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I am a native Cuban and American citizen. I am an Accountant by Profession. Worked for a major US Defense contractor in Chicago. Worked for a major South Florida Mall as an assistant manager for a Department of a major mall management corporation.
I am an RP addict with real world nations, regional world named nations, statistics and real world leaders. I hate NS Stats. Love Math, Accounting, Bookkeeping Percentages % facts and figures. History Biographies Geographies. I believe in God and Spirits. Conservative Republican Nationalist. Trump 2020 Keep Making America Great Again. President Ronald Reagan Make America Great Again Original. Greatest Pres ever. Firs Lady Nancy Reagan Greatest ever.

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Miami Shores

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lol - I am the worlds greatest insomniac, I beat the worlds record every day. I love math statistics and accounting my profession. Retired home bought and paid for, own 2 rental properties. Many vacations in Miami Beach hotels, Niagara Falls Canada, Puerto Rico, Puerto Plata and Punta Cana Dominican Republic. I am not rich but I am not poor, over all not bad. Proud conservative Republican native Cuban and American citizen supporter of President Trump. President Ronald Reagan the greatest American President of the USA ever and the original Make America Great Again President. President Trump the second greatest American President of the USA ever.


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