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Science fiction obsessed videogamer with a keen interest in military history, robotics, space exploration, guns, puns, filk, and rock 'n' roll. In other words, I'm a total nerd. And proud of it. Also, I'm an obsessive bibliophile. My favorite science fiction franchises are probably Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, Alien, and Pacific Rim. In addition to that, I love golden age SF. Robert Heinlein is one of my favorite authors.

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Pax Nerdvana

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Patriotic centrist American, who is vaguely right leaning. I support the Bill of Rights. I have no loyalty to any party. Expand or die. That's how humanity works. Science fiction is the best genre. The solar system is ours for the taking. I am a male. You can't spell team without "me". I support the troops.
Call me Pax. I take things literally, being a literal person.
Copy and paste this into your sig if you think we should colonize other planets.
( -_-) (-_Q) If you understand that both Capitalism and Socialism have ideas that deserve merit, put this in your signature.
Pro:Bill of Rights,guns,centrism,capitalism,socialism,space exploration,Christianity
Anti: Trump,Clinton,Johnson,Green,fascism,Communism,big business


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