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s!n!bea! Osmarch News Network !bea!n!s

BREAKING: West Osmarch duel goes horribly wrong as dualist brings Vulcan Minigun, killing 14 and injuring 100s | Robotic citizen G2-CH4R1I3 is first to receive the long awaited ‘bio-organic Reproduction’ Update, hundreds of Women flock to have the first Protogen children | e | Rise in people flying Floofybit flags, are Anthros planning a “revolution”? | more people writing gay fanfictions than ever before, excess to be shipped to developing countries
Western Sol: In a nutshell

Gay furry fennec bottom in love with purple polish protogen!
A friend to all, lover to one, and enemy of the state!
The Biggest Gaybo in NS, Guaranteed!
Freedom > safety


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