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Force of nature.
The Ameri Train.
The Ameri song
Tsundere Ameri.
Ameri goes to court.
Wisconsin9 wrote:A good rule of thumb is that if it exists and isn't Fluttershy, Ameri hates it.

Universal Constant
Edward Richtofen wrote:Ameri's so tough that he criticized an Insane Asylum and was promptly let out

Ameri does the impossible.
Fire the Ameri.
Sinovet wrote:Ameri's like Honey badger. He don't give a fuck.

Krazakistan wrote: He is a force of negativity for the sake of negativity
Sinovet wrote:First rule of Ameri. Don't tell him what he can and cannot criticize.
Second rule of Ameri. Do NOT tell him what he can and cannot criticize.
Third rule of Ameri. DO NOT tell him what he CAN and CANNOT CRITISIZE.

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