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Godulan Puppet #2, RPing as technologically advanced tribal society founded by mongols and vikings (and later with multiple other Asian and Native American cultures) motivated by an intrinsic devotion to the spirit of competition. They'll walk softly, talk softly, and make soothing noises as they stab you in the back and take your stuff... unless you're another Caleshan, whereupon they'll only stab you in the back figuratively!

Used NS stats: Population. That’s it. Anything else not stated in the factbooks is not used.

Intro RP: Gravity Ships and Garden Snips (involved tribes: Plainsrider, Hawkeye, Wavecrasher)
Current RP: A Rock Out of Place (involved tribes: Night Wolf, Deep Kraken, Starwalker)
Current RP (but in the past): Acrimony of Brothers (involved tribe: Deep Kraken)


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