostehaar recognise the importance of this agreement and remain backers of it. As for Thuzbekistan, once again we are let down by a Government who doesn't seem to follow any agenda but what their own Government wants."

Marshall then held a small Q and A. Here’s some of what happened

"Ms Marshall, the Thuzbeks have claimed that there are Oster spies on this island. What are your thoughts surrounding that"

"Well, our strict neutrality means that we do not know whether there are spies on this island of any nationality. However, if these claims are not baseless there must be some Thuzbek assets, likely spies on the island."

"What is the fate of their Climate Science facility"

"We do not seek to close it down however if they do continue down this path we will have no choice but to escalate the situation."

"What are your general feelings surrounding the recent situation"
"We are deeply concerned and alerted by this move which appears to have no base or no meaning to it. Despite Thuzbek so-called "claiming" here, this will always be the land of the Green Hills Council and we can trust our Gaelitic allies if they do seek to enforce this illegal and ignorant claim on this island"

Following this announcement, a number of Ahnslen-based NGOs have left the nation including the International Parks and Nature Organisation who withdrew over "security concerns" and Rarite Et Marite, a medical organisation who stated they "now must concentrate their efforts on Gresswell Island".

There are rumours going around the Ahnslen Government that a new batch of sanctions and military deployment are on the table and possible invasion plans may be brought to the table of the Prime Minister for further discussion.

In the midst of these rumours, we have contacted the Ahnslen Government to receive a statement to which they stated that they are examining the situation and their options and will comment when they are ready to do so.

INTERNATIONAL: Days before Christmas, Ainslie readies for possible confrontation
Arnton, Ainslie

In the past fortnight, multiple hotspots of concern to the Ahnslen Government have sprung up. Within months, Ainslie may have the largest deployed non-humanitarian force overseas it has had in many years if the situations around these hotspots deteriorates. With an escalation of events in Keverai amidst worsening protests, Thuzbek threatening Gresswell Island's sovereignty, Athara Magarati blockades of the International District and neo-imperialist acts from Ruios and Vancouvia, for the first time in the past two years Ainslie's regional security has been threatened on multiple fronts.

Breaking an unusually long radio silence, Ambassador to The Western Isles Andrew Whitford who also acts as Deputy Foreign Minister in his secondary role announced the measures Ainslie will be implementing over coming days and also set the modus operandi of the nation's diplomatic and military forces surrounding these issues in a Q and A conference today at the Press Club of the Unified Electorates' December Meeting. Originally meant to be somewhat of a celebration of the year, the Meeting has now turned into a relatively sombre gathering as a result of recent events.

Questions such as "On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a pain is it to deal with messy eaters in diplomatic meetings" were replaced by "What is the Ahnslen sentiment towards the events happening in the International District"

After that press conference, this is what we know:
  • Regarding San Jimenez: The Ahnslen Government is "deeply concerned" following a civil war which has reinstalled religious government in the nation. The Ahnslen Government will be considering multiple options, both unilateral and multilateral to deal with the issue. Policy announcements on that likely to occur towards the beginning of the New Year.
  • Regarding Gresswell Island: The Ahnslen Government has not directly responded to the situation yet local Weslandic media report increased activity outside the main ARSF base in Highland Ridge. Speculation is that they are on alert. Further announcements unlikely until the New Year.
  • Regarding claims by Vancouvia towards the Sawneeak Atoll: Ambassador Whitford stated that personally he wasn't sure whether this was a joke or not. If they are not a joke, he said that the plan to buy islands is being seen as "neo-imperialist", "strategically unsound" and "unnecessarily aggrevating to our allies".
  • Regarding Roendavar: No reports of major incidents or injuries to ARSF personnel, deployments will continue on as planned.
  • Regarding the Athara Magarati blockade: A clear line was placed that the nation must remove its blockade or else appropriate measures will be taken. General support of the Svalbardian sentiment towards the issue and Whitford make clear that support would be available to nations seeking to remove the blockade if the Magarati Government does not do so themselves.
  • Regarding Ruiosian and Vancouvian war games: "No need to do it in the International District". The situation is being seen as a significant threat to Ainslie and her allies. Ainslie demanding immediate withdrawl of Ruiosian forces. Recent activities by the nation seen as "unnecessarily belligerent and provocative". Political commentators saying that here is likely to be an increased Ahnslen deployment to the base they own in the International District.
  • Regarding VACES agreement with the International District: Whitford stated it is "merely making official what we already knew".

We are set for an interesting end to 2018 in Ainslie. Let's hope everything works out.

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    Arborai (14C / 5C)
    Arnton (11C / -2C)
    Hauton (5C / -4C)
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    Kennedai (18C / 3C)
    Mandara (19C / 15C)
    Menindai (22C / 1C)
    Port Blaxland (13C / 2C)
    Rathane (18C / 13C)
    Quirindi (23C / -1C)
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DOMESTIC: Hailes’ ACEGAD wins big as APC falters further
Arnton, Ainslie
Voter turnout was well in the 90s when it comes to percentages in Wesland, as residents sought to vote on their futures - their verdict on the past year of ACEGAD Governance, their confidence in the APC and their interest in the illusive Indenats. A strong lead throughout the past three weeks of campaigning has allowed Brianna Hailes to win the Governorship with a 13% lead over second place, oddly in line with opinion polls conducted throughout the election campaign. Hailes was sworn in at Government House on the 3rd of December and held a speech on the lawns subsequently to this, following tradition for Governors of electorates. Typically, party victories are only celebrated after election results come out - the Governor-elect's speech only occurs after his or her's swearing in.

Ardill and Dobson conceded quite early with their preference flows to ACEGAD bolstering the party's defence against the up and coming United for Ainslie party. Escalation in combatative rhetoric between Dobson's APC and UFA resulted in a change in preference flows which meant that none of the other four largest parties were doing preference deals with the former leftist juggernaut.

Dobson did not speak in front of his party faithful, but Ardill addressed a gathering of LLST supporters in Hauton that night.

”Our bold vision for a Wesland which is further prosporous both in its social life and in its natural environment has had support for a long time. We are thankful for the amount of voters who did turn out for us but unfortunately it did not get us across the line. We look forward to seeing what a Hailes ACEGAD Government will bring us and we congratulate the winners on such a respectful campaign. We do hope we will be able to collaborate with ACEGAD like we have in the past. Thanks for coming out.

Ardill's noticeable evading of the LLST crisis that ultimately lost them the Governorship back in 2017 and quite possibly in this election seems to unveil a new leaf for the party with the liberal leftists seeking to capture the young ACEGAD vote which rallied so strongly for Hailes.

Xavier Broadby of the Independent Nationalists party stayed defiant and did not concede the elections, despite being far ahead of the lead in all the opinion polls and only getting a noteable swing towards his party in the Western Tablelands. He spoke on Saturday morning when the official election results came out.

”One again the centre will fail Wesland. Only we are the Party that can deliver more jobs, a stronger culture and a more steady future for Wesland. We congratulate Hailes on her hard fought win and congratulate ACEGAD for their efforts in the election, but we watch with concern as they continue to take Ainslie the wrong way one electorate at a time. The Indenats are not finished yet. We will be back. Thank you."

So, let's see how the parties ended up polling at across the regions:
  • ACEGAD has won Arnton North comfortably and the safe seat of Arnton Central stays with the party. Despite a declining LLST vote, Hauton is taken by ACEGAD as a result of preference flows. In Highland Ridge, Upper Wesland and the Wesland Ranges the dividends of increased focus on the regions by the party has delivered them this seat. A small majority in the Southern Tablelands allowed the party to retain the seat.
  • UFA has won Arnton South after a tight race with ACEGAD and have won Eastern Forests and Foothills easily. UFA has won over Port Blaxland.
  • Preference flows didn't move exactly as planned in Western Tablelands with many of the UFA voters indicating their second preferences as the Indenats. This, combined with the growing base of voters in the seat who support Indenats ideology has allowed them to take the seat.

Both the LLST and the APC do not hold a seat, yet have won particular council elections.

And the final result for Governor of Wesland:
Here's how the candidates for governor fared:
  • Brianna Hailes (ACEGAD) - 41% +2
  • Lucas Gillmore (UFA) - 27% -2
  • Ashton Ardill (LLST) - 9% -3
  • Xavier Broadby (IN) - 9% +3
  • Isaac Dobson (APC) - 6% -1

A 14% swing against ACEGAD on a council by council basis is actually a victory for the party who have effectively managed the correction of a vote which saw LLST voters go straight to ACEGAD amidst a crisis in the liberal leftist party. In addition to this, strong campaigns from UFA and the Indenats made it additionally difficult. Despite the swing saying differently, this is a good result for the ruling party in the electorate who have maintained control of Wesland with a comfortable 61% majority.

INTERNATIONAL: Refugees to go to Roendavar under Hailes’ maiden policy
Arnton, Ainslie

Following the recent Orsandian Civil War and subsequent sanctions on Thuzbekistan, the latter nation has been launched into a deep recession with their export-oriented economy being torn through causing mass unemployment, high rates of inflation and a significant worsening in the economic outlook for the nation. As a result of this darkened speculation, many Thuzbeks have been looking for a way out of the nation, legally or illegally. Whilst the wealthier people have moved to nations like Samudera and Keverai and those in the lower class unable to leave, the declining middle class has searched for options from neighbouring nations.

Many of the nations nearby have been declining or recovering, leaving one major beacon of stability - despite how dark or grey it is throughout the year. Gresswell Island - utilitarianism and natural social equality makes the Island an excellent place for refugees if it were to have facilities that could support a sizeable inflow. For reference, only 10 refugees have been allowed into the Island in the past two years, just under 10% of the total citizen population of the area. This makes Gresswell Island one of the most desirable launching points to more stable life in a nation like Ainslie (whom technically Gresswell Island are a part of) or other nations in Gael which is far easier to do if refugees made it into the Unified Electorates.

However, Ainslie's often compassionate approach to government policy does not translate to immigration policy, leaving it exceptionally difficult for refugees to enter the nation. This leaves Ainslie in an interesting place to respond to this increase in economic migrants from Thuzbekistan. As the federal immigration policy does not offer a framework for the management of migrants of an economic nature, it is left to the electorates to decide. As Gresswell Island is technically a part of Wesland from a legal standpoint, it was left to the incoming Weslander Governor to work on it. That person is Brianna Hailes, who won convincingly in late November.

Today, in one of her first speeches as Governor revealed the creation of a new policy surrounding these economic refugees as well as announcing her visit to Gresswell Island.

"With the Federal Government busy with the Norlandic Government and facilitating the legal processing of Orsandian refugees, a new issue has presented itself on the shores of our most northernmost territory - Gresswell Island. It was left to the Wesland Electoral Government to decide upon appropriate action and with support from Ms Gifford, we have struck a deal with the Roendavar to initially process up to 2,000 migrants in Greston for transfer to the nation. Whilst Roendavar is not the most stable at the moment their ability to manage migrants in the future is quite outstanding and similar to our own capacity. A tent city will be created near Greston to ensure these migrants are safe and warm whilst we do the checks we need to."

Non Governmental Organisations have been rapidly preparing to go to Greston after the news revealed by the Governor of Wesland. REM, a medical NGO as well as the Peace Coalition have announced that they will be rushing to Gresswell Island to support the refugees

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    Arborai (12C / 7C)
    Arnton (10C / -4C)
    Hauton (7C / -6C)
    Highland Ridge (5C / -8C)
    Kennedai (18C / 8C)
    Mandara (16C / 11C)
    Menindai (19C / 11C)
    Port Blaxland (15C / 4C)
    Rathane (16C / 9C)
    Quirindi (18C / 0C)
    Watarah (12C / 3C)


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