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Possible threat.
Forces active in a warzone.
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NationStates Belongs to All, Gameplay, Roleplay, and Nonplay Alike
Every NationStates Community Member, from Raider Kings to Brony Queens Make Us Awesome.
"Though I fly through the valley of Death, I shall fear no evil. For I am at the Karman line and climbing." - Bentusi SABRE motto

[22:07] <SergalKashra> it's not a matter that i can't think up something
[22:07] <SergalKashra> it's getting thoughts to screen
[22:07] <Avlana_> Oh
[22:07] <Avlana_> Try typing
[22:07] * Avlana_ nods
[22:07] * SergalKashra stabs Avlana_ in the knee

How Roleplays Die <= Good read for anyone interested in OPing

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