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For Commission Graphics Designer, 3D Modeller, Artist, Music Composer, Political Scientist (Almost), Video Editor. TG me for more Info.
The above, just voicing my opinions, simulations, experimenting, documentaries, planes, anything that sits well with a normal Red Tory, and of course, my girlfriend who I've been dating since 2012.

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Crimes committed by Muslims will be a pan-Islamic plot and proof of Islam's inherent evil. On the other hand, crimes committed by non-Muslims will merely be the acts of loners who do not represent their belief system at all.
The probability of one's participation in homosexual acts is directly proportional to one's public disdain and disgust for homosexuals.
Giovenith wrote:And sorry hun, if you were looking for a forum site where nobody argued, you've come to wrong one.
My favourite revenge would be:
Genivaria wrote:Giving him an anal probe with a bayonet?
I will defend the rights of those who cannot stand up for themselves, and I will make it my task to destroy anyone, however so I please, who attempts to take away those rights.
Proud Red Tory. (Liberal Conservative)
The right to bear arms, a human right, cannot be violated by a government as they please.

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