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I don't know where I am. (There was this free Wi-Fi, see...)
Shameless geek
"For one such as I, who knows everything, everything is boring... However, I don't dislike letting the ignorant read my works to see what kind of reaction they have." --Featherine Augustus Aurora

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I'm exceptional
My best friend walked on water
Faal Lot Himdah wrote:Charlia
Kingdom of Irhk wrote:Here we can see a Homo charliens, a human subspecies that clearly delights in nervousness, sadness, and mental breakdown. Observe how she twiddles her thumbs waiting for the next paragraph of suffering.
Spindle wrote:...pretty much the font of all evil in this world...
Faal Lot Himdah wrote:Well, that's what you are. A sass muffin filled with sharp razor blades.
Elysian Kentarchy wrote:Fearing Charlia/Charlia being terrifying is just par for the course.
Danceria wrote:...I am referring to Sadia sapiens charlia...
Currently: Excellent!

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