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Sat Jan 07, 2012 10:34 am
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"For the glory of our people, we govern our nation freely. For the glory of Polynesia, we help and strengthen our friends. For the glory of the earth, we do not destroy what it has bestowed upon us."
Demonym: Vaian
-Kamanakai Oa'a Pani, first president of Maklohi Vai
-4.13/-7.38 - as of 8/16
Hosted: MVBT 1; WBC 27; Friendly Cups 7, 9; (co-) NSCAA 5
Former President of the WBC; WBC Councillor
Senator Beto Goncalves; Chair, Coalisão de Trabalhadores e Agricultores
Head Administrator
Abraham Kamassi, Chair, Labour Party of Elizia
Ex-President of Calaverde Eduardo Bustamante; Leader, LDP
Ex-President of Baltonia Dovydas Kanarigis; Leader, LDP
Ex-President of Aurentina Wulukuno Porunalakai; Leader, Progress Coalition

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