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AFROTC cadet, student
Airplanes, history, military history, politics, science, airplanes, swimming. "A good landing is one you can walk away from. A great one is when you can still use the airplane. The best one is when the FAA doesn't ask you about it." "I do my best to keep the number of takeoffs equal to the number of landings I make." "The early bird gets worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese."

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Liberalism (most points, except the LGBT+ issue), abortion, death penalty, GMOs, vaccines, evolution, separation of church and state, the US Constitution, democratic socialism, equity resulting in equality, increased defense funding by cutting corporate subsidies, more social spending, Bernie Sanders

Conservatism (most points, except the LGBT+ issue), LGBT+ rights, "alt-right", guns (to a limited extent), creationism, anti-science/pseudoscience/science denialism, corporate media, death penalty, Trump, religion, the electoral college, corporatism, laissez-faire capitalism, ISIS, racism

NS Stats are, from my point of view, automatically nullified when you have factbooks.
NS legislation is reflective of my ideas.

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