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Where there's time, space, relativity, entropy, and thermodynamics, yet it's all human perception
Working for a client or employer to produce a consumer good or service in order to achieve gainful employment and monetary gain and hopefully be promoted in order to achieve a larger monetary gain in order to be able to afford luxuries with little repercussion in regards to a personal or familial budget, repeating until retirement age with hopefully enough saved in a retirement fund to comfortably retire for the rest of my life
Discussing and debating the actions or opinions of an entity, their effect concerning the stability, well-being or prosperity of an entity or group of entities, a reaction by another entity or group of entities in regards to the action, words, or reaction of a different entity or group of entities, and the opinions and actions of said entities, and conjecture about systems of thought to solve a problem that has arisen recently or is highlighted as possibly rising in the future

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