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Thu May 25, 2017 10:30 am
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Before jumping to conclusions, look at my FAQ fact book. FAQ here:FAQ Ask Questions Here
Proudly violating WA resolutions since May 25, 2017
( -_- ) My nation does support my political with it.
Due to the loss of NS Index results making Issue playing near impossible, Consider my stats to be as they were November 19, 2017
Quotes I like:
Deropia wrote:Jason can't help but laugh as the scotch bottle, followed soon after by the pie, fly through the air of the chamber. "Ah, this place may be a mad-house...but its the best damn posting I've ever had...".

The Bible Baptist Republic wrote:Ambassador Conklin reads the proposal, blinks twice, and mutters "There ain't enough whiskey to deal with this crap."

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