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Wed Dec 18, 2002 5:00 pm
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Lady Sirithil nos Fëanor
Elentári of the Eternal Ascendancy of Menelmacar
High Queen and Lady-Protector of Elvenkind

"The elves will do what is right, not what is on paper." ~Sunset
"We can't go around supporting The Good Of All Things. People might mistake us for Menelmacar." ~Education Minister Lobon of Kn-Yan
"Do you realize you're trying to sell resources to Menelmafuckingcar? Their resource base is larger than Melkor's ego." ~Advisor Julius Razak, Foot-to-Ass Section, Scolopendra
"I started on NS at a time when elf genocides were daily occurrences from week old nations wanting to get ortilleried by Menelmacar." ~Resurgent Dream

Political Compass:
Economic Left/Right: 8.75 Social Lib/Auth: 2.05


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