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The United Colonies of Earth
aboard UCE Sol, cruisin' round the galaxy
writing sci-fi, riding the largest ship ever built in human history (to date) creating conlangs
writing sci-fi,drawing maps and random science fiction objects such as spaceships conlangs (see

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The United Colonies of Earth exists:
to encourage settlement of all habitable worlds in the Galaxy and perhaps the Universe by the human race;
to ensure that human rights are respected, with force if necessary, and that all nations recognize the inevitable and unalienable rights of all human beings regardless of their individual and harmless differences, or Idiosyncrasies;
to represent the interests of all humankind to other sapient species;
to protect all humanity and its’ colonies from unneeded violence or danger;
to promote technological advancement and scientific achievement for the happiness, knowledge and welfare of all humans;
and to facilitate cooperation in the spheres of law, transportation, communication, and measurement between nation-states.


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