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"Honor, Strength, and Courage, these are the virtues of the world. I hold all these truths to be self evident in almost every one but they bury them beneath Greed, Cowardice, and Lust, these are the Sins of the World."- quote by Me.
Chronodosia military policy: you will be Honorable or be whipped 5 lashes in public, you will be Strong and defend those weaker than you or you will be whipped 20 lashes in public, you will be Courageous or you will be Whipped 5 lashes in public, If you dissreguard these tenets of the CM you will be executed by quartering. RP only
1: War Footing
2: Pre-War Footing
3: Mobalise Army
4: Protect boarders
5: Peace
The Chronodosian Civil War of 1798 : Won


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