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Magecastle Embassy Building A5
Enclave of Magecastle, The Ice States, Greater Dienstad
World Assembly Mission Staffer
Debating World Assembly proposals, writing World Assembly proposals, representing The Ice States in the World Assembly, spreading the influence of The Ice States in the global stage.

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Sun Jul 03, 2022 9:50 pm
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WA authorship.
Wallenburg wrote:If you get a Nobel Prize for the time machine because you wanted to win an argument on the Internet, try to remember the little people who started you on that way.
Ever-Wandering Souls wrote:Our research and user feedback found different use cases of bullets, such as hunting, national defense, and murder. Typically, most bullets fired do not kill people. However, sometimes they do. We found that nearly 100% of users were not impacted by shooting one random user every 30 days, reducing the likelihood of a negative impact on the average user.
Comfed wrote:When I look around me at the state of real life politics, with culture war arguments over abortion and LGBT rights, and then I look at the WA and see the same debates about cannibalism, I have hope for the world.


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