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not where i belong
post scarcity utopia, this stuff:(, bass, motto: all forms of art are acceptable, though some would be better off in the virtual world, such as war, crime, combat and the likes.

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freedom is a right not a privilege, and rights should never be dictated on a sheet of paper, condoned by a war council, or if you would like the modern term 'government', not that i would be a exerciser of anarchy, but to be frank anarchists have some good points, sorry but i cant go into further detail as i still have yet to understand my own philosophies, perhaps just call me an intricast for now, to explain would require first a common ground of understanding, such things take time, as they need complex reasoning, some which i still don't grasp, but discussion has usually inspired results, discussion that is, not bickering, i often have trouble communicating my thoughts properly, nothing is or can be 100%, except that of mathematics, where 1+2 always =3,


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