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Equalsun Empire
London, ON
Full-time student after a brief modeling and lengthy singing career.
WH40k, jogging, longboarding, partying... Think of a basic college student, and you've got it. I participate in FT, Supernatural, and character-based roleplaying.

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Spirit Animal of Castle Crashers

Quick link to my horrifically messy factbook.
Awarded the Honourable Epicness Award for Persuasive Nuclear Weapon Placement 2015

Dogs of War wrote:While the motto of the British SAS is "Who dares wins" the motto of Equalsun's SAS is "Who cares who wins?"

The Great and Kawaii™ Ella wrote:As much as I love Stellaris, video games are a magnet for powerwankers, and when the AI beats them too hard, they come over to II and P2TM and take their anger out on us.

So I got into am currently in a name-calling contest in a flag rating thread...

Student, Canadian, ENFP


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