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MA LAI YA UNION ☆ 马来亚 联盟 ☆

A scenario where the Chinese people took over Malaya and replaces its Malay and indigenous tribal inhabitants. Under the technocratic authoritarianism of Lee Kuan Yew and his "Kongsi government", the quasi-apartheid state had grown into a global industrial behemoth equal to Korea and Japan. Yet the specter of Maoism among poorer Chinese and extreme Islamism among Malays is ever-present...

Slava Ukraini!| Hello! In this thought experiment, I aim to commit as much heresy against my IRL country and countrymen as possible. My solution is a Southeast Asia where the Chinese owns everything, destroy the environment, and ships all the natural wealth to Singapore. Indonesia is dissolved, PKI rules Java, and Islam is clamped down.


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