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Tue Oct 11, 2016 6:27 pm
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I live somewhere near Boston.
My timezone is EST(EDT during daylight savings time).
I am a male, and my birthday is 8/17/200[REDACTED]
My ancestry:
  • ~6.25% German
  • >3.125% Jewish
  • everything else is eastern European
My Myer-Briggs personality type is ENTP-T, or debater.
DO NOT use NSstats unless factbooks say otherwise
Embassy Program|Class N14|Tier 7, Level 0, Type 6|Factbooks
My Discord Server
Recent FINN News Stories: Furby Island Economically Supports the BDF in Basran | Harsher Sanctions Planned on OSAN Members that Support the FNRB in Basran | War Against SETRA Continues

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