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Imperial Idaho
Coeur D'alene, State of Idaho, USA
Not sure what i do but i work at a theme park.

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Imperial Idaho

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I'm from the land of Coeur D'alene Idaho.
By Ballot or by Bullet, the Pub Party will win. The Pub Legacy Edition.
Ifreann wrote:The Romans placated the people with panem et circenses, bread and circuses. We will placate our people with dank space weed and hyper-HD vidya.
New Grestin wrote:> can't even get enough superiority to pull off a proper D-day
> Idaho is tossing out nukes like a cold war Oprah

Tysoania wrote:You remind me of a mobster who gets things cleared out of the way.

Next up on the Sopranos...

Imperial "Slick" Idaho, the fixer.
Bralia wrote:Oh my fucking god. Do it again, guys, you both chose the number 7.


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