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The Islands of Versilia
England, Great Britain (tea! Scones! And Victoria sponge cake, oh my!)
Student, waiting to actually get a stable job. /(;_;)/ gib monies plox
Asia, history, video games, Polandball, anime & manga, Hetalia, philosophy, politics, other stuff. Oh, and small birds, like the kingfisher. I love kingfishers.

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Versilia: Slightly Matriarchal, Euro-Asian land of legal loli ladies, clone soldiers, Great Old One worship, almost unethical science experiments and resource hoarders.
Iron Skull Nationals executed by Versilian soldiers
We don't use NS stats. Especially the tax rates.
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| International Relations | RP Characters |

Aision wrote:Every few years, somewhere in the world, a young woman is kidnapped by Versilian agents. Her appearence is surgically altered and she is brainwashed into believing herself to be "Akeldama Rothsgor, Personification of Versilia". Once she grows too old, she gets murdered and the circle repeats.

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