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Puzikas wrote:
Graznovia wrote:Why does the dude look like Putin?
Did you knot know? There is no Russian people, only clones of Putin. We don't get names, just Numbers.
Black Hand wrote:New plan is to just make thousands of disposable firearms and dump them out of cargo planes with tiny drag chutes attached.
Kouralia wrote:AKA FiSH and CHiPS(Fighting in Someone's House and Causing Havoc in Public Spaces):p

Fordorsia wrote:Breaking news: The estimated leading cause of death is dying.
Imperializt Russia wrote:Well what it is, is an 18.5mm piece of hollow metal that, through witchcraft and evil, becomes significantly larger than 18.5mm.
Puzikas wrote:fuck you for drawing a good looking bulpup AK.
Puzikas wrote:USBN has a sensor that triggers after anything vaguely Brazilian is mentioned.
For HUE!


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