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Democracy, social equality, switzerland, Democratic Socialism, EU (had some problems, but this not mean that it's unfixable), UN, Federalism, same sex marriage and Schengen , Ferderal non-ethinc based Palestine, Sanders, Civic Nationalism on eventual European Federation (or Euro-civic-nationalism), Interculturalism(is a bit different whan MultiCulturalism)
Dictitonaship, Fascism, Communism, Racism, Putin's Russia, Berlusconi, religous intollerance, Trump, Erdogan , British Gov., Netanyahu, Orban, Likud, Hofer, "third way left", Etno-Nationalism, Clericalism.
The tax rate is the half of NS index, pop. is different
Motto: Diversitas Noster Fortitudinem - Bḧärürzhuugrguür udaz häz ärrz gryzarzzybzub.
I'm gay - I have Asperger Syndrome


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