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Perpetually stuck between inspiration and artist's block
Reality: College Student Delusions: Magical girl kamen rider

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Don't worry. I'm just a bridge troll that feeds on forum drama.
Harbinger of the RP endtimes.
we will send a air stare on libya if they don't stop their attack
The krang countered the wave with something. And continued to try and take over the decepticon seeker.
Everybody! Can you stop saying that the cargo ship sinking we have done lately was a war crime. We were trying to economically destroy the UK.
Mair glows brightly and transforms in a human, wearing a white cloak, "leave us"
"FIRE IN THE HOE" he bellowed before triggering the explosive.
Julius Ceasar was a normal 14 year old who played Elder Tale in Russia.
We have already established, more powerful beings are not a proper weakness.

I miss Kare-bear :C


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