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The Huskar Social Union
Taking back the Realm
University Art Student, Wannabe Political Debater, King in the Narrow Index, The Rightful lord of the Gamer Thread and Master of the ASOIAF Thread, King of the Paradox Thread, lord of Consolites, PC'ers and Defender of the Forums.
History, Politics. Gaming, Art, Soviet and Russian folk music, Taking back the Realm or dying in the attempt.

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Economic LeftRight:-10.00
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian:-7.64
Spawn of Satan, aka Socialist
An Irishman from Belfast
Loyal to Dragonstone
Summon the Elector Counts!
King (OP) Huskar of the Paradox Thread and of the ASOIAF Thread.
Claimant to the Gamer Thread.

D: 12 M: 20 S: 15 I: 9 L: 12

Dark lord of Arts and Fiction Skilled Tactician, Strategist, Heavy Infantry Leader, Scarred (Mentally),
Brave, Just, Paranoid, Lunatic, Possessed, Wroth, Gluttonous, Charitable, Humble, Kind,
Cynical, Shy, Honest, Stubborn

Tremble before the majesty of the Emperor! For we all walk in his immortal shadow!
"That bastard brought a knife to a Kangaroo fight!"

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