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The United Republic of Zeritae
Social-Democratic asymmetrical federation with good forests and bad factbooks. Not Azania nor Aeritai. Or am I?
Zurkerx wrote:
Agarntrop wrote:snip

One already exists: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=484632&start=25

And seeing we're over the page limit, I #ilock now. We can't let the umm, super virus get out now.
Rojava Free State wrote:Roblox is the only place where you can napalm a group of children and not be a war criminal.
The-Chinese-Federation wrote:Zeritan Revolutionary Front. Damn Nazbols.
The Iron Wizards of Blacktower wrote:
Tinhampton wrote:Direct the what what what what what again? I'm utterly baffled at what this has to do with the goodness of Friends With Benefits

Become enlightened through sex.


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