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Sacramento, California, United States of 'Murica
Lays carpet whenever the hell you people actually buy it. Seriously, replace your carpet, we need work. Maybe a nice cold blue? We do Vinyl and Linoleum too, if that's what you're in for.
I don't have anything interest-wise to put here, partially because if I want you to know, I'll bring it up my damn self. But, to any interested, I'm coming off a serious re-examination of my beliefs, so if you've talked to me about such in the past, please do not assume it to be wholly representative of my current beliefs.

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Raslin Seretis, Imperial Diplomatic Envoy, Male
Tolarn Feren, Civil Oversight Representative, Male
Jasot Rehlan, Military Oversight Representative, Female

Bisexual, Transgender (She/Her), Native-American, and Actual CommunistTM. This nation does not represent my actual political beliefs.

Imperium Central News Network: Fourth Fleet reports successful engagements against Aeravahn forces in the Exterior Territories | Contact lost with 3rd Legion, presumed destroyed | TCO - Desolate Star destroyed in raid by Aeravahn forces | Military Overseer addresses concerns of Aeravahn Incursion: "No immediate concerns" | Indomitable Bastard #283

My battery is low, and it is getting dark.


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