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Stop giving misogynistic abusers a platform. Anyone who sides with Tiktok Star Andrew Tate even 1% of what he says will be treated as enemy who should be shamed out of society. Impressions+Views+Videowatches=$. Nothing he says is new or revolutionary. I don't care if he said "some good stuff", it's still bad because: the more you watch him, the more ad revenue MONEY and algorithm BOOSTS you're giving him to traffick victims. And don't say the victim lied, a young man stupidly told me that the victim confessed to lying, I told em to link me proof, articles or the Audio of her confession, he googled and found 0 proof 0 articles, and he realized he was spreading fake rumors he heard and BELIEVED without fact-check. Don't brand victims as liars without GOOGLING. Debated here


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