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Ðe United Provinces and Territories of Ðe Furbiſh Iſlands
Sic semper tyrannis!
Population: 283.503.325
GDP: $10,095 trillion
Currency: Furbish Guilder, ƒ1 = $1,9655
Monarch: Willem van Orange-Nassau
Stadtholder: Adjoa Iſamaan
Prime Minister: Arthur Trudeau

A social liberal Pacific island paradise, formerly a
Dutch, English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish colony.
Computer science major and stereotypical nerd.
Russian, born in Israel, currently in
Massachusetts, the best state in the US.

This country is mostly based on my RL beliefs.
FBC News: Dover Man Charged With Assault With Deadly Weapon After Throwing Alligator Through Denny's Drive-Thru Window | Three New High Speed Rail Corridors Clear Environmental Review


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