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Preferably Australia, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe

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♦ The Democratic Federation of New TranseurasiaДемократическая Федерация Новая Трансевразий
民主联盟للعبرأوراسيا الجديدة الديمقراطي الاتحادトランスユーラシア民主連邦

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MT-PMT(2030) gang|FT Nation:The Solar Nations
NStats are a secret plot by the government to make Coca-Cola smell like New Jersey.
Founder ofLibera Mundi
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We are basically Russia/Soviet Union but democratic. The flag is not yugoslavia, It is pan-slavic colors.

NTGN/New Transeurasian State News: National Party Ivan Petrov candidate elected to Premier of New Transeurasia, with running mate Dončo Nikolovski to Vice Premier(The First North Macedonian elected)


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