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Illinois, USA
Student, aiming for a history major as well as potentially doing something with photography or in the film industry. I also play electric guitar and am working on my first EP with a few other musicians.
Metal and rock music, guitar, Poland, pretty girls, medieval European history, art, life, family, friends, and having a great time.

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Please, call me POLSKA
Kar-Esseria wrote:Who is that and are they female because if not then they can go make love to their hand.

Impaled Nazarene wrote:Go home Polska wins NS.

Cosumar wrote:If anyone even thinks about my favorite band, I can sense it.

Impaled Nazarene wrote:Hurd you miss the point more than Polska misses Poland.
Rhodesialund wrote:when you have Charlie ten feet away or something operating operationally.
Puzikas wrote:"Wait why my dick don't work no more why do I feel itchy all the time and why does my head always hurt?"
"Lol I dunno but your depression is cured right?"
Nirvash Type TheEND wrote:Gayla is living in 1985 but these guys are already in 1916

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