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Peoples United Northen Army
A shed on the moon.
Music (my favorite band is Queens of the Stone Age), Warhammer kits, post apocalyptic Russian fiction (Metro series, Roadside Picnic,) vidya games, destruction of all gophers.

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The PUNA is a nation with a focus on hard work, crumbcakes, and military service. They essentially serve as the maintainence team for a giant, derelict space ship that houses a few other nations. The kooky robot with a former drug problem is less of a leader and more of someone who makes sure everything's ok.

“It’s like a mansion, look at all this stuff!
No NSStats cause why not.
Need to take a new picture of Samuel. The lighting darkens the orange to an unsightly degree.
New factbooks in the works. As always
PUNA Daily News Radio [The sound of static fades] -Search efforts for missing person Jason Morovilix continue as more evidence for a possible murder rises up. The culprit is believed to be the Apostles of the Void, who are a violent cult known fo-[The broadcast cuts out]

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