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Austria and Bavaria
Confederate States of America
Catholicism, Monarchy, The House of Habsburg, History, Philosophy, Board Gaming and PC Strategy Games.

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✚ Beatus Carolus Imperator, ora pro nobis ✚
Catholic, Monarchist, Classical Liberal, Christian Humanist, Amateur Poet, and Board Gaming Fanatic.

The Liberated Territories wrote:Violence is only "logical" for beasts, not for humans with the capacity for reason.

Trotskylvania wrote:Fascist politics are a fancy suicide pact because the nature of fascist ideology makes it impossible to accurately assess the enemy's strength. The enemy must simultaneously be degenerate and weak, with an inferior national spirit (after all, they are not part of your in group), and yet an omnipresent, insidious threat that must be eliminated.

Revolution's Wake
A Nation RP set in the turbulent years of the early 1920s

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