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Defcon: 4
Read the spoiler if ya wanna know my military equipment.
Embassies in MS: Barnetsville
Embassies in other Countries: Barnetsville
Military equipment in Metallic Slumber:

E-44 Fighter plane, can be mass produced. And is a cheaper equivalent of the F-16 at 30 million a piece in MS money.
E-67 Fighter Plane. The superior plane to the E-44. At 167 mill a piece in MS money.
Z-6 Bomber Plane. Can be slightly mass produced at 45 mill MS money. Better than the B-52 Stratofortress, but not as good as the B-2 Spirit.
M4 Carbine is the widely used weapon for “normal” infantry.
MP5-N and variants for Special ops mostly.
M1-A2 Tanks and M1 Tanks and LAC’s.
Weapons to advance when they advance higher in real life except for the planes. And these are just the ones mostly used.


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