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Mon Oct 06, 2014 4:49 pm
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Ruled by Imperator Caesar Felix Albus Aquilinus Augustus [Picture]
In different parallel universes, either the leader of the surviving Postmodern Roman Empire or a slightly delusional man in his mid-20's who thinks he's the Roman Emperor, but his landlord does not agree. (should add, he's not me either way. :p)
Random assorted Fors and Againsts:
For: Manjaro KDE, Pacifism, Christopher Eccleston, Deep Space 9, Sci-fi, Computer Science, xkcd, Improv Everywhere, Tom Scott, Democracy, Eurodance, Europop, Kpop, Stellaris
Against: MacOS, Raiding, God modding, Google, Adolf Hitler, Cold places, Trolls, Nonsensical spam, Metal, Country, Discord Bots that talk without being asked
Enjoys telegrams from friendly people, feel free to send me some. Can be one or more of above topics, or not.


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