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♦ The Democratic Federation of New TranseurasiaДемократическая Федерация Новой Трансевразии

NT Embassies
MT-PMT gang
NStats are a secret plot by the government to make Bepis smell like Coca-Cola.
[ ✝ [ [ ] ] ]
Russia/Soviet Union but democratic after a second russian civil war in 1928-1930. And also massive, Postcyberpunk, big 1980s-1990s-2000s aesthetics, and extremely capitalist. The flag is not yugoslavia, It is pan-slavic colors.

NTGN/New Transeurasian State News: National Assembly votes to permit Moscow Metrozone Agencies access to entire Moscow District ╫ ELN/Eurasian Newsfeed: Volga Railway D2.202 vintage steam locomotive makes first trip in 54 years ╫ TKI News: KMart Eurasia opened 42 new locations in the first half of 2032


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