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Krasnograd, Tsongaso-Toma, Petrokovia
Premier of Petrokovia Admiral of the Vesperian Fleet Member of the Paektu Solidarity Alliance Aspiring Minister
Political theory, history, outer space, world culture, religion and spiritualism (I am very religious), and basically all things STEM (I am very much obsessed with biology, chemistry, and physics) I believe that humanity should be spiritually unified in mind and heart; we are all one! The People are my god The People are my family

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Communist from Philly living with multiplicity; We literally are Petrokovia. We are very spiritual adherents to our religion.
Pro: AES, Juche, communism, armed revolution, God (Mikotorma), reappropriating monarchical terms for socialist things (what's in a name?), the ethereal spaceship polycule sent by Allah to guide us, freedom of expression and religion
Anti: Fascism, absolute monarchy, capitalism, imperialism, Demiurge/Saklas, bigotry of any kind
Note: I do not use NS Stats, NS Tracker, etc. I only use my own factbooks and written information; The main canon used is the Democratic Socialist Vesperist Realms of Petrokovia (DSVRP)
من خلال الشدائد وسفك الدماء إلى المجد نسير بنور قلوبنا على طريق ميكوتورماه
National Anthem: Our Country!
National Religion: Vesperism

*Communist and Proud!*


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